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Amon, The Legendary Overlord

Chapter 3: Level 20
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Maisa was not satisfied with the way he accepted so easily, but she was silent as he agreed.

"Open your books." The teacher said: "Today I'll talk about mutation; Mutation is an alteration, natural or induced by some mutagenic agent, that occurs in the genome (the genetic material of the organism or virus). This can occur in both somatic cells and germ cells, and can thus be inherited. Mutations are the main sources of genetic variability, directly influencing the evolution process of living beings. They can be classified according to the place where they occur and effects caused."

What she meant is: Depending on how a person mutates, he can acquire different powers, like controlling fire, water, wind, earth, and so on. There is also the important factor, which is inheritance. Those mutations are usually the strongest, having already been improved and can be taught by parents, or grandparents.

Time passed, and in the blink of an eye, it was break time.


One student felt something hit his head and saw that it was a piece of paper and, before leaving the classroom, he was amazed by what he read.

"What is it, why do you look so shocked?" The classmate asked him.

"Look at this." The student passed the paper to him.

Amon was being surrounded by students, mostly girls who were interested in knowing more about him, and, although they were a little afraid of his looks, they were still bold enough to ask him a few things.

"Amon, is this true?" After reading the paper, the student looked angry, and banged on Amon's desk: "On this paper it says that you set fire to your old house, killing your grandparents who raised you, is that true?"

" Ahhhh!"

This gave a very big scare to the students who walked away from Ammon in fear.

Amon didn't know who played this kind of boring prank, he was so furious he couldn't help it, and ended up letting his murderous intent out. He swept his eyes around, trying to figure out who did it, when Maisa felt his gaze, her heart froze.

"It wasn't me, I swear!" She almost cried, Amon's current look was a hundred times worse than normal. It was as if that, should she admit that she did it, Amon would hit her.

Amon saw no deceit in her eyes and voice, so he kept looking around and coldly asked the student who said this nonsense, "Who gave you this paper?"

"I..." The student gulped his saliva dryly, he didn't expect Amon to be so cold and sinister the instant he asked this question: "My friend... is the one who found this."

Amon looked in the direction of the boy who was on the side of the student who spoke.

"I ... someone threw it at me, I swear! I don't know who did it." The student was terrified.

Amon rose.

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The students instinctively backed away.

Amon's blood was boiling, but he took a deep breath and controlled himself.

He left the classroom.

"My God, we're saved!"

"That was scary!"

"I, I thought I was going to die..."

"Do not exaggerate."

"Seriously, his murderous intent was very strong, he has definitely already killed someone!"


The students were silent again.


Knowing that at any moment he could break out in rage, Amon didn't go back to class. Instead, he walked to the back of the school.

"Who is it?"

By the time he got behind the school, he saw a girl. She wore her standard school uniform, navy blue and white, only her skirt was a little longer than usual. She had a fine waist and big breasts and her hair was fire red. In her mouth she had a cigarette, she blew out a smoke ring and looked in Amon's direction.

The girl stared at Amon and for a moment she froze in place. It was as if God had personally carved his features, which were perfect and exquisite. He appeared to be shrouded in a cloud of deep, mysterious mist, and he looked cold, indifferent, and distant.

Amon glanced at the young woman briefly, but that simple look caused an intense feeling of suffocation.

Amon stopped looking at her and was about to jump over the wall.

The girl regained her senses when Amon retracted his eyes from her, that's when she said in a somewhat loud voice: "Wait! Are you skipping class?"

Amon turned to her again, and replied nonchalantly, "Yes."

Putting out her cigarette on the wall, the girl said, "Let me go with you. You are the new student, yes? So I can show you around the city."

Amon narrowed his eyes and asked, "Why?"

"I'm bored, and I don't want to go back to class either. By the way, my name is Barbara and yours?" Barbara, despite feeling the sharp and cold gaze of Amon, did not look away.

"Amon." He replied indifferently: "If you want to follow me, you'll end up seeing some blood."

"Mm? Are you hurt?" Barbara asked.

"No." Then Amon made a simple jump and was already on top of the wall.

"Oh, how did you do it? What genetic level are you at?" Barbara was stunned. She couldn't even jump half of what he did and he made it look so simple.

"Can you not do it?" Amon asked coldly.

"I can!" What she hates most is being looked down on. Barbara took some distance and jumped. Of course, she couldn't jump to the top right away, she stepped almost halfway up the wall and pushed up, and reached the top of the wall with her hands and held on.

The Platinum country has nearly 1,000 years of history and is currently ruled by the Royal Lowell family – Current King is called Conrad Jr. Lowell. The country's development was not inferior to that of other countries with more than 1,000 years of history. After all, it is among the ten richest countries on this planet... Of course, the number of human planets was surprising, but that is beside the point.

The streets were well paved and durable. It was Amon's first time walking around the city, and he soon realized that, other than where he came from, this place wasn't much different in terms of construction. After all, just like in the village, the asphalt was very strong, maybe, even if he used all his strength, he wouldn't be able to break it.

The houses were a little more modern, and he saw a rather peculiar one along the way. It was a two-story house and the second floor was made of glass, and he saw something quite inappropriate.

"People in this town are shameless..." Barbara blushed apple red from head to toe, she looked away from the glass house and continued to walk beside Amon.

Strangely, she noticed that Amon was unaffected by what he saw. He still looked as indifferent as ever.

"Mm?" Amon looked at her as he felt her look at him.

Barbara panicked: "Err... It's nothing, I mean, weren't you shocked by what you saw?"

Amon felt confused, he frowned a little and asked, "What's so bad about a man seeing a movie?"

"But, but, there was a naked woman!" She almost screamed.

"Oh..." Amon still finds it strange: "It's my first time seeing a naked woman now that you mention it, but what's the big deal?"

Amon's naivete and innocence surprised her. Barbara began to self-assess and began to question her whole life. 'How the hell can a 17 year old boy be so oblivious to this!?'

She wanted to say it out loud but refrained.

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Taking a deep breath, she said, "Don't care about me, I'm just thinking too much. Let's get going."

"Well." Amon nodded and continued walking as if nothing had happened.

After Amon went to live with his grandparents, he was raised and taught by them as there was no school in the village; everything he learned in life was basically thanks to them. There was the internet, but Amon had no friends, which made him use the internet to research things related to genes, or even about matters related to the study done by his grandfather.

Coughing, trying to hide her embarrassment, Barbara asked, "Amon, may I ask what level your genetic unlock is at?"

"Level 20," Amon replied. He wasn't talking about the genetic unlocking of fury, but rather the normal one that all humans had at birth.

"Wow! I already expected it to be high, but wow!" Barbara's beautiful eyes sparkled and she said, "If you want, you don't even have to go to school, you can go straight to college and enjoy the best resources you can get at school. Why exactly are you going to school, if I may ask?"

"I can not go." Amon said.

"Can't, why?" Barbara was confused.

"I just can't." Amon changed his voice a little.

Scared, Barbara stopped talking about it. She wanted to change the subject and said, "By the way, I'm level 15. Well, I know it's not high, but you can't say it's low either, can you?"

Amon glanced at her out of the corner of his eye and saw that she was very thin, with no excess fat; which might be a little unusual if she ate state-delivered special meat. This means she's not getting it... Or rather, someone's getting what's rightfully hers.

Although Amon was oblivious to the relationship of man and woman, he knew a lot about genetics, and about the current state of the government, ruled by the King. He also knew that many children had their special meat stolen by relatives. The most common causes are a family having two children and handing everything over to the favorite child.

But if she is at this level without having the help prepared by the state; Amon agreed that she wasn't bad:

"Not bad." He says.

"Hehe... Thanks, you're just trying to be nice, yeah?" Barbara laughed without caring.

"No." Amon denied it.

But Barbara didn't believe it. For an instant, a sad look flashed in her eyes, but she shook her head and stopped thinking about it.


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