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Amon, The Legendary Overlord

Chapter 17: EQ Low?
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The next morning Amon was training again, he already helped Julia; and Maísa, who was spying from afar, also learned. After a while, she approached rather self-consciously.

"Amon, I did a bad thing..." Maísa said as she saw Amon training, she could see under his tank that defined body of his, it seems that it was even made by God himself! She can't help but swallow hard and think to herself: 'so yummy~'

"Does this thing affect me?" Amon stopped training and looked at Maisa with indifferent eyes. Maisa wakes up from her stupor and shakes her head several times in an attempt to hide her shame, then she answers in a low voice.

"No." She answered.

"Oh..." Amon spoke and turned his head, he totally ignored her and started training, it was like her existence didn't matter to him!

"..." Maisa just opened her mouth perplexed by Amon's indifference. She knows he's like that, she knows... She knows!! But she wanted him to worry about her!

Julia, who saw this, laughed surreptitiously without Maisa seeing it.

Maísa took a breath and recovered, she pretended to cough and said, "Actually, it's related to you."

"I'm listening." Amon stopped training again and placed the weights on the floor and turned to look at her.

To have him looking at her so openly, with the sweat running down … Wait, that's not it, looking at her directly, yes, she's not used to it; Maísa controls herself and says: "I was wrong in my judgment of you, and I was hidden away watching you train Julia to keep learning on my own, I'm sorry."

"Mm, training is important. I noticed you, but I thought you were scared of me." Amon said nonchalantly. He was used to seeing people scared of him, so he thought her situation was the same as when she told him not to talk to her at school.

This took Maisa by surprise, she didn't know he thought that was why she was ignoring him and was away training, but it made her realize something. 'Is his EQ low?' It was a possibility she thought about after spending some time watching him.

"It wasn't because of that, but well, I just didn't understand you really, and I judged you rashly because of Elijah. I always hated him, and that's why I thought you were equal or even worse than him, I'm sorry. " Maísa closed her eyes a little after saying that, apologizing was very difficult, but she understood that she was wrong, so she apologized.

After hearing so much, even Amon understood. He was a little surprised and even, less indifferent, but soon his face became neutral again: "Mm, I'm not Elijah. And, I didn't realize that and I thought you feared me, so you didn't offend me."

Maísa sighed with relief upon hearing this but was more certain that his EQ was low, but she didn't judge him for that; she learned from her mistakes, and said sincerely: "I wanted to train with you, okay?"

"Yes, training is good. Mm, I'm supportive, but I can't help too much; when I have time I'll give tips." Amon said indifferently.

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"That is enough." Maisa perked up.

After that, she showed what she had learned in hiding, and Amon told her where she went wrong and they continued to train.


Every day in the morning they were training, until the weekend. On Sunday, the school called saying that school would resume on Monday.

This somehow disappointed the twins, Maísa and Julia, as with the return to school they would have less time with Amon to train.

But they couldn't ignore and skip classes, hence the disappointment.

"Are you going out to the mountain this afternoon?" Julia asked as she practiced martial arts with him.

"Yea." Amon responded as he defended her high kick and said nonchalantly, "Too weak, put more strength in your foot when taking off."

"I understand." Julia stepped back and took a deep breath and said, "I'm tired, let me have some water. In the meantime, train with Maísa."

"I..." Maisa was taken by surprise, but she stopped what she was doing and looked at Amon waiting for his answer.

"Okay." Amon agreed almost automatically, he still had time and promised to train with the two of them, he wouldn't go back on his word.

After that, he and Maísa started training.

Internally, Maísa was thanking her sister, she knew Julia did it on purpose and that made her happy. 'As expected, my sister is the best!'

Maisa didn't relax, she knew how serious Amon was about training and didn't let herself think about random things for long.

After training for almost 1 hour without a break Maísa was already dripping with sweat, her inexpensive brand training shirt made it look a little transparent and the pink bra she was wearing was visible.

She still didn't notice but, sensing Julia's gaze and her laughing, she looked down and yelled, "Kyah, I'll be right back!"

She ran away, not even looking that tired from training, and only after a while did she return.

She not only changed her clothes, but she also showered taking away the sweaty smell, because of that, her hair was wet and a scent of jasmine was in the air.

She looks in Amon's direction and sees he had no reaction. She sighs, yes, he was the same as always, even when he saw her bra. And, when he saw her come out of the shower, any other boy would be excited at least, yea? Well, they should at least be a little flushed? Mm, she knew she was expecting too much, as Amon wasn't very expressive, in fact, he was like an expressionless block of wood!

Mm, she convinced herself that it wasn't because her boobs were small, but because Amon would be indifferent even if her sister was naked with those giant boobs that ignore the gravity of the earth.

In any case, Maísa put those thoughts away and went back to training. Even though she had just showered, today is basically the last day they would have more time to train since in the afternoon Amon would go out alone.

Although they wanted to go together, they still weren't strong enough.

She made eye contact with Julia and the two nodded, reaching a mutual understanding.

"Amon, if we make an effort, and when we're strong, can we go to the mountain with you?" Julia asked as she knew it was difficult for Maisa to ask.

"Mm, it's okay if that's the case." Amon agreed and continued to train.

Hearing this, the twins cheered internally and their eyes were filled with determination.

They wanted to be strong and noticed that training with Amon for a week was better than going to school and being taught by the teachers. Amon was very good at teaching despite not saying much, he was quite experienced in martial arts fighting.

The practice continued until noon, after lunch, Amon thanked them for the food and washed the dishes he soiled.

After that, he changed his clothes and left with a backpack on his back. He always wore simple and cheap clothes, as they were always being torn apart when training lightning.

"Be careful, Amon," Julia said.

"Take care of yourself..." Maísa said softly.

"Mm, I will." Amon nodded indifferently at both of them and left.

Today Sonia and Julius weren't there, they had something to do.

Amon arrived quickly at the front of the mountain and climbed. Now, most if not all, animals knew him. Looking at bears, tigers, snakes, lynx, etc. Amon was not intimidated and walked past them.

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It was as if they awaited his arrival, as everyone was huddled very close to where Amon was most often.

After seeing Amon sit and meditate, the animals lay down on the ground and they all closed their eyes.

Time passed. A heavy rain starts, lightning starts to fall when Amon comes in contact with the rune [Heart Without Limits].

His soul was the same as him, calm without showing his emotions even when he was in front of [Heart Without Limits]. Gradually Amon's soul begins to blend with [Heart Without Limits] and the lightning starts to surround not only Amon's hand but his entire body.

He currently filled 30 empty genes and only had one more to fill when he got here.

However, he noted internally, why the meat is bad. Thankfully, because his grandparents told him to train more martial arts, he can get rid of the impurity he gained from eating meat. Unlike ordinary training, the impurity in the flesh is something difficult to get rid of, however, he managed it more easily thanks to [Heart Without Limits].

Amon, who finished filling the last white gene, then vomited. The animals were not surprised, it was not the first time this happened, nor did they move away. The air around was still very pure, Amon pulled a lot of pure energy from the lightning to himself, and they benefited even if just a little.

<Fury Gene + 3>

<Gene + 1>

<Filled Lightning Gene + 1>

<You have reached the 35th level of the Fury Gene>

<You have reached the 31st level of the Lightning Gene>

'Mm, that doesn't taste good.' Amon told himself as he got up and grabbed a candy bar; when the rain stopped he opened it and ate the candy.

After eating he felt better, at least it didn't taste worse than vomiting in my mouth.

Amon changed his clothes and left. He ended training early, now that he had classes tomorrow, he couldn't lose track of time.

There were some things he should learn in school, although he doesn't think that's true, his grandparents once said that he should go to school at least once in his life before going to university. Since he respected his grandparents so much, Amon would do it.

Amon wore knee-length shorts of an unknown brand along with a sweatshirt, and a black T-shirt also of an unknown brand. Today he came in slippers, as he always wet his sneakers, and it was unpleasant to walk around with them wet.


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