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Breakthrough with the Forbidden Master

Chapter 12: Motivation
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Chapter 12 – Motivation

”…… A-Are you serious? You…… train me.”

『Well… I may have lost my composure earlier, but… I suppose I have free time, and it might amuse me.』

“No, but the Great Demon King raising the son of a hero…”

『Rather splendid! Once Hiro’s child becomes tainted! Huhahahahaha, to behold the look of despair on his face!』

At first he was all sorts of furious and declared that he would train me, but now he has an awful smile on his face.

Because he thought it would be interesting, or because he was sealed for so long, but apparently he had no intention of withdrawing his word to train me anyway, I just can’t tell what his true intentions are.

However, I was also carried along by the momentum, and was forced to buy various things that he said are necessary for training.

”…… All this …….such a pain…”

『Oii! 』

“We only have two months, right? That’s about it, and I don’t think it’s going to be any good.”

『Tis dependent upon your feelings on the matter. Especially hatchlings such as yourself, the early stages of your growth are a simple matter.』

“No… I’m in trouble because I’m not growing fast enough….”

Yes, I don’t know why, I’m just doing what I can.

Not only in the academy, but also with Sadiz helping me study and seeing to my training herself.

However, as if to reject such notions, I am taken down by that prodigy.

Far from my efforts bearing fruit, I’m disappointed that I’m ‘the son of the hero’.

Then, I gradually felt like an idiot.

『I see. You lack proper motivation. Tends to happen when you feel far away from your goal and become depressed, or when you know not your own path. I would like to ask if I may, what are your plans and goals for the future? 』

”…… eh?”

『In your future, what do you desire to become and what do you wish to accomplish? 』

It was like an adult asking a child about his dreams for the future.

However, when asked again, I couldn’t find the right words.

“Co, come on… even if you ask me that…… for the time being, I’m going to be an Imperial Knight, but…”

『Is that something you decided for yourself? 』

”…… No, no…..I don’t know…. b, but… it’s just…… everyone thinks I’m going to be….”

『I see… then this is where to start…』

The Demon King exhaled a sigh as he said so.

『If you lack a clear goal, an image of your future, how would you know what you train for?』

“No, but I…”

『To not lose to the princess or to live up to the expectations of others… Well, that may be the case, but as sources for motivation they are feeble.』

I didn’t expect the Demon King would ask about my path or my future. Even my motivation, as well.

But I certainly don’t believe I want to be a warrior.

When I was a kid, I might have thought that I wanted to be like my father, but now I don’t think that’s the case.

“Even if you say so…… to suddenly ask me…… I don’t know.

『Well, I suppose…』

I’ve never thought deeply about it before.

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When I said that there was no way I could understand even if I was suddenly asked, Demon King nodded and then whispered.

『Right, then let us do this. Putting aside the future for another time, and first of all, we will set a clear goal and a time frame close at hand. The training will be for that purpose.』

“Close……? That’s to get a win over the princess.”

『Simply put, tis your victory at the [Graduation Commemorative Match] in two months time.』

“Eh!? …… So sudden…… How did it come to that?”

He said something pretty difficult as a clear goal to give to me, as I’m a bit flustered about my future and my goals.

Well, there might be a point where [Beat the Princess = Championship], but….

『And the next thing we need is an area to drive motivation for training.』

“Motivation… Do I need it? 」

『Naturally. Rather than just being told to do so, tis more effective to possess the will to devote yourself to training. So, is there anything that would motivate you?』

I know what he’s trying to say. But if I knew that, it would be the least of my worries.

Because I don’t have that kind of motivation, so I’ve been stagnant lately.

Apart from that, I don’t have any great reason to become an imperial warrior, and pursue peace in the Empire.

『To find motivation, rather than abstract notions such as justice or peace, tis better to have something impure, is it not?” 』

“Eh… Impure?”

At that time. I doubted my ears at the suggestion of the Great Demon King, who sees through my inner feelings.

『Tis so. Because a person cannot maintain a clean and pure heart forever. Even more so, tis rare for one to remain motivated by trivial and noble things forever. I know the ugliness and desires of humans better than you do.』

“Oh, yes, that’s right… Is that what you’re talking about?”

『As such, what do you desire, be it wealth, or the promise of reward such as having your father treat you to a meal if you win, anything will do?? 』

It’s better to be impure than for a noble reason. I hadn’t thought about it, but is that how it works?

However, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea, but the problem is that I don’t want to eat with my father and am not hurting for money either.

“Hmmm… Impure motivation, is it?”

Nothing came to mind either, and I’m still groaning.

And then……

“Oh, Little man, welcome home.”

I arrived at the mansion, and Sadiz, who was cleaning the garden in front of the entrance, greeted me.

She immediately squinted at what I had in my hand.

“Little man, you’re free to stop by and shop, but… what is all this? That is. It seems you have bought a lot, but what do you intend to do that you would buy a ‘Ladder’? That bag is… sewing needles? No, ‘acupuncture’? Either way, we have all this in the mansion, right?”

Yes, there was a ladder among what Demon King had me buy because it was needed for training.

As she said there was also one in the mansion, but I should have a personal one “for training”, so I bought it for some reason.

To be honest, I don’t know what I’m going to use it for right now, but for the time being…

“W-Well, just a little-”

”…… Trying to take a peek at me in the bath, are we?”

“Of course not! I’ll use it for a bit of training.”


Sadiz, who sometimes sees to my training, tilts her head not knowing of what use the ladder will be.

Oh right. Oops, yes…

“That’s right, Sadiz.”


“About my meals from today… can I see the menu schedule?”

”…… eh!?”

Yes, this was also an order from the Great Demon King.

He said that meals are one way to increase the effectiveness of training, and those menus for morning, noon, and evening will be thorough.

Of course, I’ve never made such a request to Sadiz before, so she’s surprised.

“I don’t mind, but… what’s going on? Little man. You’ve never been bothered by such a thing before, and have always said that what I made was so delicious that you wanted me as a bride. And why is it that you’ve always been depressed when I’ve ignored your comments?”

“W-Well… that too…… anyway, it’s for the sake of winning.”

”…… Yes?”

It’s all for the purpose of winning the [Graduation Commemorative Match] in two months….

But I’m still not sure I’m in the mood to go that far… I guess I’m not motivated enough when I think that way.

“What do you mean you’re going to win, little man? What happened? If you have any problems, I’ll not bully you today, so I’ll give you a consultation. If it’s a ridiculous reason, you’ll be teased.”

I love Sadiz who’s worried about me, she’s cute…. Motivation…… Impure…… Hmm!

Suddenly, I came up with a dumb idea.

“Hey, Sadiz.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“In two months… I have the [Graduation Commemorative Match].”

“Yes, I know. I’ll be cheering for you that day.”

You’ll get mad at me, but I’m trying….

“If I do it… the tournament…… if I can win the championship…”

After all…just once…… I want to go on a date Sadiz in casual clothes once.

“Eh!? Yu, eh!? L-Little Man…? N-Now, how? Is it a hallucination? Is little man…. himself…… win?”

You’d be surprised. I’m not very motivated these days and that I’ve given up a lot, Sadiz knows enough to understand all this.

From my mouth, due to the word “win” that I have never uttered before, Sadiz is unusually confused.

And I… Say.

“Well, if I win the tournament…”

Damn, I’m getting nervous!

That’s right. But Sadiz knows how I feel, and… it’s not like we’re going to get married, but first of all, we go on a date. That’s it.

If it’s just that, Sadiz might do it, too.

Dating…… Walking hand in hand… say ‘aah’ for a bite… Hugging, kissing… then, after that, then, depending on the atmosphere… at night…

“Let me feel your boobs!” 1

“Eeh!? …… Aaaah?”




Shit,Oh no?!

“Ah, no, no, it’s not, Sadiz! J-Just now, I …”

The delusion that I envisioned in my heart came out to my mouth!

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Oh, Sadiz is very angry and with her smile. Also, the Demon King might have said “Hoh” too!

”…… Little man…… Ufufufufu, Hohohohoho, it was too horrible a joke that I shouldn’t laugh, and yet I’m laughing.”

“Oh, haha…I- I’m sorry. My mistake…… Fo…… Forget it.”


I’m a dumbass! It’s different….. with Sadiz I want…. more, I mean pure love.

”……………….. I see. Alright.”

”……… Eeh?”

No!? Eh?! To?! Eeh!? Eh!? J, just now, Sadiz…… Eh?!

“To be frank, it’s a request someone lower than shit would make, and should be reported to the Master as a matter of sexual harassment… but… Little man has recklessly declared victory…… for a moment my heart was shaken.”

Saying that, Sadiz faces me with a serious expression.

“So, it’s absolutely a secret from the Master, but… If You Can Win Little man, then! Then you can play with the puppies all day!”


“My goodness… the Princess and others will aim to prove the Empire’s military prestige to the Imperial People and other countries by winning this tournament, it is considered noble and honorable to show everyone that they will lead the future era, but for Little man its tits….”

Did I hear her wrong…?

Although she’s looking at me with cold eyes like I’m a worm or less, she’ll let me feel her up. Not just that, but free for a whole day!? Kept secret from father!? If I win the championship, seriously, eh, can I do as I like with her boobs!?

“What are you staring at? You’re winning the championship, right?”

Then, looking a little embarrassed, Sadiz finishes cleaning and returns to the house.

Leaving me alone in front of the entrance…


Oh now I’m motivaaaaaaaaaaaaated! I never imagined any of this!?

If I win… If I win the championship, a chance at Sadiz’s boobs depends on whether I win or not!?

What? Pure love? What’s that? No idea! Is the love for her boobs not enough?

『…… W, well…… as suggested tis better for your aim to be impure.』

The Great Demon King whispers in satisfaction, not that I cared about that.

“Great Demon King! No … Tre’ainar! I … I’ll definitely win! So train me! I’ll do as you say! So…… Please, Osu!”


In order to show courtesy to Tre’ainar who I’m asking for guidance from now on, I bowed for the first time after correcting my posture.

The Hero’s child bows to the Great Demon King, irrelevant.

From now on, we’re in a relationship between a master and a disciple.

And, Tre’ainar sighs as if a little concerned…

『U, uh huh, let us proceed! Then, in two months time, you will win the championship, and the bosoms!』

“Oh Oh!”

I swore to my soul that I would achieve it even with my life on the line.

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