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Amon, The Legendary Overlord

Chapter 8: Meditating for 1 Full Day Without Realizing It
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When Amon woke up the next morning, it was Saturday and the electricity had been restored.

Amon grabbed his backpack and put on a change of clothes and said he was leaving.

Since it was Saturday, there was no class.

"Amon, where are you going?" Sonia asked with a touch of concern.

"I'm going for a walk." He lied without changing his expression.

"Okay, don't come back too late." Sonia said a standard mother line, she was indeed his mother, but she still felt awkward in the presence of her own child. Although it changed a little when she was saved by him.

Amon has already mapped the entire state in his mind. He had a good memory and could identify every street now.

For about an hour Amon walked.

[Caution – [Bear Photo] High-level Uros In The Area]

On the side, there was also a sign of a tiger, monkey, gorilla, lion...

Amon pretended not to see and walked past the railings that surrounded the mountain and started up it, passing through the forest.

The mood was heavy as if he could find himself in a dangerous situation at any moment. Any sane person would turn around and leave, but Amon continued; it was as if none of this affected him.

There was something that called a lot of attention to this mountain, it was a gigantic white stone.

Amon was heading in that direction.

This in itself was silly, as the white stone emits weak energy that makes the animals want to get closer.

If Amon is unlucky, he will end up getting killed and eaten by one of these animals.

Of course, the animal also needs to be high level to be a threat to Amon.

However, Amon wasn't suicidal either, he just approached from a pretty good distance. He also had good instincts, he knew he couldn't go any further than that. It was also the highest he could climb the mountain.

Amon sat on the ground lined with green grass.

Breathing and inhaling, his mind became as serene as possible.

In his divine sea, he saw the rune [Heart Without Limits].

His soul came out again and surrounded the rune; it was like a child who saw an unknown toy and was looking to find out what it was.

Amon's soul begins to feel a strong pull from the rune, but just like before, he feels no danger from it, so Amon lets himself be pulled.

Amon's mind was clear and serene.

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In his hands, which were resting on his thighs, started to blink and crackle, lightning.

The skies have changed. Amon's eyes remained tightly closed as his soul wandered the rune: [Heart Without Limits], he felt at peace; no fury, anger, or any other turbulent emotion.

It wasn't like he had never interacted with the rune: [Heart Without Limits] before, but this time it was different. He felt invincible for a moment; unshakable; omnipotent.

This sensation only lasted 2 seconds, but it was enough to make Amon's heart change. His eyes that opened flashed with lightning. The skies thundered and it rained hard. However, Amon was indifferent to that. He didn't mind getting wet, nor did he mind the monsters that ended up surrounding and looking at him.

What happened was that even these fearsome monsters didn't look directly into Amon's eyes. They only dared to approach because the energy level in this place soared.

Some even entered a state of enlightenment. These monstrous animals didn't try to attack Amon but wanted to stay close to him.

Calmly, Amon closed his eyes again.

This made the animals relieved.

Amon let his soul be sucked into the rune again.

The lightning in his hands crackled louder and louder, to the point that it began to spread across the ground and leave a zigzag trail in the grass formed by the lightning.

This made the animals move a little further away from Amon. They were afraid of being hit by lightning and Amon looked like a lightning rod, as more than 5 times lightning fell on his head. However, it didn't even make him tremble.

In reality, this only added to the lightning that formed in Amon's hand.

His consciousness remained in a state of peace while he was in this same meditative position.


Without Amon noticing, it was the next day and it was already night.

When Amon opened his eyes, there were even more monstrous animals around, even some with more than 30 genetic levels.

However, none of them dared attack or get too close to Amon.

Amon looked at them with his cold, indifferent eyes.

For a moment he thought about killing them. However, seeing that they had no bad intentions, he just started to leave as soon as he put on another outfit he took from his backpack, as the one he wore was ripped to shreds.

<Fury Gene + 10>

<Gene + 5>

<Filled Lightning Gene + 15>

<You have reached the Thirty-First Level of the Fury Gene>

<You have reached the Twentieth Level of the Lightning Gene>

Feeling hungry, he pulled an already melted candy bar from his backpack.

He walked all the way back on foot. Little did he know that his mother and Julius, even Maisa and Julia were looking for him, worried. After all, he was away for a whole day.

He was stinking a little, since he stayed in the rain and then in the sun. The stench left his body making people not want to approach him not only because of his cold eyes but also because of the unbearable smell.

Amon was already used to this type of treatment and didn't mind a bit, he continued to walk as if nothing had happened.

It took him exactly an hour to get home.

When he arrived, Sonia cried.

"Amon!" She hugged him but wrinkled her nose.

"I am back," Amon said indifferently.

"What do you mean, I'm back? You spent a day and a whole night out of the house without warning, and you came back in this state... Where the hell were you all this time?" Sonia was angry and worried all at the same time.

"On the mountain," Amon replied without expression.

"On the mountain? What were you doing? By the way, Julius is still looking for you, I need to call him." Sonia said with tears.

She shakily picked up the phone and called. The call was accepted and she told him what happened.

Julius sighed in relief and said he would let Maisa and Julia know.

After that, Amon looked at Sonia and said, "May I come in?"

"Yes, yes, you stink, go take a shower first; don't worry, I'll get you clothes and a towel. Wow, you smell like carrion." Sonia covered her nose with her finger as she spoke awkwardly.

"Ohh..." Amon opened his mouth, and simply let out an indifferent sound and headed towards the bathroom.

Sonia sighed and shook her head then went upstairs.

Amon went into the bathroom and removed his clothes. Turning on the shower, he lets the water fall into his body.

He felt like he was peeling off shed skin that had spread on some parts of his dirty body like a snake.

That didn't shake him. He was still calm as he washed, and took the soap to scrub.


"Amon, mom is coming in, I'll leave your clothes and towel on the sink." After that, she left.

Amon stayed a while longer to get all the dirt off of his body and turned off the shower.

Coming out of the bathroom stall, he saw a blue towel, a simple set of clothes, and boxer briefs.

Amon dried off and wore his clothes. It was just a short-sleeved white T-shirt and navy blue shorts.

He left the bathroom after putting the towel in the laundry basket.

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"Julius, Maisa, and Julia are in the room, they want an explanation, Amon. You can't behave like that." Sonia scolded him and sighed wearily.

"Oh okay." Amon put his hands in his shorts pocket and followed Sonia into the living room.

"Fool!" Maisa screamed as soon as she saw him and turned away.

Julius showed concern when asking, "Amon, were you're not feeling well here, so you left?"

"That 's not it." Amon coldly denied it.

"Speak correctly, why are you so cold?" Maisa yelled, slamming her hands on the table.

"... I only know how to talk like that," Amon said indifferently.

"Fool, you are a big and huge fool!" Maisa screamed and ran away.

Julia smiled helplessly as Amon sat across from them as if nothing had happened.

"Amon, explain, what happened?" Julia asked softly.

"I went to the mountain to train, and I lost track of time," Amon said unconcerned.

From the way he said it, it didn't seem like a lie, but if someone doesn't notice an entire day pass while training on the mountain, isn't it dangerous anyway? After all, there are powerful animals living in the mountains.

"Next time, come back or call and let me know, Amon; I know it's hard to see us as your family since we only met for a short time. But when I say we care about you, I mean it; so don't do it again, okay?" Julius said from the bottom of his heart.

"Oh that's fine, I won't do it again," Amon promised.

"Good, good, good." Julius was happy and got up and patted Amon on the shoulder a few times.

This time Amon didn't back down. He sensed Julius' concern, and he didn't ignore it.

"Can I go up and sleep? I'm tired." Amon said, aloof.

"Sure, go ahead. Tomorrow is a new day. By the way, tomorrow your mother and I will go to your school to see you in the championship, do your best!" Julius gave him a thumbs-up and winked.

"Oh okay," Amon replied indifferently and left.

"This boy." Sonia sighed for the thousandth time.

"He's like that, but he's a good boy. See, he's very respectful and he even listened to my advice; we just have to take it easy with him, love." Julius hugged her as he said with a wide smile.

Sonia felt like the luckiest woman in the world. After all, if she were with any other man they would have already kicked Amon out of the house.


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