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Celebrity Girl Is My Wife

Celebrity Girl Is My Wife
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Celebrity Girl Is My Wife

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    Read Celebrity Girl Is My Wife by Bravo. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereCelebrity Girl Is My Wife by Bravo full chapter. Genre: Romance Ning Ran's father, Luo Fei, confronts her about the financial difficulties their family is facing due to losses in hispany. He claims there isn't enough money to cover Ning Ran's mother's medical bills and implies that her condition is futile to treat. Luo Fei offers Ning Ran a million dollars in exchange for a favor, suggesting it will help with her mother's medical expenses. Desperate to save her mother, Ning Ran reluctantly agrees. Luo Fei takes Ning Ran to the Orchid Club, where she pushes her into a dark room. Ning Ran is assaulted by a man, enduring the pain while hoping for it to end quickly. Meanwhile, Luo Fei waits in another room, pleased at the thought of Ning Ran's suffering. She had orchestrated the situation to ruin Ning Ran's innocence and pave the way for her own success. In the adjacent room, Luo Fei scrolls through her phone, contemplating how Ning Ran's life will change after this ordeal. Director Feng, a powerful figure in the entertainment industry, had promised Luo Fei the lead role in a show called "The Sound of Thunder" if sheplied with his desires. Instead, Luo Fei arranged for Ning Ran to take her place, sparing herself from sleeping with Director Feng. When morning approaches, Ning Ran finally leaves the room and confronts Luo Fei, demanding the promised money. Luo Fei tosses a bank card at her and warns her to keep silent about the incident. Afterward, Luo Fei enters the neighboring room to fulfill her own end of the agreement. As Luo Fei prepares herself, she nudges the man in the room, expecting Director Feng. However, to her shock, the man turns out to be Nan Chen, the third son of the influential Nan family in Flower City. Luo Fei realizes her mistake and is taken aback by Nan Chen's presence, recognizing his power and influence in the city. Read Celebrity Girl Is My Wife at

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