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Breakthrough with the Forbidden Master

Chapter 0: Prologue
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What’s the point of getting stronger in a world without the Great Demon King? That was my excuse for being unable to scale that wall.

Even though people around me claim that I am “talented,” I was never called a “genius”, a “monster”, or the “Second Coming of the Hero”.

There were times when I showed the result of my efforts.

However, the words said at such times were always the same.

―― As expected, he’s the son of a Hero

It doesn’t feel like I’m being praised.

And then, the words usually said during my off days, when results were lower than usual.

―― In the end, he’s still immature compared to his father the Hero

It felt so annoying!

Is it because I’m so spoiled that my heart gets dispirited?

My father, one of the heroes who saved the world, married my mother, one of his comrades, and I was born.

I was raised without any inconvenience in a peaceful era without war.

The country I reside in is the Depaltia Empire, which is considered to be the leading country of the world. Its level of civilization and economy may be the best in the world.

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Pampered, my wealthy family usually got me whatever I desired.

Even attending the academy isn’t an issue.

That is how I was raised, thoroughly pampered yet receiving the best education possible.

And I was better than the ‘average’. Intellectually and athletically.

So, until I hit that wall, and I never had to worry about the future.

“He will succeed his father and become a warrior of the Imperial Army.” Without a doubt that was the path I was going down.

But having bumped into the wall as I progressed, I was suddenly concerned with how I’m being evaluated by the adults and people around me.

No matter what the result, no matter what I do, the title of “Son of the Hero” always followed me.

I would always be compared to them, and my power would be inferior to that of my parents who were too great.

Believing that one day the blessed genes from my parents would awaken within me, I was consumed with improving myself through bloody efforts.

However, I was still unable to obtain the evaluation which exceeded parents.

On the contrary…

The children of the other Heroes are full of wonderful talents. They will mature splendidly from now on, and lead the human race.

―― However, ‘he’ is not enough.

―― His genes should hold the most talent, but…… he’s merely… talented.

―― He’s not even close to the geniuses who have real talent.

―― I had high hopes, but my son is a mess.

Compared with the children of the companions in the same hero party as father and mother, and I should have similar expectations as most of them from surroundings, but nobody has high hopes to me any longer, and I was treated as inferior.

Actually, I’m not a failure. I’m obviously more capable than the norm.

Since then, the privileged position of being the son of a hero has come to feel more like a curse.

I’m me.

Notice me.

I want to be free. I want to go to a world where I won’t get caught up in that title.

At the age of fifteen, I was in my rebellious phase.

And during that phase, my path will be twisted contrary to the expectations surrounding me, brought upon by the fateful encounter which occurred.

―― Child… Can you hear my voice? Do you recognize my presence?

In the first place, I had no idea how such a thing was possible.

――Ten years alone with naught but boredom. You are descendant of my arch enemy but if I can kill time by possessing you there is no other choice. 1

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The Great Demon King, the nemesis of all mankind who in the past the races of the world came together as one and overthrew.

However, his soul was unable to pass on, and it remained in this world.

I don’t know why I was the only one who could perceive the ghost of the Great Demon King. No one else could, not even my father.

But we still met.

―― Hoh~?… feeling rebellious are we? You want to get back at your father? Do you want to get back at the world?

And it was there a strange codependent life begins.

―― I have a grudge against your father. Therefore…… shall I grant you the power to surpass your father?

He’s a ghost, and he can’t talk to anyone but me. He can’t do anything but haunt me and stay by my side.

The Great Demon King who can communicate only with me and see only what I see offers whispers of the devil as a means to pass the time.

―― I shall guide you. I shall teach you anything, whether magic, martial arts, summoning, or wisdom. All I have is free time.

What would have happened if I hadn’t met him back then?

There was a time when I thought of such a thing.

I could have accepted the evaluations of those around me and lived a happy and peaceful life.

But even so, I’ll always say I’m glad to have met him.

Even though meeting him, still lead to ‘the worst day of my life’.

The worst day of my life.

To talk about it, I’d have to go back to the day I first met him.

[S1] This was a though one. Ends up it was an idiom so doesn’t translate well. 背に腹は代えられない literally translates as “can’t change my belly on my back”. Seems to want to describe a situation in which you’d have to give up what you want for what you really need. Thanks to GoldStrength over on reddit for the help.