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Amon, The Legendary Overlord

Chapter 39: Don't mess with the quiet.
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"Danger!" Ariel yelled, raising both of her hands up. Soon the helicopter starts to shake, losing control and headed towards the car that was right in front of it.


"One of them has psychic power!" This alarmed the group of people surrounding Amon and the girls.


"Too late to figure this out." Ariel's eyes were cold, she laughed out loud malevolently.

'This...' Julia took her smartphone and started filming. She had a camera that was connected via Bluetooth to her smartphone; placing it in her hair, she films everything that was happening.

Amon created lightning in both his hands and feet. Slanted slightly, that face of his was calm and bold.

Suddenly he was gone, leaving afterimages in his place. Soon he appeared in front of the men in black.

A storm of punches and kicks was launched symmetrically, hitting their vital points, sending them flying.

"Ny Hahaha! It's been a while since I've had a chance to play~" Ariel's cold eyes showed a mocking tone as her smile rose cruelly, full of malevolence.

Using her psychic power, Ariel made some men in black crash into each other; skulls were shattered, blood was spilled. It only made Ariel's smile deepen even further.

"Ny Hahaha!" She continued to laugh as she swayed more, using her powers to attack the men in black.

This scared the twins a bit, but they weren't lambs; as soon as they recovered, the two girls started using the powers of water to attack the men in black.

Barbara had already started before Maisa and Julia; using her blue flames, she set the other car on fire. Her flames looked like a powerful flamethrower, which extended to 10 meters.

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"These kids are dangerous!" The eyes of the surviving men in black sharpened, even showing fear. Unfortunately, the information they received was very wrong!

"Thinking about running away?" Then, with an evil smile, Ariel laughed, "Ny Hahaha! It's not that easy~."

"Hahh!" Screaming, she used her powers to the limit, pulling the helicopter that was on fire, dragging it along the ground, hitting the men in black hard.

Blood starts to flow from her nose, she ended up using a lot of her powers, but she didn't care, she even started laughing more as she watched the blood spread from the men who were killed or injured by her.

Amon noticed Ariel's uniqueness and warned, "Ariel, stop!"

"..." Ariel's eyes returned to normal. She looked at Amon and his warning glare, she pouted but didn't object. Putting her hands behind her head, she hissed, "Yesss."

The lightning around Amon grew fiercer; as much as he tried to avoid it, he ended up destroying a good part of the clothing he wore. However, he didn't have time to care about that. Using his lightning genes, he looked like a 100,000 volt light bulb lit.

Before long, he sent over 30 men flying with broken bones, some even dead.

He didn't just stop with that, and his speed only increased as he got used to his genes. Lightning crackled as he ran.



"Cheater, that's not what we were told, dammit. How can he be so strong at such a young age?!?"

The men in black panicked, and some tried to flee through the roofs of the houses but were caught and killed by Amon.

Amon was too fast, and they couldn't get away.

Soon the sound of a siren was heard.

Somehow the men in black felt happy instead of unhappy. If things continued for too long, Amon and the girls would exterminate them all.

Worse, they couldn't even touch a single strand of their hair, as even when they tried to hurt the girls, Ariel intruded.

"Ny Hahaha! They're happier than us to see the police arrive~" Ariel said loudly; her face was full of mockery as she laughed.

The men in black bowed their heads in disgust. They never felt so humiliated. They were the famous group of assassins, Black Wolves, but they had just lost to a bunch of kids... It was too embarrassing, but they still wanted to live. So they remained silent, even when Ariel mocked them.

"Heavens! What the hell happened here?!" A group of heavily armed police arrived.

Seeing the situation, they were disbelieving. Mainly seeing as the losing side was several men, while the four teenagers were perfectly fine... Although Amon had his clothes torn, he didn't seem to be hurt.

More and more police vehicles appeared, even helicopters. The neighborhood called, and they had several complaints; the urgency was Rank B.

Julia handed the smartphone to the cops, she said she filmed everything that happened.

"Very well. Let's investigate this thoroughly." Even though surprised, the sergeant said, "Don't worry, we know this is a group of assassins, we've been following them for a long time, you've done a great job for society."

What about the deaths? That wasn't something to worry about; this wasn't exactly a peaceful planet, despite having more chaotic planets than this one. They valued geniuses like Amon and the girls rather than the life of a gang of assassins.

"Okay." Amon returned to his usual indifference.

Even Ariel has returned to her cute little appearance.

"Here, cover yourself with this." One of the officers handed Amon a set of clothes. It was blue without a pattern.

Amon accepted, then he dressed.

The girls somehow felt disappointed...

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"Amon, Julia, Maisa!" Julius appeared and gave them a bear hug.

"Barbara." Bianca appeared, driving a Ferrari. When she arrived, her eyes strayed to Amon for a few seconds, but then she looked back at her daughter.

"Ariel." The one who arrived was her mother, and, just like Ariel, she was endowed with a beautiful pair of mesmerizing breasts. Some police on the spot can't help but swallow saliva.

The process was quick; they didn't want to upset geniuses like them. And, with the filming, even knowing it was a group of assassins, they soon associated with someone who wanted the life of the future pillars of Country Z.

So they started interrogating the survivors of the assassin group, Black Wolves.

'If I find out who's behind this...' Amon's eyes darkened, and he was enveloped by a feeling of coldness. Even the cops shivered under his cold gaze.

"This boy is not normal..." They muttered as they looked in Amon's direction.



Despite being an awkward date, they agreed to go to a local restaurant for dinner. As the children were friends and were being targeted by a group of assassins, they wanted to get to know each other better.

"Hello, I haven't introduced myself yet." Ariel's mother smiled as she reached out to greet them, "My name is Daiane Abravanel; nice to meet you all."

"Julius Queiroz." He took hold of her hand, and then he pointed to Sonia, "She's my wife, Sonia Tang."

Then it was Bianca's turn. She held out her hand and greeted them, "My name is Bianca Margarete Abravanel. We have similar last names; maybe we are related?" She smiled at Daiane.

"Oh? Maybe." Daiane smiled back.


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