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Becoming the King of A New Filthy World

Chapter 31 31: Comic Book Convention [R-18+]
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"There is?" I grab the back of Caren's long, dark hair and shove her down my cock for some more, really forcing it in there as I show her throat a roughness and disdain that only swells hotter as I get a feel for what's going on.

She holds up a poster plastered in the assorted movie and comic book characters. "There's a nerd convention in town this weekend. Think you can pass up the opportunity to turn cosplayers into cocksuckers?"

I smile wide at the news, pulling Christine in for another kiss. "You're amazing, and the perfect partner in crime. But you're not off the hook either, so get down there and worship my balls." With a too-hard 'pat' on her smiling cheek, I let myself get real decadent with things, as the blonde happily dips down low to join my former boss in some deep, sloppy cock worship.

Everything just keeps getting better.


"Is this too much?" I asked Christine, looking around me in near disbelief at the implications before me. "There's a 'too much' right?"

"I don't think there is," she replies with a happy sigh, shaking her head. "There's nowhere to go but up, although I don't know if you're going to top this any other time."

I made my office into a sexual buffet of delights, then went off to a mind and body spa to derail everything and have plenty of beautiful spa workers service my cock in a dizzying number of ways. And those were amazing.

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But now I'm finding myself very suddenly on the verge of something that feels too good to be true, standing in the middle of a convention floor where everywhere I looked, I see a bevy of cute, busty, perky cosplayers all wondering around, ripe for the picking.

With a single word or grope, I can have any of them, fuck them right there in public, railing some costumed beauties without a care in the world.

My eyes can't move without spotting more gorgeous cosplayers I'd love to pin down and fuck into screaming, gooey heaps, and that is the best kind of problem I can have.

"Where do I even start?" I asked, frozen in indecision. as I look around.

I knew there would be a whole horde of hot cosplayers to want to fuck, but I hadn't expected there to be quite so many.

I'd never really paid this kind of attention at a convention before, never looked around at every woman knowing she was attainable with such confidence.

Everywhere I look is nothing but potential, and that makes it much harder than I could have thought to settle on a choice.

Comic book heroines with lovely, plump chests exposed thanks to skimpy costumes, video game ninjas in skintight outfits clinging to every supple curve almost too lovingly, and anime characters in short skirts almost too easy to flip up and start fucking them through catch my eye in every direction.

It's almost too good to be true.

Christine doesn't even manage to figure out an answer before my eyes snap onto the most obvious choice in the world.

A big titted Power Girl cosplayer is getting photos taken, and true to the costume in the comics, she has a big cleavage window just begging for a dick to be slammed down into it, and fortunately, I happen to have just the dick.

"Wait, never mind, I have it."

"You just noticed the Power Girl didn't you?" Christine asked with a smirk, but I'm already moving toward her, striding confidently forward.

"Excuse me," I call, and even with the noise, her eyes and the eyes of the photographers all turn toward me as my command takes their attention almost too simply.

"If it's not much trouble, could I stick my cock down your fat tits and turn this photo shoot into something more fun?"

Power Girl smiles at me more eagerly, nodding as she sinks down to her knees. "Yes, you can certainly give me a tit fuck. Cum down my tits too if you'd like!" She shifts her body to face to the side of the cameras, then sets her head toward the row of photographers again.

Throwing up a smile as she continues on with the pictures people are taking as though nothing is happening.

As expected, it's all just totally normal now.

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At least, for everyone but me, who still feels a raw rush as I take my cock out, the clicking of cameras adding a more exhibitionistic air to everything than I've ever felt before.

After all, this is the most open and public I've ever fucked someone before; even the board room and the restaurant were somewhat closed off.

I stand right now in a convention hall with thousands of people moving about, a horde of people all going about their day, and my exposure here is far more intense than any other time before.

Not that I exactly mind, glad to star in this perverted photo shoot with Power Girl.

I shove my cock right down into the depths of her cleavage, groaning as the clothes she has on ensure a nice, tight, pillowy embrace into which I can start to fuck, groaning as I sink in deep with a single, steady push, burying my cock inside of her cleavage.

I don't take long at all to start thrusting, driven by a passionate need to just give in to what I feel bubbling inside of me, to fuck her cleavage with reckless abandon while other people takes pictures of it.

It's the strangest damn thing in the whole world, but I've been feeling that a lot lately, and instead of wondering if there's ever going to be an end in sight I decided to pound this comic book pin-up come to life and stop worrying about it all.

"He's not blocking the light too much, is he?" Power Girl asks the photographers like that's all that matters.

In turn, the row of spectators snapping photos of this lurid scene seemed utterly unbothered by the fact I'd waltzed into the photo they were taking and quite literally ruined it all with my dick.


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