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Breakthrough with the Forbidden Master

Chapter 25: Nursing and Healing
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Chapter 25 – Nursing and Healing

I was absent from the academy.

It is due to the effect of stabbing acupuncture into my body.

Apart from the aches in my muscles, my joints were also wrecked with pain, my body temperature was high and my head was fuzzy.

“Lil’ Earth… Why is this… And, such a high fever…… Oh, my Little man”

Consciousness is hazy.

But still, I am a little glad.

No, it’s not really a little.

Because that Sadiz will take care of me through it all.

Over and over she cools a hand towel and places it on my head, and every time it’s exchanged, I feel her hand chilled from the ice water, with plenty of care….

“Little man, why did you pierce yourself with acupuncture… Not to mention, it was all over your body. Isn’t it really self-harm?”

“Ch-Chi, Gah. J-Just trying some oriental needle treatment to relieve fatigue…”

“Isn’t it pointless if it affects your health? Now, how worried do you think I was about you?”

“I’m not sure…”

“The Master and Lady won’t be back, but today I will not leave Little Man’s side, even for a little bit, so please take care of yourself…”

No way, I couldn’t say that the acupuncture had forcibly opened my magic hole, so I told Sadiz that I was dabbling in acupuncture to relieve my body’s fatigue after training.

However, for Sadiz, regardless of how much I studied acupuncture, she seemed to be hurt as a personal maid because of my illness.

To be honest, it’s heartbreaking to have made Sadiz worry, but I was happy to see her pampering mode for the first time in a long time.

However, I was not able to fully enjoy the bliss.

“Tsu, Ugh”

“Little man… Your arms and legs seem to be aching… will this also require acupuncture?”

“W-Well, that’s how it is… Urgh”

“Little man!”

It’s not just the fever and a headache. Severe pain keeps running all over my body.

Only the points that were pierced with acupuncture had abnormally high heat and felt as painful as a cut from a sharp blade.

Every time I was in shock due to pain, I lost consciousness.

『Child, cast 【Vier】 as you lose consciousness.』

In my fading consciousness, Tre’ainar’s voice echoed…

「Tis training in a dream, child.」

「Nooo!? Damnit, I fainted! 」

And if I lose consciousness, Tre’ainar is waiting in my dreams with arms folded and a full-faced smile.

「However, tis pathetic to pass out. We only hit two magic holes.」

「I-I’ve lost face…」

「But tis only on the first day that you fall ill so far. From now on, only the pain will accompany the opening process. That is how the body is rebuilt.」

「It’s just pain…」

「Even so, I was the right to have you learn 【Vier】. Even if you are immobile and bedridden, I can train you.」

「If I’m awake… to Sadiz.」

It’s hell when I sleep. Even if I wake up, hell and only a little healing.

If I could choose from either, I’d pick being awake, but…

「Do not grieve. Anyway, I want you to learn 【Great Demon Super Evolution • Breakthrough】 as soon as possible. Once this is achieved, we will spend what remains of these two months on ladder training and sparring.」

When it comes to Tre’ainar, any time I go to sleep he’ll be there, smiling at the fact that we get to to train to his heart’s content. It was a little frightening to me, but this is also for the promise of the boobs in two months!

「Well, at any rate, your body is now being modified. If you keep doing this, you will never lose to those of your age if you only have one chance to release magic. But…… tis not enough win. Do you know why?」

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A one-shot destructive magical power obtained in exchange for severe pain and hellish suffering.

But, of course, the reason why it’s not enough to win…

「Ah. Even if I can open my magic holes and release a lot of magic… My magic capacity itself is small, so if I unleash a strong spell, that’ll be the end of it.」

「That is right. And, as I said when you were awake, the magic capacity in the body is a kind of talent. This will not increase immediately. Then what do we do? 」

You can win if you just hit each other’s magic once.

But it can’t be done in a fight.

What if the magic misses? Even more so, the game is a tournament.

Once your capacity reaches zero, you won’t be able to fight anymore.

And then……

「So… Instead of ‘releasing’ the magic of the body, it’s about ‘keeping it around’ of the body.」

「……? 」

「Like this!」

The next moment, a red light covered Tre’ainar’s body.

That’s the technique I was shown in my first dream.

「I fasten the magic around the body. Tis a technique that uses everything only to increase physical abilities.」

「Around me… Fasten?」

「Strengthening the body, improving self-healing power… In your case, the previous figures…」

「In this case, if you use a powerful spell…」

「It will be as such.」

「Well, that’s great.」

Yes, once you hit it, it’s over. That’s why it’s a one-shot game.

「But if you fasten it in the body instead of releasing it… You can reduce the risk of losing magic in an instant.」

「…… Is that right?」

「That’s right. Breakthroughs always drain magical power. However, as long as you do not use great techniques like spiral breaks, you can maintain a much better power over ordinary people for a reasonable amount of time. For example…」

「To be precise, tis a little different, but you can think of it as reducing your magic power by 1 per second.」

「Ah… I see.」

「However, in order to activate the Breakthrough once, you must have a certain amount of open magic holes in the whole body … so you are now building that body.」

A vague explanation. Of course, if you defend or attack in a Breakthrough state, your magic will decrease much faster.

So in Tre’ainar’s calculation, you can fight in a Breakthrough state for up to 100 seconds.

「For the time being, tis better to learn from here on with your body rather than reason. In that respect, the image training within 【Vier】 is very efficient. I can demonstrate it, and you can acquire more aptitude while fighting.」

And from here on out, it’s no longer logical.

The rest is single-mindedly……

「Come on, child! Tis beneficial to learn by heart the numerous ways to die!」

「Hey, w-wait! Oh, Aaaaaaah!?」

「This can be acquired in training! There is no secondary effect such as fire or lightning, but no chanting is required. Tis a perfect technique for you who will be proficient at martial arts.」

Dream sparring single-mindedly with the Great Demon King.

「This is the 【Great Demon Super Evolution • Breakthrough】 that was developed by me.」

Or, dreams can’t really kill, can they?

And………… for the time being, I died.

“Buhah! …… Haa, ha… That?”

“Su~…… Su~…”

I woke up to my bed.

And beside the bed, Sadiz was sitting in a chair and fast asleep.

“Ah… woke up from the dream…”

『Aaah. We had plenty of training this instance. Forgoing the academy might have been for the best, after all.』


The Great Demon King is there whether I’m asleep or awake. Yeah, that’s really what you’d call a shared destiny.

“No… Li… tle ma…… Su~ su~…”


Sleep talk from Sadiz. And it’s about me. Something about this makes me happy.

“…… Hehe… Thank you. Sadiz”

『Why do you not show more gratitude towards my efforts?』


『Hey, do not ignore me.』

When I look at Sadiz sleeping, I feel excited, but I also feel guilt.

I guess she’s pretty tired.

I guess I was nursed all day long without regaining consciousness… So…. seeing Sadiz in front of me at the pillow, sitting in a chair, in a short skirt and very little guard at my feet, I didn’t look.


“…… Gee…”



White lace! Very fine! The milk is very rich and nutritious. Hello!

『Hey, what are you looking at, ignoring me?』

This is unavoidable. It’s force majeure.

Right now I didn’t look into it. Because I can’t move out of bed, what I saw was an accident.

So, even if I look at it a little more…

“Lil’, Earth…No…. don’t….”

“Oh, oooooh! The legs are wide open!”

She started talking in her sleep a little while ago, her legs were gradually opening, and now I’ve seen a piece of underwear.

Yes, that’s not a big deal, so having a view of the garden shouldn’t be a big deal.

“No, no, Little man…… No more…… ♪I’m going to tell you something♪.”


At that moment, I looked up at Sadiz’s words, her legs gradually opening wider.

Then there…

“Nofofufufu- ♪”

Sadiz, with a smile as sharp as a crescent moon in her mouth….


“You must remember, Little man. The sleeping girl that calls the man’s name usually only pretends to be asleep♪.”


“It’s a woman’s strategy, isn’t it? Sorry to destroy the dream of a virgin boy.”

I’m done. Was she up from the beginning?

No, maybe she was sleeping, but she woke up about the same time as me.

“It’s sad, though. The boy is also 15. In the world, there may be people of the same age that will have sexual experience soon, such as dating and their first. Yet, you have a rough nose simply from the maid’s panties, Fufufufu ~, such a small person ~, Little man~”

“Urgh, Guh…”

Sadiz attacks me with a nasty grinning smile.

Damn, Hazy.

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When I was down, she was so nice.

“It’s fine… Little man”

“…… eh?”

“If that’s all there is to it… The knockers are the prize, but… If it’s about panties to heal your fatigue, it’s still…”

Heh!? What!? What? Now, From Sadiz’s spiteful face, to that of a lady with a little shyness? What? What is healing panties!?


“This time, the fact that Little man fell is the disgrace of a lifetime as a maid”

“No, no, no! It’s acupuncture treatment or training muscle pain…”

“So, I beg your pardon! If my panties heal Little man even a little…”

Sadiz isn’t bad at all, but is she hurt? I’m sorry.

What are you talking about, you’re not bad for anything. But, if I want it, will you show me? More, can I see more of Sadiz’s panties!?

“…… Hey, are you sure?”

“If Little man says he wants it, ‘speak out’… I will obey.”

I can’t do it. Give such an order.

That’s kind of like a sensual novel in which a rich scum plays with a maid, and it’s a crazy, exciting… But I need healing, and probably Sadiz wants to show them too. Surely, it’s a contest of panties.

Yes, that’s why I can’t help it, so I’m going to see it!

“Sadiz. Show me Sadiz’s panties!”

“Hey, I’m home now! What’s Earth’s condition?”

“Earth, I’m here! Just wait, your mom will heal you soon. Hea…”

At that moment, the door of my room was briskly thrown open, and there were my father and mother whose expressions changed to a blood rage.

“…… Sa… Sadiz…”

“Nofufu– , Little man. Are you still hot? You have to be aware of the signs that your parents have returned.”

“…… th-they shouldn’t be home. “

“Ooh? Without your parents, you would have given such an order. That’s the kind of guy you are Little man- ♪.”

Yeah, I was beaten…… From the face of the sexy woman until a while ago, to that devilish smile again!

『My oh my…』

Tre’ainar is an admirer as well, and…

“”This Stupid Soooooooon!!!! “”

Father and mother. I was beat up by two heroes.

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