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Amon, The Legendary Overlord

Chapter 13.1: Amon vs. Elijah - Part 1
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"Martial arts?" Amon asked.

"Yes," Julia confirms.

"Okay." Amon nodded indifferently.

Julia approached him quickly and, with her right leg, she kicked towards his abdomen.

Ammon caught it and said, "Too hasty and too little strength. It's no use doing this if it can be easily caught. Find a weakness first and then attack." Amon released her leg.

"Oh." Julia understood and this time began to circle Amon. She pretended to kick but stopped midway and, with great force, she threw a punch in the opposite direction that Amon was going to defend himself.

However, Amon didn't do what she predicted; he didn't even move and, when she punched him, he caught it just as easily as her kick.

"Better, but too simple." Amon said nonchalantly: "That's easy to predict, you didn't use enough leg strength; it felt like a feint from the start. If it were me I'd go on pretending to use a feint, but actually attack. It wouldn't have as much impact, but it would be enough to surprise the enemy and distract him, then you would use full force when throwing the punch on the opposite side."

"I…" Julia imagined a fight based on what Amon had said and it all made sense.

"You can use your genetics, attack with the intent to defeat me," Amon said plainly.

"Are you sure?" After all, using full genetics is the same as using a weapon, it will have more power in the attack.

"Yeah. Don't you want to learn? The best way is to use genetics at the same time." Amon said with the same indifference as always.

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This didn't upset Julia, she was even excited to keep fighting Amon; she felt she was in front of a teacher, not a student of the same age.

Breathing evenly and perspiring, Julia calmed down and began to control her water genetics. Her hands and feet had visible genetic lines, she used the water to strengthen her arms and legs, not to cast a spell.

Her attacks got faster, she attacked and Amon dodged, sometimes he defended and said what was wrong.

"Don't jump unless you're absolutely sure you can land the hit." Amon stopped a flying kick from her and flung her a bit far, but it was gentle enough for her to land on her feet.

"Okay." Julia nodded. She thought that in the air, with the weight of her body, she would have more strength and could make Amon drop his guard, but it seems that it was a mistake.

She continued to attack. Although it was just training, many were more focused than ever; Amon's understanding of the soft arts surprised everyone. Now, they weren't seeing a fight, they were learning too.

"No, if you were to spin and then attack with your foot, it would be better. What you did was foolish; use your body rotation to pick up speed and power when attacking, like an ax hitting a tree, turn and attack," Amon said indifferently.

"Ohh... Spin and attack, spin and attack..." She kept muttering as she imagined what it would be like.

She then ran towards Amon and like a ballerina, spun on one foot and with the other partially bent waist-high she attacked!


The sound was loud, Amon's hands were knocked back and got wet.

He was even forced to take a few steps back. The power of that kick left everyone in awe. It was powerful, very powerful, but it only worked because Julia managed to perform it almost perfectly.

"I ... I ... Haha! Thanks!" She bowed toward Amon. She didn't know what to do, she was so happy; she couldn't believe she could hit someone so hard.

"Satisfied?" Amon asked.

"Yes, I'm already tired and I won't last much longer. Thank you for everything!" She bowed again.

"Mm." Amon nodded placidly.

Julia didn't mind and left the arena smiling. With that, she felt herself getting stronger, and she started planning many things she had never thought of before.

"Ahem! All right, ladies and gentlemen, we had an impressive show; I'm so excited my blood is boiling!" The referee joked lifting his sleeve to show his pulse throbbing and added, "The winner is Amon Tang, but I would like to ask for a round of applause for both of them, they were amazing!"

The crowd would have applauded even if he didn't ask.

"Amon is really cool!"

"Yes, despite being indifferent, he is not bad at all!"

"I'm jealous of Julia..."

"Me either!"

10x "Me too!"

Yes, Amon was handsome, strong and, though he didn't show his emotions, that's what made him look more charming and mysterious, causing the girls' curiosity. Besides, he was very attentive to Julia, he was very different from what they imagined.

"The next participant is... Elijah Ferreira of class 301 against... Victor Weliton of class 303." The referee announced with little enthusiasm, even though he wanted to be professional, he could not get excited when speaking Elijah's name.

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Elijah came in with a nice smile but, unlike what he wanted, it was scary; it caused more fear than the previous ghastly smile. That's because it seemed to be lacking like there is a monster behind that fake smile.

"I quit." Of course, it would be like that. Victor, after seeing what Elijah did to Nick who was stronger than him, how would he dare go against this monster? He is not a masochist! And much less wanted to be disfigured!

The doctors at the scene were still using all sorts of healing spells and, since Nick came from a wealthy family, his parents showed up and brought the best healer in town.

When they heard what happened to their son, Nick's father was furious. He then saw someone from Elijah's family in the arena.

"The two finalists are Elijah Ferreira and Amon Tang!" His voice vibrated when he spoke Amon's name, he wished from the bottom of his heart that he would beat Elijah hard. Yes, that was unprofessional, but he couldn't help it.

"Hehe, brother, it's finally our turn. I'm happy to meet you in the final match." Elijah said with a smug smile.

His look was already getting bloody, he intended to use the forbidden spell right from the start.

"Oh…" Amon walked slowly into the arena with his hands in his pockets and looked with the usual nonchalance at Elijah.

Elijah's teeth clenched, 'That bastard is still going to keep his pose!'

Elijah's rage was already at its climax even before the fight started; when the referee opened his mouth he had already started circulating his fire genetics and using the forbidden spell.

"Let the fight begin!" The referee yelled.

"Haha, Amon…I want to see how you look when you're in pain, are you going to scream, or are you going to cry, or maybe call for Mommy? Oh, I can't wait." Elijah's smile was already distorted, his eyes had already narrowed and even turned mercury red.

"Fool." That's what everyone heard before something amazing happened and everyone, without exception, was shocked at what they saw.


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