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Boss, Don't Act All Mighty, Miss Pei is Married to Your Brother!

Chapter 202 - 202: Don't You Dare!
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Chapter 202: Don’t You Dare!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Liu Yan cback with the paternity test report. He was even more excited than Lu Huai. “CEO Lu! Da true! Son! He is your- Ah!!”

His words were incoherent as he slipped onto the ground. Lu Huai’s mouth twitched, but he understood what he meant.

When he found out that Liu Yan was on his way, Lu Huai started to get nervous. He was afraid that he had guessed wrongly, but he also felt that his intuition had never been wrong.

“And?” Lu Huai immediately stood up and snatched the test report.

As expected, Ling Lin was his biological son, and Pei Xin was also the woman from that day.

Looking at his half-smile, Liu Yan felt a little strange. “CEO Lu, why are you frowning? 1 made sure everything was done right. There’s definitely no problem.”

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“It’s within my expectations. What’s there to be happy about?” Lu Huai sat back down.

However, the way he carefully put away the paternity test report still made Liu Yan see through everything. He clearly cared about it a lot, but he still had to maintain a cold and aloof image in front of his subordinates. It wasn’t easy for CEO Lu to show a different side of him.

The moment Pei Xin received the paternity test report, she didn’t know if she should be happy or disappointed.

The report clearly stated that Lu Huai and Ling Lin were not related. She felt an immense pain in her heart.

In the past, she was always worried that she would not be able to find the child’s biological father. However, when she found out that this person might be Lu Huai, she started to feel hopeful.

“Forget it, if it’s not, then so be it.” Pei Xin comforted herself, then tore the report into pieces and threw it into the trash can.

Ling Xue watched Pei Xin’s actions from upstairs and sneered. As long as she was around, Pei Xin would never be able to find the father!

She took out her phone and called Pei Xin directly. “Pei Xin, 1 know you’re looking for Ling Lin’s biological father to treat the child. 1… 1 want to help.”

Although she had a cold smile on her face, her voice was extremely sincere. “Can you cto my ward? Shall we talk about it in detail?”

Pei Xin would never believe that she was so kind. However, when she thought of what Sun Jin said, she still agreed. “Okay, I’ll go over right away.”

At this moment, Pei Jue had already arrived at the ward. “Ling Xue, you’re too kind. Why are you offering to help her? They both deserve to die!”

Ling Xue lowered her head with an aggrieved expression. “I want to do good deeds. I don’t want to die like this.”

“What is it? Has your condition worsened?” Pei Jue quickly went over to hold her. “You’ve lost a lot of weight. Where’s the doctor? Doctor!”

Ling Xue quickly pulled him back. “The doctor said that I should have a kidney transplant surgery immediately. But Pei Xin still hates me. She won’t willingly return the kidney to me. 1 want to make a deal with her. She used her kidney to save me, so in return, I’ll save her son.”

Pei Jue looked at her with heartache. “You’re right. She should do this for you. If not for her, why would you be so weak and need a kidney transplant?”

Pei Xin had just reached the door when she heard the conversation between the two siblings. Her heart sank. Now that things had cto this, she had no way out.

“You want to strike a deal?” Pei Xin looked at the two of them expressionlessly. She knew that Ling Xue would not be so kind.

“No! You misunderstood.” Ling Xue quickly pretended to be pitiful. “1 overheard Ling Lin’s incident in the doctor’s office and that scared me. Life is so fickle. I want to live.”

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“If you want to live, do you want my life to pay for it?” Pei Xin was furious. “With my current condition, 1 will die if 1 undergo surgery. If you want to live, why can’t I?”

Pei Jue stood in front of Ling Xue and looked at her coldly. “But you also want your son to live too, don’t you?”

His words stunned Pei Xin. He was right. She wanted her son to live, even if it meant sacrificing her life.

Ling Xue also chimed in, “Your work and life are going well now. You look much better. But my body is getting worse by the day. I can’t take it anymore. Think about your son. He will be like this one day. Can you bear to see him go through that?”

Pei Xin closed her eyes. Ling Lin was her Achilles’ heel and Ling Xue knew about this.Tʜe sourcᴇ of thɪs content ɪs novelenglish(.)nᴇt

Ling Xue quickly took out a document from the bedside table. “You can’t say that we forced you to do this. This time, you can make the decision yourself. As long as you sign it, 1 will have the surgery tomorrow. I’ll tell you who your child’s biological father is. The Pei family will also pay for Ling Lin’s treatment.”

Pei Jue wanted to retort, but when he saw Ling Xue’s pitiful look, he puffed out his chest at Pei Xin to intimidate her.

Pei Xin closed her eyes. She had already accepted her fate. She opened her eyes and picked up a pen to sign.

At this moment, Lu Huai kicked the door open.. “Don’t you dare sign that paper!”