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Boss, Don't Act All Mighty, Miss Pei is Married to Your Brother!

Chapter 9: Ray of Light
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Chapter 9: Ray of Light

The Lu family's house was very big. Pei Xin and Ling Lin were arranged to stay in an empty servant's room in the back garden. Even so, this place was still much bigger than the place where Ling Lin and his uncle, Ling Jin, had lived together since he was young.

As Lu Li walked over, he recalled what had happened at the door. That b*stard was only five years old and obviously didn't know how to curry favor with Lu Huai. Pei Xin must have instructed him to do so. What was her purpose for teaching him that?

Lu Li thought of the many possibilities. His eyes suddenly became fierce as he grabbed Pei Xin, who was looking at everything in front of him. "My my, I didn't expect you to be so shameless. You even know how to use your own son. Were you expecting my brother to fall for someone like you?"

Pei Xin was shocked by his sudden madness and hurriedly used her body to protect Ling Lin. "How dare you say that?!"

She didn't want her five-year-old son to hear these filthy words.

"Did I get it right?" Lu Li's face revealed a crazy smile. He pulled Pei Xin to the mirror in the room, grabbed her by the back of her neck, and pressed her against the mirror. "Look at you now. Do you think someone like my brother would fall for you? You're such a promiscuous b*tch. You must have been in prison for too long and felt lonely. Do you want me to satisfy you?"

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As he spoke, he pulled her up to face him and then reached out to pull Pei Xin's clothes apart.

Pei Xin held onto Lu Li's hand that was tearing at her clothes. Her love for him had already died. She didn't have so many tears to shed and she didn't have the strength to struggle. Her only request was, "Please, not in front of the child. Please."

Hearing this, Lu Li stopped what he was doing and pushed her against the cabinet behind him. "Did you think I'll actually touch you? You're just a filthy sl*t."

With that, he turned around and left the room. When he opened the door, he happened to see the nanny at the door. He coughed a few times to cover up and instructed, "She needs to eat and drink well. Let her recover as soon as possible so that she can undergo a kidney transplant."

"Yes, Mr. Lu." The nanny nodded in agreement. Then, she looked at Pei Xin, who was sitting on the ground, hugging Ling Lin and crying.

After Lu Li's figure disappeared, the housekeeper slowly walked in and looked at Pei Xin with disdain.

Ms. Ling was right. This woman was restless. She had done so many things to the Lu family back then. Now, she still had the nerve to come back and seduce Lu Huai! Does she know no shame?

It was obvious that she had heard something from outside, that Ling Xue had also told her something.

"Ms. Pei, I hope you understand that with your current status, you should stop coddling the Lu family. The most important thing for us women to do when we get married is to behave ourselves. You're already a woman with a child, yet you still undress in front of Lu Li. If this was in the past, you would have been drowned in a cage full of pig's blood."

The nanny said as she paced back and forth in front of Pei Xin.

Pei Xin was tired from all the verbal abuse these past two days. She drowned the outside voices out and only softly comforted the child in her arms.

The nanny was offended by the unbothered ness and spat at Pei Xin before swaggering out.

"Mom, you're the best person ever. You're not dirty, you're the most beautiful lady I know!" After the nanny left, the room was silent for a long time. After an unknown period of time, Ling Lin reached out his small hand to cup Pei Xin's face and said seriously.

The child's childish words struck Pei Xin's heart, crushing her last line of defense. She hugged the child tightly in her arms and cried silently. Her tears slowly soaked Ling Lin's clothes.

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The child tried his best to wrap his arms around his mother's back. Just like how Ling Jin sang a lullaby to him, he gently patted his mother's back to comfort her along with a tune.

He tried his best to give his mother warmth and courage.

Pei Xin was very glad that she had kept this child that shined like a ray of light in her dark days.

In the past few years, the immense sadness and pressure had made her want to end her life countless times to be free of this misery. In the end, it was this child who pulled her back.

"Mom, I can recite ancient poems!"

"Mom, I washed my socks myself yesterday. Uncle said that I'm the best child!"

"Mom, uncle said that tomorrow is Mother's Day. This is my gift for you."

"Mom! Mommy..."

Pei Xin wiped away the tears on her face and looked at the child in front of her with determination. "Don't worry, I'll protect you even if it means risking my life!"