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An Understated Dominance (Dustin Rhys)

Chapter 35
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Chapter 35

“What did you say?”

Chris froze, thinking he had misheard him.

“I said I’m not interested in a business that’s about to go bankrupt,” Dustin repeated.


Everyone was too stunned to react to his words.

“How dare you! That’s nonsense!”

Chris was shocked, but he quickly denied it. “Nolan Pharmaceuticals is raking in profits. every day and is at its

prime. How could we go bankrupt? Stop fear–mongering!”

“Only you know whether this is fear–mongering or not. Anyways, I’ve received news that Nolan Pharmaceuticals will

be investigated due to the sale of counterfeit illicit drugs. It’s just a matter of time before they go bankrupt.”

Dustin’s words were very shocking.

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“Counterfeit drugs? Investigated?”

Now, everyone was even more puzzled.


gaze turned to Chris.

“Nonsense! All of it is nonsense!”

“Dustin, stop spreading these rumors. Nolan Pharmaceuticals is a law–abiding. company. How could it go under

investigation? I can sue you for defamation!” Chris threatened.

His words may appear firm, but he was in turmoil on the inside. Nolan Pharmaceuticals was indeed under

investigation and would go bankrupt soon. He intended to list the company as a publicly traded company to raise

capital so he could run off with a fortune.

However, the news had been suppressed. How did Dustin know without it being leaked?

“Dustin, what nonsense are you spewing? How can a company as successful as Nolan. Pharmaceuticals go

bankrupt?” Florence reprimanded.

“That’s right! Everyone knows that Nolan Pharmaceuticals has good assets and is at the peak of success. Stop

spreading lies!” James also piped in.

It was obvious they doubted him. After all, the Nolan family had a long history in

Swinton. They also maintained a good reputation, so it did not seem possible to have


“It’s the truth. Nolan Pharmaceuticals is about to go under, and the so–called ‘capital increase and share expansion‘

is nothing than a money–grabbing scam.”

Chris even contacted Mason to borrow money. The investigation of the company and its bankruptcy were obviously


“Bullshit! I just wanted to do everyone a favor because we’re close. It’s fine if you

choose not to accept my offer, but how dare you slander me? What intentions do you have?” Chris cried out.

“Mr. Rhys, it’s fine if you’re not able to help us. But why cause trouble when Chris just wants to help us? You’re

really devious!”

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“That’s right! This fellow must be slandering Chris because he’s jealous!”

“Dustin, you’re so despicable!”

Everyone started to chime in, one after another.

Dustin was poor, while Chris had power and money. Between the two, they were more inclined to believe Chris.

Dustin couldn’t help but frown as he watched the commotion. He did not expect his kind intentions to be returned

with such a negative reaction. This proved that no one would believe a man without money or power. 1

“Dustin, do you have proof that Nolan Pharmaceuticals is going bankrupt?” Dahlia suddenly asked. She had

invested eight million worth of funds. Naturally, she had to be


“I don’t have evidence. But what I said was the truth. You can check if you don’t believe me. You should be able to

trace the information,” Dustin replied coldly.

Dahlia’s expression darkened at his words. Did this mean he was just making it up? She even had high expectations

for him. It turned out he was just making false accusations. This must be the result of his jealousy turning into


“Everyone, since Dustin claimed I’m a swindler, just forget the matter about the

shares, lest I rip off everyone.”

Seeing that the timing was right, Chris deliberately put on an act as if he had been wronged