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Becoming the King of A New Filthy World

Chapter 33 33: Black Head Cosplayer [R-18+]
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Experience or her exercise, well it doesn't matter, I take eager advantage of my hips as I continue my pace and quicken it. I'm drawing closer by the second, groaning and grunting my way to a nice, satisfying release into her pussy..

I slammed balls deep inside of Juliet's pussy and treat her to a sudden, hot rush of cum gushing forward, creampieing her with an eagerness that makes her squeal and back, nearly doubling over as she loses herself in turn.

A moaning wreck happily climaxing with vocal approval amid a crowd of people who pass on by like they couldn't care less.

It's all so easy and twisted, and I'm happy to finally let go of her as she stumbles forward, cum dripping out of leaking twat as she whines while her ass up and her mouth down.

"That was great," she moans, and blows me a kiss, heading off like it's nothing at all.

"I knew you'd get into the spirit of it," Christine purrs, coming up to my side and pecking me on the cheek.

"Do you have a plan yet?'

I don't, but instead of answering no, I start to think of one, suddenly in a position to think things through a bit more clearly as my eyes gaze along the open space, looking around for something to do.

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My eyes fall on a pair of Final Fantasy cosplayers, going as Tifa Lockhart and Cindy Aurum, both looking absolutely perfect in their costumes, and I start to get an idea.

"It seems fair I fuck a mouth and an ass before thinking about much else, isn't it?" I asked Christine, grabbing at Christine's supple rear but with my eyes focused elsewhere.

"I know you're not thinking about mine, but that's okay. Go get them." She gives my cock a few strokes and happily walks with me toward the two cosplayers, who sit on a small bench and chat with one another.

I'm very casual about the way I walk up to them and on a split instinct decision decide that it's Tifa who should get to suck my cock, as I slap the sticky, wet cock right up against her face.

It's all very sudden, but she doesn't even skip a beat in her conversation.

"I had to stay up all night trying to get these gloves perfect," Tifa says to Cindy as I continue to rub my dick along her face a moment longer, before lining myself up with her mouth.

"They just wouldn't look like I wanted them to, no matter how many times I glurk! Glurk glurk!" Tifa doesn't entirely stop speaking as my cock forces its way down her gullet with a single, harsh stroke, pushing in deep and starting to get to work.

My fingers tighten into her long black hair, which feels natural rather than like a wig, which gives me the boldness to hold on hard and use it for leverage in a brutal throatfucking, slamming far down her gullet each time I push forward.

Cindy doesn't seem to care much about the interruption as she speaks over her friend's noisy choking noises.

"Well, they look great! I'm sure it was hard work, but it was worth the effort." She smiles at Tifa, whose eyes roll back a bit as I plug up her throat with my cock and refuse to slow myself down.

After tit fucking Power Girl and cream pieing Juliet Starling, I feel myself wound up too much now to stop, wanting to hammer forward and show nothing but unapologetic enthusiasm.

I show her mouth something only some hot, lusty escalation can muster. It's quick, it's brutal, and Tifa clearly can't breathe through the midst of my ferocity, but that's exactly how I want it.

Each pulls back from her mouth making thick ropes of drool spill from her lips. Not just spit, but the kind of gooey, almost slimy spit that comes from having one's tonsils railed.

It drips down her chin, all messy and thick, making a mess of her top that has it clinging a bit more to her skin, showing off that she has no bra on beneath her white crop top, hugging her tits harder.

I reach down to grope them, squeezing her amazing breasts as I let the raw enjoyment of a Tifa cosplayer's upper body wash over me harder and hotter still.

This is one of those twisted kinds of 'dreams' come true that I can't hold back from, sinking so much into what I'm doing that I'm not paying any attention at all to whatever it is Cindy's saying.

It doesn't matter; she's irrelevant right now.

Tifa's continued gagging and choking hardly makes for good conversation fodder. She seems like she's struggling to stay conscious as my harsh pounding comes close to dislocating her jaw.

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But it's all for a good cause in the end, and she doesn't seem to look anything more than mildly bothered by it amid the worry and quivering breathlessness that wash over her.

She could be taking this much worse, and the almost permissive way she lets me face fuck her violently really helps tie it all together as I keep racing harder onward, pumping hotter and faster until finally, I'm ready to blow in her mouth.

But I pull out of her face, cock swatting down against her mouth in all its drool-covered glory before I let loose a mess all over her face.

I paint Tifa's cute face with an embarrassingly large amount of cum. Not embarrassing for me, of course; it's a sign of my endless, virile stamina to be able to make load number three so big.

Embarrassing for her, as she sits there gasping for air, not bothering to wipe away the drool from her chin or the ropes of spunk that land onto her face and leave her a marked mess.

She takes it, sitting there calmly--aside from the way she shivers and sucks down desperate breaths, at least--with the seeming intention of wearing the facial all day.

"Thank you," she finally wheezes, looking back to Cindy. "They did turn out well, but I probably won't do something like this so late again."


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