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Breakthrough with the Forbidden Master

Chapter 24: Not Penance
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Chapter 24 – Not Penance

I was once again within the world of Fantasy Magic, 【Vier】.

「Now, you will learn the secrets of the magic techniques I demonstrated the other day…. Then, to get you ready.」

As usual, my body still aches considerably with ladder training and phantom sparring, but if I keep at it for a few days, I feel I’ll gradually get used to the training.

On the first day, I could only do ladders and phantom sparring, but today I was able to train forbidden spells.

And now, like Tre’ainar did before, we’ve begun Forbidden spells training within 【Vier】.

「First of all, as basic knowledge…… Magic is a phenomenon that drifts in the air, enters and exits the body through conduits called ‘Magic Holes’ and is incorporated into the body’s ‘Magic Tank’ for storage, fastening, and release through the magic holes as necessary. You know this, do you not?」

Before teaching forbidden spells, Tre’ainar started talking about the basics of magic, as if to confirm my knowledge.

I was listening obediently though it was a subject I’m familiar with.

「I am an Academy student, aren’t I? I understood it even as a kid.」

「Hmm. Then you must be aware that [Capacity of the Magic Storage Tank = Magic Capacity]. However, you can also understand that [Magic Capacity = Magic Power] does not hold.」

「Ah. That’s the formula of [Magic Emission Amount + Degree of Magic Discipline = Magic Power], right?」

「Correct. In other words, regardless of the Magic Capacity, tis possible to release powerful magic by raising the degree of discipline or even the ‘Magic Emission Amount’. That makes it easier for the tank to empty quickly, but aside from that, how do you ‘Increase the Amount of Magic Emission’?」

「That’s right,……. To be precise, ‘how much you can open the magic holes of the whole body”…… Right?」

「Tis so. Rather than putting air into a bag and making just one small hole to get a little air out tis better to make a lot of holes. In other words, it means that [Magic Emission Amount = Number of Open Magic Holes].」

It is the basis of magic theory that is learned in the Academy. I nodded so far as I could understand.


「Then, do you know how many [Magic Holes] are present in the whole body, regardless of whether they are open or not?」

I can’t answer the question accurately. Or rather, it’s because it has not become clear even with modern magic medicine.

However, if you average the number of magic holes that are opened……

「I don’t know. However, if it is ‘open’, about 10 in the ordinary person. The average number for Academy students was 20. In a medical checkup mine was 30 and Fu’s was 60.」

「Well, that is the way it is.」

However, strong magic cannot be released just by having a large capacity of magic.

The power of magic depends on how many holes you have opened.

「Even magic training can improve power, but there is a limit to that. Life cannot release more magic than can be released from its magic hole. And the number of magic holes that are opened is different for each person…. The more you have, the more talented you are, tis especially true of mage ancestry.」


「And the capacity of the magic tank is also different for each person. In other words, the open magic holes and the magic tank capacity…. meaning, those who are born with both the amount of magic emission and the magic capacity… they are talented…… that, we refer as genius.」

Yes, that is irreversible.

And the number of my magic holes is half of that of Fu.

Even the princess had 50.

「But there are some people in the world who are a little out of balance. Those who have a lot of magic capacity, but little magic power, even those who have a lot of magic power emissions, but limited capacity’ and so on.」


「Ignoring the level of discipline for now… let’s quantify the magic capacity of the body, and make the number of magic holes a numerical value of the amount of magic emission. In that case, for example….」

And the conversation went on, and Tre’ainar created a blackboard in this fantasy space with his imagination and wrote something out in chalk.

Hey, you’re really like a teacher, aren’t you? 1

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「In this case, Example 1 has more magic capacity than Example 2, and can unleash the Bit Class magic of consumption 20 five times. On the other hand, Example 2 has only half of the magic capacity of Example 1. But if only one time, tis possible to release more powerful magic than in Example 1.」

I know this explanation. In other words, just because you have a lot of magic, there is no point if you don’t have the power to release it.

「Now, if you were to quantify the boy named Fu earlier and yourself. This is what happens.」

「And, well, it will be as such…」

Well, that’s how it is…. normally I would just agree, but wait a minute!

「Wait, damnit! Then, in terms of both amount of emission and magic capacity I’m losing, so I can’t win!」

「Right. In a magical battle, tis almost certainly impossible to win as you are now.」


「You cannot win on your own now. First of all, firmly face this reality, and listen to the rest of the story.」

First of all, let me know where I stand.

However, when presented with the numbers in this way, the difference is clear and painful, but it also puts the reality into my hands, I need to become stronger.

On top of that……

「With respect to magic capacity and the amount of magic emission, one can increase it with some training, but you cannot dramatically increase both in a short time. However, if tis only the amount of magic emission, this can be done in two months.」

「How is this?」


The amount of magic emission is tripled!? It’ll only give one shot, but can release magic stronger than Fu’s!?

And, what is Giga class really!?

「N-No way, how do you do it? You can increase the amount of magic emission with a certain degree of discipline, but as you have said earlier, when it comes to magic capacity, it has more to do with talent!」

「It can be done. The trick is to ‘increase the number of magic holes that are opened’ by taking over the formula of [Amount of Magic Emission = Number of Open Magic Holes].」

Increase the number of opened magic holes. Certainly, it is theoretically possible to increase the amount of magic emission.

「The number of open magic holes is usually several dozen, but the number of ‘closed magic holes’ in the human body is actually several hundred or more. Originally, it would require long periods of exercise to gradually open them up… But if we cooperate, we can force them to open in a short time.」

「S-Such a thing…」

But it shouldn’t be that easy.

「…… Can it be done in two months?」

Usually, years of training. And also talent is combined together to open them.

But in two months?

「Tis possible. You forcibly open the closed magic holes.」

「Are you serious…」

「Now that I am here, tis possible.」

I even felt reliance on Tre’ainar’s words, who asserted that it was possible.

I wonder if this Great Demon King can really do it.


「Well, child. I shall use the acupuncture set that you bought on the first day.」

「Ah… th-that’s no way…」

「With my omnipotence and omniscient eyes… I can accurately determine the positions of closed magic holes throughout your body. The closed magic hole possesses a subtle irregularity in it. You will have to stick an acupuncture needle through it.」


「Let the magic flow there, stimulate the closed magic hole, and force it open. That method is most effective.」

The method presented was to pierce acupuncture into the body.

Or something like that…… Acupuncture pierced in my body.

「Keep in mind. Humans in the East also use acupuncture as a form of medical treatment…. But… the only way to force open a closed magic hole, is not through treatment… tis restructuring.」

「…… Does it hurt?」

「Do you believe this would come without any difficulty? Not to mention, the geniuses who make an effort.」

It seemed I’m being told to clench my teeth and endure it.

「Due to the severity of the pain, opening one or two holes a day is the limit. But if you repeat this for a month, you should be able to achieve this number in theory.」

「So! ……d-does it hurt?」

「Well, as an example…… I force it between the nail and finger—-」

「I don’t want to hear iiiiiiit!」 2

They stick acupuncture in their bodies. Moreover, it seems considerably painful.

「Damn it, seriously… uh.」

「But without at least that much magical power, you cannot perform techniques such as the Devil Spiral Break that I showed you.」

「…… Are you?」

「Yes, the techniques to contain the magic power in the body’s tank and control it freely… 【Great Demon Super Evolution · Breakthrough】 bloom!」 3

Does it hurt? But if I endure it, I can do that too.

「Does~ does it hurt… ah~… But …」

「I think this is one of the risks. Even for a shortcut, I doubt power can be obtained easily. You have to overcome intense pain. But that is why the fact that you have endured the pain will be the backbone that will support you later.」

Yes, I know.

To gain power in a short time, it is natural that a reasonable price is necessary.

However, the pain does not end only today.

According to the conversation, we’ll keep doing it for a month.

A month…


– Uh… That? Sorry…… It’s not too big a deal, so I guess it was disappointing?

Well, the figure of Fu is in my head. It was repeated in my head many times.

– Yes? I’m sorry, I was surprised that it wasn’t too big a deal.

Gradually changed little by little……

-Heeeey, you guys are surprised to see the power of my magic! Nooow, which woman do I play with todaaaaay ♪? 4

「No, that is too much of an exaggeration. You are not keeping to the model anymore, are you? 」

Anyway, that pompous baby face making everyone go ‘KyahKyah’ annoys me.

I’m going to humiliate him a bit.

「Let’s do iiiiiiiiiittt!」

「Then, release the spell and get up! I shall guide you to the precise points.」


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That’s why I decided to clench my teeth and endure it, and then lifted 【Vier】 and returned to reality.

『Then, ready? Here and here. Thrust it in, go!』

“……it’s bullshit after all.”

『Never mind that, a little. Just the tip… little by little…』

“Little by little… Or…”


“Higu! …… Aagh.”

The moment I applied acupuncture needle at the point I was told to, I got scared. As I just held acupuncture in my hand, Tre’ainar startled me from behind, and I was so surprised it got to the root….

Gag gyu gah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

My body burst open suddenly.

My internal organs seemed to explode.

My whole body is burning hot.

A sensation like all of my nerves are exposed.

I feel the flow of pulsating blood fluttering like the sound of my heart.

Is a wound being gouged with a blunt blade?

The feeling of being stabbed by a rat-backed spine in the eyeball and crotch?

It’s pain I’ve never experienced before, yet such intense pain darts all over. 5

“Gah, Gugya, Gagagu Agyaaaaaah!?

Even if you bite on a towel in your mouth like a gag and desperately curb your screams, your sweat, tears, and pain won’t stop at all.

“Fugu-uh, fugu-u- ! Gu, Guuuuuuufufufufufufufu-!!!!

Hell…… This is hell.


『I tell you, to not call this effort, it may as well be called penance, right? A man who desires strength calls the pain he suffers to become strong penance. Then, think of this as a prerequisite and overcome it! Imagine yourself getting stronger and think of it as the price to get there! 』 6

And I, ended up…

“Little Man? I heard a strange voice, but what’s going on……? Lil’ Earth!?”

I stabbed myself with acupuncture until Sadiz rushed where I was screaming in the garden.

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