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Amon, The Legendary Overlord

Chapter 305: Amon and Maisa: Compliments, Outing, and Kisses
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305 Chapter 305: Amon and Maisa: Compliments, Outing, and Kisses

It was two in the afternoon when Amon placed a newly acquired device in his room. This device, with its sleek design, emitted electric sparks that danced to the sound of a soft melody, reminiscent of a modern music box.

Deciding on a more sophisticated look, Amon chose a well-fitted white button-up shirt. Over it, he wore a navy-blue blazer with a flawless cut and a black silk tie, which added a touch of distinction to the ensemble. He completed the look with black fine-fabric dress pants and a pair of contemporary design black dress shoes.

After applying a small amount of gel to give a final touch to his hair, Amon took a glance at the mirror, feeling confident and satisfied with his choice.

After getting ready, Amon left his apartment.

"It's Amon Tang!"

His presence was immediately noticed upon exiting, and his elegant appearance drew even more attention.

"He looks stunning..." A young woman whispered with eyes filled with admiration. "Does he have a date?"

"Nonsense, of course he does. Doesn't he have three girlfriends?" Another retorted with a hint of jealousy, pouting.

Hearing such comments, many girls around displayed envious expressions. After all, even if considered prodigies in their hometowns or hplanets, the reality shifted upon entering the university, especially when compared to a special class prodigy like Amon.

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Amon, noticing the comments about him, just shook his head slightly, displaying a discreet smile.

This situation wasn't unfamiliar to him, but there was something different this time. Or rather, he was different.

Upon entering the tubular elevator, he selected the university's exit gate as his destination. The sound of disappointed sighs from the young women watching him leave echoed.

And, of course, there were the guys, many of whom shot displeased glances in his direction, especially those with their girlfriends or those for whom they harbored romantic feelings.

After a while, Amon reached the school's exit. Emerging from the elevator, his eyes were immediately drawn to a captivating female figure waiting for him.

Her deep purple hair stood in striking contrast to her hazel-green eyes. She wore a short-cut black hoodie, revealing a toned abdomen and slender waist. Leather shorts accentuated the grace of her toned thighs and elongated legs, further highlighted by a pair of black high heels. Her face bore a calmness that hid a touch of mystery, completely capturing Amon's attention.

As he approached, Amon leaned in and placed a tender kiss on her lips, conveying all the affection he felt for her. Pulling back, a captivating smile adorned his face. "You look stunning," he complimented.

She hesitated for a moment, clearly touched by Amon's spontaneity and the genuine compliment, coupled with his enchanting smile. "Thank you," she responded, laughing slightly embarrassed. "And you look very dashing." With that, she leaned in and returned the kiss.

After a kiss that lasted about two minutes, they were interrupted by a cough from the university gate's guard.

Maisa let out a timid laugh, hiding her blushing face in Amon's chest. He, on the other hand, remained serene, showing no sign of embarrassment.

"It's alright," Amon whispered soothingly into her ear. "We should get going. You'll only get more embarrassed if we stay here."

"Yes..." She agreed, her voice almost inaudible.

Then, Amon took her hand, and they both crossed the university gates.

During their walk, Amon would steal discreet glances at his enchanting girlfriend.

Though she didn't have voluminous breasts, her legs were undeniably spectacular. They were the kind that could easily grace the covers of fashion magazines.

However, he was possessive and wanted her all to himself, so he'd never suggest she pursue a modeling career.

"Do you prefer to walk?" Amon asked.

Maisa looked up, tilting her head slightly to meet Amon's gaze. "You know, I've already gotten my license and bought a flying car. Want to see it?"

Amon noticed the sparkle of excitement in her eyes and, with a smile, replied, "Definitely, I'd love to see."

Seeing him smile so often, a thought crossed Maisa's mind: 'That smile is dangerous for my heart…'

She took a breath, trying to compose herself. Releasing Amon's hand, she took out a small sphere from the storage compartment in her watch. Placing it on the ground and pressing a button on a control the size of a lighter, a resonating sound was heard, followed by a soft buzzing of gears. In a matter of seconds, the sphere transformed into an elegant car that floated a few inches off the ground.

She then grabbed a black ribbon adorned with a flower of the scolor and extended it to Amon, making a somewhat audacious request, "Could you tie my hair into a high ponytail for me, Amon?"

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There were a few reasons for Maisa to make that request. One of them was the desire for her boyfriend to perform this small gesture for her. Moreover, she had discovered from her research that many men found the nape of a woman's neck to be extremely appealing...

"With pleasure," Amon replied, "letdo that for you."

"Thank you," she said, with a shy smile.

Amon positioned himself behind her, gently running his fingers through her hair, preparing them to be tied. Maisa felt a shiver run down her spine as she sensed Amon's warm breath so close to her nape, making her slightly breathless.

In no time, Amon completed the hairstyle, securing Maisa's hair with the black ribbon, with the black flower pointing upwards. The result was a look that blended youth and elegance.

"It's perfect," Amon whispered into her ear, smiling.

"Thank you..." Maisa's heart raced. She wondered how many more times he would make her feel this way that day. Amon was particularly captivating.

Turning around, Maisa let her hair sway gracefully. Leaning slightly forward, she flashed a radiant smile, revealing impeccably aligned white teeth and adorable dimples on her cheeks. With a shimmering gaze, she asked, "Shall we?"

Her eyes alternated between Amon and the flying car. The vehicle had an elegant design, predominantly purple with black details, reflecting a sophisticated feminine touch. The car's streamlined lines suggested speed, while the black chraccents added a touch of class. The windows had a soft violet tint, complementing the vehicle's color palette.

"Of course, let's go." Amon, being chivalrous, opened the door for her.

Feeling cherished, Maisa thanked him: "Thank you."

With a smile, Amon headed to the passenger side and climbed into the car.