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Becoming the King of A New Filthy World

Chapter 27 27: Yoga Class [2] [R-18+]
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I roll my eyes as she starts to explain the class and what will be happening. There's a seventh mat laid out for me to stand on, but I decide to ignore it altogether and walk up to her instead, coming up from behind and grabbing her tits through her top, beginning to fondle them as I show an utter disregard for anything to do with yoga.

Her perky, firm breasts feel nice against my hands, though, and that's as good as you're really going to get right now as you let her go on.

"...Those are the poses we will be be doing today," she continues, as my focus slips back into it.

"This is a beginner's class, so don't worry too much about perfect form. I will help you with your positions if you need them, and once you have these, you can practice them at home whenever you'd like. I find that they are a great way to start the morning." Clara Instructed to everyone.

A great way for me to start a lot of things is by sticking my hand down her pants, shoving some fingers into Clara's pussy as she stands there, her legs spreading out a little bit as she lets me at her.

The faintest bit of uncertainty quivers in her voice as she says, "When you check out today, you may purchase a yoga mat from us at a very generous discount, so be sure to ask about that on the front desk if you enjoy yourself here today."

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"We will be starting off in the lotus position." Slowly sinking to the floor, Clara pulls away from my hand down her pants as she sinks into a seated position.

"Notice how I am crossing my legs to put my feet over my thighs rather than underneath them. This is a position we take because it is created to allow you to hold your body steady for long periods of time. If you wish to meditate, this would be how you can do it, but otherwise, we will just use it to calm our minds. Go still and let yourself clear your head of all worries. We will hold this position to start with, and it will help us move more readily into the relaxation that comes from later positions."

I have my own position in mind for Clara as I stand over her, placing my balls down down on her head and letting my flaccid cock drape down her face, resting against her cheekbone as I stand there and just let it sit.

I would consider this a test of her meditation if not for the fact that nobody seems to notice my cock anymore when I just let it hang like this, and as Clara begins to hum softly and let the calmness wash over her, it seems she's going to happily let me just stand there, teabagging her while she meditates.

Nobody in the yoga class seems to care or notice either, as they all take the position, three men and three women sitting there with their eyes closed, breathing slow.

My antics of putting resting my dick and balls on top of Clara's face seem to just be normal to them now, and that is exactly the way I like it as I rock back and forth, grinding a little bit for good measure as I wonder exactly what I want to do with her.

There's a lot that I can do with Clara at my mercy like this, and there's so many options it's actually a bit troublesome to figure out exactly how I want to deal with.

There's so many possibilities here, so many yoga poses to pervert and violate, and I really just want to go through all of them.

"Okay, that is long enough," Clara says before long, and she unfolds her legs.

"Now, while we've let our legs relax, we are going to put some use into them as we assume the bridge position."

Clara says while she shifts around on her yoga mat and she begins to lie back, settling her feet flat down onto the ground, her arms settling down too and running straight down as she lifts up with her pelvis.

The bridge pose stretches the chest and thighs, and extends my pine. She looks straight up at the ceiling.

"Keep your palms and feet flat, exhale as you lift with your hips, and then hold the position. Keep your thighs parallel to the floor and bring your chest into your chin."

She's certainly doing something with her chest, her top exposing plenty of ample cleavage that gives my cock all the direction it need as I kneel down over the yoga instructor and begin to slide my cock into her cleavage.

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My balls settle down onto her lips as I start to titfuck her, and passively, as if she's just moving with an automatic sense of understanding for what's happening, she begins to lick my balls, lapping at my ball sac with a few licks here and there.

Nothing intense or impassioned, just a slow and steady licking, something that makes it all the better as I slam my cock down her chest and give her a nice, deep titfuck from above, using the bridge pose for my own wicked purposes as I go.

I look around at the rest of the class again, all still so very uncaring about what I'm doing and how I'm working at it.

There's something so satisfying about seeing the way they're just going about their poses.

I've never so openly interrupted things like this, never been quite this shameless, but they're all too happy to just let me keep going, and it emboldens me.

A bit faster I go, not crazy in my fucking of her tits, not getting so aggressive or rapid that I work myself out too quickly.

I just thrust at a nice pace and let the pleasure work itself out, until I'm ready to pull back, groaning as my cock slaps down against her face and I blast her with a facial mask.

A nice, gooey mess of cum all over that marks her with my seed. She closes her eyes as my cock paints her features, and wipes some cum away from her eyelid before opening them again, but otherwise, Clara remains totally unaffected as she says, "Okay, that will be enough of the bridge pose now."


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