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CEO's Passion: Love by Mistake

CEO's Passion: Love by Mistake
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CEO's Passion: Love by Mistake

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    Read CEO's Passion: Love by Mistake by joy. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereCEO's Passion: Love by Mistake full chapter. Genre: Billionaire Five years have passed since Natalie's disappearance from J City. She has established herself as a successful fashion designer under the name "Mina" and gained a loyal fan base. At her debut fashion show, Natalie notices her half-sister Jasmine in the audience, who is curious about Mina's return. Jasmine, a prominent figure in the fashion industry, has been plagiarizing Mina's designs for the past three years to boost her own reputation. Jasmine had hoped to hire Mina and end the plagiarism, but Mina remains elusive. After the show ends without Mina's appearance, Jasmine, filled with anger, encounters Natalie in the hallway. Unaware that Natalie and Mina are the same person, Jasmine condescendingly asks Natalie what she is doing there. Natalie calmly reveals that she works there and has no desire to reconnect with the Smith family. Jasmine, unaware of their connection, taunts Natalie about her sickly brother, unaware of the hurtful nature of her words. Read CEO's Passion: Love by Mistake at

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