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Boss, Don't Act All Mighty, Miss Pei is Married to Your Brother!

Chapter 23: A Sibling’s Love
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Chapter 23: A Sibling's Love

Xu Nuo sent Pei Xin back to Ling Jin's residence.

The dilapidated house in front of her and the unbearable environment caused Xu Nuo to cover his nose from the stench.

Although he wasn't a young rich master, he was still a child from a well-off family. He did not suffer much and never had any complications. He even had the chance to study abroad.

He entered the Lu Corporation after returning to the country and was recruited by Lu Huai not long after. Therefore, he had never been in such a dirty and chaotic place before. She could not help but feel a little sympathy for Pei Xin.

No matter what, it was certain that the once high and mighty white swan that had a life of luxury was now carelessly thrown into the slumps. The difference was uncanny.

"Ms. Pei, have a good rest. I will leave now."

Pei Xin nodded. "Thank you. Please thank CEO Lu for me as well."

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Pei Xin did not know why Lu Huai would help her. The two of them never had a past together nor have they met in person before this. Perhaps his CEo had a trace of pity given from the gods in the sky for weak humans.

Xu Nuo nodded and left.

The car started and drove away.

Ling Jin, who was in the other room, seemed to have noticed people entering and quickly ran out of the room.

"Pei Xin, Ling Lin, you're back!" The man ran over excitedly and pulled the mother and son into his arms. The tanned and muscular man was shedding tears.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't protect you two well enough!"

When Pei Xin was taken away, he was too injured to run after them.

At that point, he did not care less about his wounds. He tried his best to enter the Lu family's residence, but the iron door was unbreakable.

"I shouldn't have brought you into this mess in the first place." Pei Xin burst into tears. Although it was dark outside, she could still see the prominent scars on Ling Jin's face.

These injuries were all because of her, but Ling Jin was the first to apologize

Pei Xin felt like a jinx that could only bring misfortune to the people she cared about.

"You're all a bunch of babies crying at this age!" The brother and sister hugged each other and cried louder than before. It was Ling Lin who reminded them that there was a child present.

"Come, come inside. You must be freezing. Hurry up and enter the house." Ling Jin seemed to be embarrassed by Ling Lin's words. He wiped the tears from his face and hurriedly welcomed the pair into the house.

It was Pei Xin's first time being in this house.

Back then, before her life crumbled, the Ling family used to live in a decent residence.

The moment she gave birth to Ling Lin in the hospital, she was immediately sent to prison without a chance to recover.

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Ling Jin was shunned by others thereafter. He lost his job, and his house, and had no choice but to live in the slumps. He did not have enough money to retain the house.

Pei Xin felt terrible looking at Ling Jin's hunched back.

The room was dimly lit, and old newspapers from many years ago were pasted on the wall. The living room had a kettle on the stove and a table.

Further in was the room. Inside was the only bed and cabinet in the house.

Ling Jin was worried that Pei Xin would dislike this place, so he scratched his head, not knowing what to say. "Pei Xin, you'll have to suffer for a while. When I get my salary this month, we'll find a better place to rent a house."

Pei Xin cried and shook her head. "There's no need. I've got everything I need here. You and Ling Lin."

Ling Jin thought that Pei Xin was just comforting him, but he still made up his mind to work hard and afford a better place.

Now that his sister was out of prison, life would slowly get better. Moreover, it was time for Ling Lin to go to school.

At the thought of Ling Lin's school problems, Ling Jin looked at Pei Xin awkwardly. However, when he saw Pei Xin's pale face, he swallowed his words. "Pei Xin, are you hungry? I'll cook something for us to eat."

"That's great. I'm starving! The food at that bad guy's place wasn't as good as yours!" Ling Lin shouted excitedly when he heard that it was time to eat. It was easy for children to suppress and forget about the trauma they faced in the past, so Ling Lin's mood was chipper after seeing his uncle.

Pei Xin looked at the warm scene in front of her and finally smiled. "I am a little hungry..."

"Alright, alright. I'll whip up something for you right now!" He quickly went to the kitchen outside to avoid being laughed at by his nephew again.