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A Film Queen

A Film Queen
333 Chapters
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A Film Queen

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    Read A Film Queen by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRead A Film Queen by . Genre: Billionaire.  A Film Queen pdf download...Read the full online for free here In the "A Film Queen," a somber scene unfolds as six brothers receive news about their sister Milly's death. At a luxurious restaurant, a call from Mercy Hospital informs them that Milly passed away three days ago and they need to sign a cremation consent form. The brothers, who had grown indifferent to Milly due to past grievances, initially dismiss the news as another of Milly's schemes for money. Milly's fifth brother, a popular movie star, and her fourth brother, an esteemed academic, express their skepticism, recalling how Milly had disappeared during their family's financial crisis, while their adopted sister, Stephanie Burnett, had supported them. When the eldest brother, Jordan Burnett, a successful businessman, receives another call from the hospital, he decides to verify the situation. Despite his brothers' doubts, Jordan and the third brother, Jeffrey, head to the hospital. The other four brothers, curious and wary, eventually follow. At the hospital, the nurse quickly escorts them to the morgue, fearing they might leave without acknowledging Milly's body. In the cold, eerie morgue, they find Milly's lifeless body, confirming her death. The sight of Milly's emaciated and pallid face shocks them into silence. Jordan decides to handle Milly's cremation personally and asks the hospital to release her belongings. In Milly's room, they meet an elderly woman who warmly recognizes them from Milly's descriptions. She praises their aplishments and reveals that Milly often spoke highly of them. The elderly woman hands over an iron box that Milly had entrusted to her, containing some money. The brothers, who had assumed the worst about Milly, are left to reconcile with their emotions and the reality of their estranged sister's life and death.