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Amon, The Legendary Overlord

Chapter 300: Amon Tang: The Rookie Who Shook the University
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300 Chapter 300: Amon Tang: The Rookie Who Shook the University

"I understand everyone's astonishment, but I ask that you refrain from making hasty judgments before hearing the whole story." Old Hazael spoke with a cautionary tone in his voice. "Now that you've composed yourselves, let's clarify things. Amon Tang joined the university this year and, in such a short time, has shown remarkable progress for someone his age. For those unaware, Amon turned 18 this year, which means he began his studies with us a year earlier than usual."

He continued, "However, it's not this precocity that sets him apart, but rather his rapid advancement to the Innate Rank in just a few months. Moreover, he brought prestige to our institution by leading his team to victory against other universities in the annual tournament among elite institutions. Amon also achieved other significant accomplishments, which are detailed in the report I will share with all of you."

Subsequently, everyone present received a notification on their devices.

Upon examining the records and feats attributed to Amon, it was undeniable to all: he stood out as a prodigy among prodigies.

However, there seemed to be a gap in the information. What caught everyone's attention was that the details stopped at the point when Amon traveled to PlFulgura. What he had accomplished during the months he spent on that plremained confidential, and no one there had authorization to access that data.

After allowing a few minutes for everyone to digest the information, Old Hazael resumed, "Many of you must be wondering: What did Amon achieve on PlFulgura? What feats did he accomplish there that would justify his promotion to the special class?"

Realizing that his comment had further piqued everyone's curiosity, he even noticed Professor Serby his side, eager for answers. Until that moment, the professor was unaware that it was Amon Tang who had been promoted. Moreover, Serhad sreservations about Amon. Had he known beforehand, he might not have been so keen to introduce the promoted student. Now, he felt somewhat regretful for having volunteered...

Old Hazael continued solemnly, "Grandmaster Rank. Yes, in less than a year since joining the university, Amon Tang has achieved the Grandmaster Rank!"

"It can't be!"

"This is unbelievable!"

"How did he do this in such a short time?"

"It was clear he was talented, but this is too much!"

"There's something fishy about this; no one advances that quickly."

"Did he find ssecret on PlFulgura?"

"This is unfair! I've worked so hard, and he..."

"I'm shocked. How can someone be so prodigious?"

"If he's so good, why haven't we heard of his feats before?"

"Do you live under a rock? How have you not heard of him?"

"That's not exactly what I meant, but why didn't he show this extraordinary ability before?"

"Hahaha, so until he reached the Grandmaster Rank, you saw yourself on the slevel as him?"


It was undeniable: in a short span of time, Amon achieved feats that many overlooked because they happened so swiftly. One notable achievement was his rise to the Innate Rank Level 3 in just a few months.

This alone already evoked envy in many, making them recognize the magnitude of his talent.

Before, scould argue that his rapid progression was due to the favor of a mentor or access to vast resources. However, with the revelation that he had reached the Grandmaster Rank, did these justifications still hold?

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"I knew he was good, but this is surreal!"

"I can't believe it. How did he surpass all of us?"

"There's something behind this; it can't be just talent."

"I'm starting to question my entire academic journey."

"This is humiliating. He did in months what would take us years."

"If he keeps this up, no one will be able to compete with him in the future."

Around them, a mix of admiration, envy, and disbelief dominated the atmosphere, highlighting the impact of the revelation on those present.

"This is unacceptable?!" Felipe was visibly furious, his face flushed and his eyes radiating frustration. He was confident that this time, the spotlight would be on him. However, to his surprise, a student who had just arrived at the university surpassed him and was elevated to the special class?

Internally, envy consumed him, though he would never admit it. He felt superior to everyone, so how could there be someone so prodigious? He even thought that Amon might have consumed smagical or peculiar item that elevated him to this rank. But in his mind, such advancement would only be superficial power, without a true foundation. He doubted that Amon possessed skills comparable to others of the srank.

In this regard, many shared the ssentiment, especially those who were at the Grandmaster Rank and saw themselves as potential promotion candidates.

The prevailing feeling was one of disappointment and of having been usurped. How could they accept that a freshman, with only one year at the university, surpassed them, while they had been in the course for over two years and missed the opportunity because of this rookie?


"This is a sham!"

"We've dedicated ourselves so much, and he just comes and takes everything?"

"What does he have that we don't?"

"Something's wrong. It's not possible that he's that superior!"

"So you don't agree?" Old Hazael directed his gaze at Felipe Nunes, who had been the first to speak out, exuding irritation with the outcome: "And what do you intend to do about it?"

With audacity and a challenging tone, Felipe exclaimed: "I challenge Amon Tang to a duel for the spot in the special class!"

Old Hazael's reaction was one of apparent indifference, but his eyes turned to where Amon was.

The other students made way, placing Amon in an even more prominent position.

"And you, Amon? Do you accept this challenge?" Old Hazael inquired.

With a firm stance, Amon questioned: "What's in it for me? If I lose, I end up giving up something that already belongs to me. But if he loses, what does he have to lose?"

Old Hazael let out a laugh, typical of an elder, but there was weight in his laughter. He then cast a penetrating gaze at Felipe: "Did you hear what he said? What do you have to offer in exchange for the opportunity to compete for the spot in the special class? And I'll tell you, I support this idea, as long as you propose something that Amon considers fair. And I, as vice-principal, assure your promotion to the special class, should you win."

With a touch of presumption, Felipe proposed: "I bet all my credits and cede to him the rights to my restaurant!"

Immediately, details showing the 131 million credits in Felipe Nunes' account, along with a restaurant valued at 10 million and with a monthly revenue of 100,000, were displayed as terms of the challenge against Amon.

At the offer, a smile formed on Amon's lips.

'Is he naive?' Amon thought, holding back a laugh.

To Amon, the special class had its value, mainly for access to high-level magical books, essential for his progress to the Star Rank, in addition to the monthly benefit of 1 million credits.

Felipe Nunes, confident, believed the proposal would be irresistible to Amon. In his view, no freshman would resist such an amount; even third-year veterans rarely had such a sum.

And, to reinforce his proposal, Felipe's restaurant was a profitable business, with significant revenue every month.

"I agree." Amon replied serenely, tapping the holographic button that appeared in front of him to accept the challenge.

[Felipe Nunes has proposed a duel to Amon Tang. The terms have been set, and the confrontation is about to begin. A duel arena will start to be set up. We ask everyone to wait!]

The announcement, broadcasted by an electronic voice, echoed throughout the stadium. Soon, mechanical sounds filled the environment, accompanied by the synchronized movement of complex gear systems. Gradually, an elevated platform began to emerge from the ground. The surface of the arena, although it looked like rubber, was constructed from extremely resilient materials, designed to withstand intense impacts and ensure the safety of competitors, regardless of the magnitude of power released during the duel.

"This is going to be epic! I never thought I'd see something like this so soon!" exclaimed an excited student.

"I knew Amon was special, but a duel like this is unprecedented!" another commented.

Miguel, with a frustrated look, murmured: "If I had known, I would have challenged him first..."

Anita, trying to console herself, said: "Well, at least it's notup there. I don't know if I'd have the courage to face someone like Amon with unknown powers."

Luan, looking at the arena with senvy, commented: "I wish it wereup there. But either way, it's quite a spectacle."

Luiza, reflecting on the situation, pondered: "Maybe it's for the best. Amon has something special, and maybe that's why he's being so highlighted by the university."

As soon as the duel arena was set, Felipe Nunes quickly positioned himself on it. With a bold expression, he pointed his index finger at Amon, challenging him provocatively: "Don't run away!"

However, with a slight smile, Amon vanished from sight. Moments later, from the opposite side of Felipe, electric sounds vibrated in the air, culminating in an intense flash. As it faded, Amon appeared spectacularly, overshadowing Felipe's previous entrance.

Felipe, realizing that Amon had made an even more impressive appearance than his own, didn't hide his irritation and clicked his tongue in displeasure.

The atmosphere was charged with anticipation when a robotic voice echoed throughout the environment, stating: "In your positions. Begin!"

With his hands casually in his pockets and displaying a dominant and confident posture, Felipe suddenly vanished from sight. The next instant, he appeared above Amon, launching a bold taunt: "Kid, ever felt the impact of a kick at light speed?"

In the blink of an eye, while still in the air, Felipe delivered a powerful kick, his foot shining brightly. The sound of a high-pitched buzz tore through the air, suggesting an imminent impact on Amon's head.


However, the shocked screams from the audience were silenced when they realized that the target of the kick had been just a kind of lightning clone.

Reappearing with a calm expression, Amon retorted: "And you? Ever felt the impact of a kick at lightning speed?" Without waiting for a reply, Amon attacked with a kick enveloped in lightning, moving at a dizzying speed, surpassing 2000 km/s.

Felipe Nunes' eyes widened, filled with fear. An overwhelming sense of danger emanated from Amon's kick. Felipe was stunned, as he was sure he had hit Amon with his previous attack. However, reality showed he was terribly wrong. And now, Amon was delivering a kick in his direction, which seemed even faster than the attack he himself had launched.



Unable to react in time, Felipe was directly hit in the chest by Amon's kick. The force of this attack was so overwhelming that, even with his combat armor, Felipe felt as if he was being crushed by a force of hundreds of thousands of tons.

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A piercing bell sound echoed throughout the venue, followed by a robotic declaration: ["End of Duel, Felipe Nunes' defense has been completely destroyed! Amon Tang is the winner!"]

Then, an urgent-toned alert resounded: ["Warning! Warning! Student Felipe Nunes' life is at risk, a medic is requested!"]

Shocked comments began to echo among the students:

"I can't believe what I just saw!"

"Who would've thought Amon would be so powerful? He practically destroyed Felipe with a single blow!"

"I always knew there was something special about Amon, but this... this is on another level!"

"Felipe was so confident... He must be bitterly regretting it now."

"I've seen many duels, but nothing like this. Amon truly is a genius among geniuses!"

Even with the murmurs around, Felipe Nunes' situation was alarming. After Amon's devastating blow, he fell to the ground, which, although made of a material similar to rubber to cushion falls, couldn't prevent the severity of the impact, resulting in Felipe spitting out a large amount of blood.

The visible mark on his chest bore witness to the brutality of the kick. It looked as if a massive weight had crushed his torso, breaking bones and deforming its structure. The gravity of the scene was so shocking that many wondered how Felipe was still breathing.

Astonished comments arose among the students:

"I never imagined a duel could go this far!"

"I'm so relieved I'm not in his place right now. It would be the end for me."

"Amon's power is terrifying. No one could've predicted this!"

Miguel had a relieved look as he murmured: "I narrowly avoided challenging Amon. I would never have imagined such an outcome."

Anita, hand on her chest, said: "Felipe has always been a formidable opponent. Seeing this happen to him... It makesthink twice before challenging someone like Amon."


Luan, looking thoughtful, commented: "If this had happened to me, I don't know if I would've survived. Felipe's defense is stronger than mine."

Luiza, visibly relieved, whispered: "I'm thankful it wasn'tup there. Amon's power is something I didn't expect..."

"I hope Felipe will be okay. No one deserves to die like this..." said a student, while others nodded in agreement.

Quickly, a professor from the medical department arrived at the scene and began to administer first aid to Felipe Nunes. However, her expression showed concern when she realized the seriousness of the injuries: "I need Neves here, immediately!"

"Understood!" The assistant promptly responded, requesting backup.

The students, observing the commotion, realized the situation was even more critical than they initially thought.

The situation was so complex that even the deputy medical director had to call the university's chief physician to intervene.

Old Hazael approached Amon and, with a reproachful look, said: "Young man, you went too far."

Amon merely responded with a shrug, "I held back. I didn't think his defense was that vulnerable..."

What Amon implied was that his only points of reference were Grandmaster Rank creatures.

But how can one compare the resilience of a human to that of such a creature? Especially considering it was an electric creature, naturally more resistant to such attacks.

In responding to Old Hazael, Amon didn't moderate the tone of his voice. This fact generated even more buzz among the students present, who quickly spread the comment. Everyone there heard Amon's justification and were astounded.

However, there was a group of girls who, despite all the tension, enthusiastically applauded Amon's victory, their hands already reddened by their excitement.