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Breakthrough with the Forbidden Master

Chapter 36: Results
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Chapter 36 – Results

“Then, all students except for the two in the first match of the first round please go back inside. I shall start the first match immediately!”

With the host’s words, everyone else goes back leaving only me and Rebal.

“…… Earth…… ♡”

“Princess… we’ll be back soon~.”

Rebal gives an unconcerned glance at the scene as Fu, who seemed stunned for some reason, takes the fluttering princess away.

What? Are you getting jealous, Fu?

Then, with such an expression, Rebal looked at me this time and sighed.

“Earth… a little…… you seem to have returned to how you were back then.”

“Ah? What’s this, all of a sudden…”

“I understand. Princess Phianse’s feelings…… But, even so I thought I am as I am…. I said that, but…”

What’s with the sudden sad face? What? He suddenly looks disappointed.

No way, did he lose the will to fight before we fight each other?

But that’s…

“But still I’ll show you. My power. My feelings. Earth…… today, you’ll be my stepping stone!”

Seems my concern was unnecessary. Right from the start, there was no reluctance… no, even more unpleasant fighting spirit is released at the moment.

“Heh, I’m excited too, so I hope you don’t slip and fall off.”

“As usual, only big talk!”

Then, I also prepare to attack without hesitation.

Rebal and I face each other in the arena, with Lingaun standing in the middle.

“Now… I have my eye on you, Earth. Just you.”

“Since the opponent is Rebal, it might be tough, but… but he’s a little self-confident.”

“Certainly…… I only know Earth’s ability according to the Academy’s current records, but… I’m concerned he’s surprisingly gained a cocksure nature.”

Fathers, mothers, emperors…

“It’s a sight to see.”

“With how strong Rebal is…”

“Mr. Rebal, do your best…”

A large audience. And……

“Little man…”

Watch me, Sadiz… I am……

“Little man… Wai-, Little man! Isn’t he empty-handed! I gave you a sword before you left!?”

And then. Sadiz’s voice echoed as a tense atmosphere emerged just before the start of the match.

Yes, now I’m empty-handed just warping the bandages.

When the crowd suddenly realized what was happening, they voiced out from their surprise.

“Hey, is the son of hero, Hiro, nervous?”

“You’re going to show off the Magic Sword you’ve inherited from your father, aren’t you? To forget the sword in the end!”

“Ha ha, that’s no good. Isn’t this match already decided?”

I would be surprised. Because the son of hero, Hiro, does not have a sword.

No, in this case, everyone seems to be stunned at the thought that ‘I forgot to bring the sword’.

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“Seriously… Go get your sword quickly.”

Naturally Rebal gives a faint sigh.

But that’s fine.

“No, it’s okay.”

“…… What?”

“I’m using my fists. That’s why.”

“…… Eh!?”

Left arm lowered slightly, hold the stance in the half-body posture and raise the right fist a little. 1

And, bounce in proper rhythm with the toe rather than the soles of the feet.

『Ho, you mean to commence from the ‘Great Demon Flicker’? But…… Will you not reveal the Breakthrough? 』

Tre’ainar’s words resound beside me. But here…

「Of course… But first I want to try it out… the sensation and sharpness of the movements…… more than anything else…」

『More than anything else?』

「The results of Magical Ladder… The results of Magical Speed Reading… The results of Phantom Spar and 【Vier】 Spar.」

『I see.』

Tre’ainar was satisfied with my words to be in a good mood.

Yes, I want to try it out first.

Reflexes and agility trained with the ladder. Also footwork.

Dynamic vision and peripheral vision trained by speed reading.

It’s hard to gauge those results when your physical abilities are boosted using a breakthrough.

“Hey… What do you mean, Earth!”


But not knowing my intentions, Rebal was furious with me trying to fight with my fist without holding a sword.

Oh, seems pretty serious and angry.

“Heeeeeey, Earth! Ah, what are you doing? You’re supposed to wield the same Magic Sword as your dad!” 2

“Earth, for a joke it’s too much!”

And, not even my real parents know what’s going on here.

“Hey! Earth, take this seriously! Rebal is serious about fighting, so I can’t overlook that attitude!”

It was the same for the princess who has had many mock battles with me over three years.

But I……

“I’m here, not the Great Hero, Hiro… not even Mamu, the War Maiden! Not even the son of a hero! I’m the one who’s here, me! Earth Lagann!”


“And this is my way, starting here!”

I barked. So I’ll prove it right away.

“Aah, is it okay now? Right, then the first match of the first round! Start!”

And, Lingaun, though he is a little puzzled, raises his hand and announces the start of the match.

It’s a signal to my new beginning.

“…… Haah~…… If only you would reflect on things a little, this is truly….. unforgivable! Enough! Earth, at least with this blow!”

Here he comes! He immediately pulls the sword out of the sheath.

A Bastard Sword.

It can be swung either with one hand or both hands depending on the situation.

Rebal, who is not adept at magic, is a man who pursues only pure swordsmanship, not a sword that emphasizes destructive power like a Magic Sword.

He kicked the ground with strength, and jumped a step to be in front of me…

“Fast… I guess.”

He jumped in front of me as soon as it started and swung down at my shoulder from above.

I backstep only half a step to avoid it.


However, he reacted to my movement, immediately changing the trajectory of the sword and turned the swing into a thrust.

The sharply changed trajectory of the sword aims at my left flank. But…… Here, I evaded sideways by a hair’s breadth.


While evading to the side, I noticed Rebal’s head is defenseless.

Oh, I could get three left-handed flicker shots in. But for the time being, let’s just get around that.

“…… My eyes are getting much better… very responsive.”

It seems Rebal and the blood that had gone to his head have settled a little.

You didn’t expect me to avoid the sword twice.

His eyes are returning to their original shade with some astonishment.

For now, I’ll take a little distance and wait.

“Oh… that Earth… he evaded it.”

“…… Without useless movement…… Perfectly…”

“…… Huh…”

Really, my father should not be surprised yet, not with this level.

But that’s fine.

What is surprising is yet to come.

“You are a bit capable… But if that’s the case, I’ll beat you up with a high-speed barrage you can’t avoid.”

Rebal seems a little more serious this time.

Like with the two previous shots, I don’t put any strength in my shoulders.

Staying loose, and with a smooth stance, he once again jumps at me with a powerful step.

“【Imperial Sword • Blooming Blade Profusion】!!!!”

The sword glows as if the flash ran.

From above, to the shoulders, from the side, from the bottom, a barrage from every angle.

“Oh, that Rebal, to have mastered that at his age!”

“Hey, Earth, retreat! If you receive that, it won’t end well!”

“He’s a terrifying natural talent… Rebal… It’s complete as a technique.”

The crowd roared, and my parents and the emperor were amazed.

I’m surprised, too.

It’s not much, but it’s a technique I could never bring out when I was imitating my father’s Magic Sword.

This is the most difficult barrage technique in the Imperial Style swordplay.

And I….

“Top, Bottom, Middle, Right, Left, Right…”

“I won’t miss, Earth!”

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Surprised. I avoided it, I didn’t feel the need to retreat.

I mean, I’ve already seen through this technique.

“Oooooh, amazing, that Rebal!”

“Oh, even Intermediate Warriors can’t use it, 【Blooming Blade Profusion】!”

“Then, Earth is finished…”

“Oh, regrettable, thought he’d last a bit longer!”

Half-step down, bend slightly, repeating right and left… This is avoided by swaying the upper body.

「…… Li… ttle man…? Huh? 」

Every sword path, the next trajectory and Rebal’s movements, the movement of the muscle and the line of sight can all be predicted as well.

I know and react before I see.

As if it were precognition, I instantly see what Rebal plans to do next.

And the moment I know, the brain-to-muscle command is performed instantly, and my body moves as the brain tells it to.

Everything was as imagined.

“Amazing, but, the son of the great hero won’t leave with his limbs.”

“Ah. It’s only a matter of time.”

“It won’t be funny when it hits…”

“…… Ah…… if I it hits… Wha-?”

And although the audience had been excited all along, they’re gradually feeling a little uncomfortable.

“…… Oh… the attacks aren’t hitting. So…?”

“Really… N-No way… he saw through everything? That sword of Rebal’s?”

“…… This is…”

My parents might have begun to notice.

“Wh-… What’s going on?”

“It can’t be… th-this is…”

Both the princess and Fu are puzzled.

Or rather, in the middle of a serious match, how do I even understand the reaction of the people around me?

Am I getting distracted?

No, that’s not it.

My senses are sharpened and now I know that everything around me is within reach.

Not only Rebal, but also the flow of the wind, the voices and reactions of the audience, and my parents.

『Fuhahahahaha, tis only natural.』

And Tre’ainar is laughing happily.

『For the last two months, who do you think you have been sparring with? The movement of the former Sword Saint was traced, and the sparring exercise performed, and on occasion swung to the most powerful swordsmanship of the demon world, Heavenly Demon Sword Style (Maten Mitsurugi-ryu). For a child who has become slightly accustomed to my movements…… this prodigy is mere child’s play, hold and then observe.』 3

That’s right.

I can probably reach out for the sword’s path, grab it, and stop it.

『Now, tis time to show him your attack. The power of your left. And prove it! Those who control the left will control the spiritual realm of Demon World! 』

Now I can do anything!

“Wh… What? Wh-What’s the meaning of this? Earth…… You are…”

And, I educate Rebal who is puzzled by this situation the most in front of me.

“I’ll enlighten you now, Rebal! What you guys never knew, I’m me!”

Here we go, at the gong!

[S1]Here Earth adopts the ‘Hanmi’ stance, a simple classic martial arts fighting posture.

[S2] ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) How? You never taught him any of that infamous Magic Sword!

[S3]Pretty sure this is a reference to Rurouni Kenshi. In particular Himura Kenshin’s signature fighting style, Hiten Mitsurugi-ryu (Flying Heavenly Sword Style).