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Becoming the King of A New Filthy World

Chapter 26 26: Yoga Class [1]
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"That's your reward for being such a good cocksucker, Elizabeth," I groaned in pleasure, delighted by the feeling that follows and tingles its way up my very spine, delighted by the sensations working their way through me.

It's a good push but it's still not enough; I need more.

Thankfully, Elizabeth is still sucking, dutifully fulfilling what's expected of her while I relax.

She only stops to swallow what I've filled her mouth with before I pressing forward her again and resuming her duties.

I slowly peel the cucumber slices off my eyes; for as good as relaxation and blankness are, I kind of want to see the dark haired woman relentlessly sucking my cock.

​ I looked over to the blonde twin girls, who sit there relaxed with my cum starting to dry on their faces, and I really can't resist myself after seeing them. So, I called them over here. "Hey, Kathy, Allison, you two should come over here and suck on my balls."

"We should," Allison says, nodding in agreement as the girls rise up from their seats.

It's all so easy now to get things to go your way.

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The sisters drop the towels that cover their luscious, naked bodies as they get into position on both sides of Elizabeth and go low, tongues sticking out and dragging up along my ball sac, each individual nut now having a hot blonde to treat it while Elizabeth continues to tend to the shaft.

They work in eager tandem, the twin blonde sisters' tongues are very skilled and moving with the kind of knowledge that speaks to them knowing exactly what to do with a man's ball sac, while Elizabeth sucks my cock down to even deeper in her throat, more further down her throat as she shows off a need to please and excite me.

This is not the decadent spa experience I expected to find today, but dammit, this is the decadent spa experience I fucking deserve.

The twins don't even work here but their efforts in adding to the pleasure I feel are impossible to deny, igniting the moment and the burning the excitement feeling within me with even more heat and bliss.

They take my balls into their mouths next, properly sucking on an individual nut each while my hand grabs the back of Elizabeth's head and encourages her to go even further down, forcing her to take it and stopping for nothing as I make her start to really feel the effects of my efforts.

"You've got a lot more cock to suck down, and you want to make me a satisfied customer, don't you? So stop being such a stingy bitch and throat that cock down to the fucking base." I speak cruelly, but she doesn't take it as such, nodding and accepting it even as her eyes water and she sucks my cock down further.

She shows no signs of slowing down in the process of sucking my cock, tireless in her advance down my cock, head rocking up and down.

It only takes a little urging and some all-out vulgarity she doesn't seem to mind all that much to get her to work faster.

The twins, on the other hand, need no guidance. They are slobbering all over my fat balls with an excitement and desperation that just won't fucking slow down.

Out of control, driven and hungry and desperate for as much of me as they can get, they're showing off a talent with sucking by balls that comes out of nowhere and seems totally nonchalant, all while they keep wearing my cum mask on their faces.

It's all so casual to them, all so normal, and they don't even really seem to realize what they're doing in the process, but that is exactly how I like it as they work over my cock and balls over as a team, all sucking me off together and doing an amazing job at it.

It's no fucking surprise when I blow my load, and this time, I don't want to let it all go down the face of one woman.

"Kiss my cock head, all of you," I order three of them, and they didn't even hesitate, going cheek to cheek as their lips and tongues caress my cock's head.

When my dick twitches and erupts, I'm able to get plenty of cum into all three of their mouths, the women gulping down the thick and salty seed happily, pulling back and then licking my cock some more as I look over at the clock.

"There's still twenty minutes left, so you three can just stay right where you are and keep on sucking."

It continue for another 20 minutes they keep sucking it without stopping for even a second, like it is their sacred duty and they had to complete it, no matter what it continues while I enjoy the pleasure and this way I came one more time.

Well I think it is now time for another class or I say girl. What is the next class anyway, I think it is... Hmmm... Haa yes Yoga class. Well and here we are.

As I walk in it's definitely better than it sounds, because all the women in the room are dressed in tight shirts that hug their chests and in pants that frame their firm asses perfectly.

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The trainer leads a small class of six, with three women and three men on the mats. It's right where I want to be as I walk in and look around the room.

I don't actually give a single fuck about yoga and as the room hangs in meditative silence I can't even pretend to want to try it.

Unlike with the massage with the body massage and facial where I was happy to enjoy some relaxation and some good pampering, here I'm coming in really just to cause mayhem and start trouble, not to do stretches or 'find my center'.

The trainer is the cutest one of all, a blonde with a ponytail that keeps waving back and forth as she moves.

A perky, chesty, bouncy looking blonde who would look absolutely wonderful choking on my dick if I decided to go down that road.

"That should be everybody now. Hello, my name is Clara, and I will be your yoga instructor today." She leans forward with a respectful nod and her hands pressed flat together in front of her.

"Namaste." said Clara while she pressed her both hands against each other.

I roll my eyes as she starts to explain the class and what will be happening here. There's a seventh mat laid out for me to stand on, but I just decide to ignore it altogether and walk up to her instead, coming up from behind and grabbing her tits through her top, beginning to fondle them as I show an utter disregard for anything to do with yoga.

Her perky, firm and soft breasts feel nice against my hands, though, and that's as good as I'm really going to get right now as I let her go on.


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