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Breakthrough with the Forbidden Master

Chapter 343: Intermission (Master)
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Chapter 343 – Intermission (Master)

The child arrived at a theory. Said theory being, “What if I~”.

Tis certainly not that such thoughts have not occurred to me.

The child recalls the moment he saved Espie in that forest, but my first thoughts were from even earlier.

When the child saved a younger Hiro. That was where it all started.

Had the child not saved Hiro at that time…… even if share luck had been enough to save him, he would not have felt any kind of yearning for justice.

It all started from that moment, and it was during his skirmish with Koujiro that I beccertain.

In that skirmish, the child activated the Breakthrough. Koujiro experienced it. The child simply did not know, but it was a crucial point.

However, what of it?

I lost.

I am dead.

What does it matter if I know that now?

Hence why I pushed his back so many times.

『Child, I should have told you……』

“Eh… but…….”

During the battle with Norja, I said as much to the child, as he hesitated about whether or not to save Slayer due to his concern about the impact on history.

――Child… even if the world we are in is in the past… the present, this moment here with you and I, is all that matters. Then, in this moment, forget about the passage of tand everything else. Just face the reason you absolutely must fight… right in front of you…. Did I not say it in the woods where you first met Espie in this era? I suppose tis the way of history… you have no choice but to act!


――Besides that, no matter what sort of influence you have on the Demon King Army of this era… do not feel guilty for my sake. I am not so daintily inclined as to be perceived in such a manner by you.


――Do not feel sorry for the Great Demon King. Do listen to the words of your master.

There was no deceit in that. As such, I told the child to fight without worry.


“But…… back then, …… so far… we were talking about …… ‘what if’.”


“But…… this tis different…… it’s not certain……. whatever I manage to do here, for you…… No matter how you look at it…”


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Gouda’s death was undeniably the signal for humanity’s great counterattack.

The defeat of one of the legendary Six Supremacy significantly boosted humanity’s morale, and conversely, cast a shockingly dark shadow on the Demon Realm and the Demon King Army.

Had the child done nothing, the Demon King Army would not have been defeated.

I would not have died.

However, child… then… I would not have met you, would I?

It is all connected. Even this moment.

“Ugoraaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!! Tto blast oooooooooooooooff!!!”

Even if your actions led to my death, I was also the one who trained you.

“Big brother, we have to do it! 【Fluffy World】!”

“Espie, we have to work together! You too Brother!”

“Kuh, what has happened… Lord Gouda has gone berserk…….”

“This is troubling…… with no animals, insects, or birds nearby, I am rendered most useless here…….”

Tis merely an ironic coincidence, and you need not feel responsible for it.

“Ugoraaaaaaaaaaah! Y, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaahh!!

I shall say it again and again.

The responsibility falls on me.

For Aonii…… as well as Gouda……

“G, Gouda, h, he’s getting bigger and bigger……

“What’s more, his body is even stronger!?”

“This is Lord Gouda’s power…… not only Super Magic Recovery, but also the ability to grow to a gigantic size through physical manipulation.”

“N, no, in his state, such actions would hasten the explosion……

I shall say it again and again.

『I shall say it again and again. Child, do not be conceited.』

「…… Tre’ainar……」

『You, still but half a man, merely wandering around, yet believe you could threaten the life of this all-knowing, all-powerful, and almighty me?』

Tis a lie.

You have grown stronger.

Enough to confront even one of the Six Supremacy.

If neither the Demon King Army nor I were aware of such an existence, and it was operating behind the scenes in the world and history, it would be a threat.

From my point of view at the time, such was the way of things…… however……

『Seeing as you lack understanding, I shall ask you once again. Child, who am I?』

「The Great Demon King…… Tre’ainar……」

Indeed. Tre’ainar, the Great Demon King, would not have overlooked it…… now however……

『Dullard. I am….. your Master.』


『And as my disciple, you must live up to your Master’s expectations…… and makeproud!』

So, apologies…… Gouda …… like Aonii, you too ……

『However, child…… if you still suffer the guilt…… then doone favor.』

「A favor? For you?」

『Do not run away from Gouda’s end, face it.』

Gouda. You were also my pride.

I am truly sorry that the one I raised was the one to intervene.

So, at the very least ……

『If Gouda’s death from the explosion is inevitable, then do not let him die alone for no reason…… At the very least, let him give it his all in the end…….』

Rather than going berserk and dying in an explosion, let him battle an extraordinary opponent at the end, let him give it his all, and let him die with no regrets……

『Please respond to Gouda’s end』

「…… respond.」

『This is all I can ask of you…… tis something only you can do.』

“Oh…… uooooooh! Osu!!”

Shaking off his tears, the child once again had a good look in his eyes.

Yes, that will do.

“Espie! Slayer! Larou’iph! Chieftain! Everyone, stay back! I’ll handle this one by myself!”


And if you respond, it would be a fair one-on-one?

“Big brother, what are you talking about!? This guy is totally different from those Ogres back then!?”

“Brother. I think the best thing to do here is to work together and then get away when the tis right, right?”

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“Do you even understand what you’re saying?”

“Young man, proceeding on your own is not realistic……?”

Well, tis a natural reaction I suppose. Fighting alone against a berserk Gouda is bound to elicit such reactions.

“Still, don’t interfere, ever!”

“B, Big, brother…… why……

However, the child still insisted on a one-on-one battle and told them not to interfere…… No, child…… I asked that you face Gouda’s end, but I never implied you fight one-on-one, did I?

And then……

“It can’t be helped. My Master is the kind of guy who wouldn’t be satisfied with a final battle like that…… with a fight or a settlement where multiple people beat up on one person.”

『Huh? …… ah… is that so.』

Oh, indeed.

――The Hero party was very obscene and could not read the situation! Tis no exaggeration to say they know not the word fair! Aaaah, so abominable!!

On the day we first met, I mentioned as much when asked about Hiro.

――The very height of cowardice! Is that all right? At the final battle… They invaded the Great Demon Palace….and the seven warriors led by Hiro reached my base.

――Seven people… Oh…… ‘The Seven Heroes of Humanity’…….

――Yes! However, usually when it comes to that junction, shouldn’t single battle between the Demon King and the strongest hero decide the fate of the world? But they… all seven people at once attacked in a crowd! Including your mother!

I would utter such petty complaints, unable to accept my defeat.

――Exactly! Moreover, as if it was not ridiculous enough, that Hiro… “Humanity all over the world, grant us your power” to implore such an outrageous appeal, and all mankind did send power to Hiro, beaten I was by a huge sword that combined all that power together! Absolutely obscene!

Child, are you considering my words from back then and saying that you will repay not only Gouda butas well?

“Oh? Alone? Goraaaaaah, you think you can takeon alone!? may be crazy, but I got what you just said! Are you mocking me?!”

“I don’t think I can take you lightly. But there’s a reason for this. One of the Six Supremacy, the Titan God Gouda! I’m going to keep you company until the end!”

“Ah, huh? This little shit suddenly acting like a big shot! Really, aside from the Seven Heroes and the Hunter brat, who in Hells are you anyway!”

Gouda, who knows nothing about such a child, asked.

Who are you? And.

Then the child said to Gouda…… no, tis not only Gouda……

“Who am I? Then. I’ll tell you.”

Perhaps his words were meant to convey that “this is the last battle in this era” or his resolve to make it so.

Hence why he would like to express his gratitude to Espie and Slayer, who were the bonds that were forged in this era……

“My nis Earth Lagann!!”


“A man who has transcended tto cto this age, and who will accept your final moments!”

For the first time, the child roared his nwithout pretense to the inhabitants of this world and this era.