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Cultivation Chat Group

Chapter 14: Let me send two chests of medicinal ingredients as my gift of thanks
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Chapter 14: Let me send two chests of medicinal ingredients as my gift of thanks

“Cough, cough, Soft Feather, if the matters you want to do don’t require much time, then perhaps it’s possible.” Song Shuhang chuckled.

But tomorrow’s afternoon class was planned even before school reopened, there’s no way it would be cancelled unless there was a special reason.

Shuhang did not want to be entangled in this topic for too long, and immediately changed the subject, “Soft Feather, the place you’re attempting to go to is Ghost Lamp Temple, right? Why didn’t you confirm its location before setting off?”

The innocent young lady was easily swayed into a different subject, “Yes, I only know that the destination is at J City Luo Xin Street, and had my martial nephews book the air ticket before rushing over. I never expected Ghost Lamp Temple to be this hard to find.”

Martial nephews...... There’s still such a thing in this day and age?

While lost in thought, Song Shuhang tapped on the keyboard, and entered J City, Luo Xin Street, Ghost Lamp Temple on the search bar.

There was information on J City and Luo Xin Street, but no information on Ghost Lamp Temple at all, there was no sign on the map either.

It should either be a very small temple, or it had already closed down long ago, right?

“Senior Song, can you let me borrow your computer? I want to gather information myself, also, perhaps Senior North River from the group has some news!” Soft Feather suddenly said.

Song Shuhang nodded, he first logged out of his chat account, then got up from the seat.

Soft Feather sweetly smiled, sat down, and proficiently typed in her chat credentials

The group’s North River’s Loose Practitioner as before didn’t reply, it was rare for this Senior to stay offline for so long. Shuhang thought he was a true 24/7 internet warrior.

Soft Feather was a little disappointed, she closed the chat window and began searching for all the information regarding Luo Xin Street and its surrounding temples. She began to guess whether Ghost Lamp Temple no longer existed, or it had already changed its name.

Song Shuhang watched from the side for a while, when he suddenly remembered that both his and Soft Feather’s phones were out of battery.

“Soft Feather, give me your phone. I have a charger here, it should take only an hour or so to fully charge.” Song Shuhang said.

“Thank you, Senior!” Soft Feather quickly took out her phone and handed it over to Song Shuhang.

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Shuhang received it, and brought his phone to charge at the same time as well.



When Song Shuhang turned around, Soft Feather’s hands danced on the keyboard at lightning speeds, *pa pa pa pa pa pa*. In that moment her hand speed was at least 900 APM! With such hand speeds, if she became a professional gamer, she could become a god that schooled the others.

[ED: APM is a term that means Actions Per Minute. It’s often used in MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games. E.g. Starcraft, LoL, Dota]

On the computer, more and more windows rapidly popped up and closed; many webpages opened and refreshed.

Very soon, a male student’s information was displayed.

A half body portrait of Song Shuhang with a wide smile, and his personal information beside it.

Song Shuhang, Jiang Nan University’s Mechanical Engineering Discipline, Machinery Designs and Manufacturing Faculty’s 19th department 43rd class.

Soon after a window quickly popped up, it was Song Shuhang’s class timetable.

What immediately popped up after was Monday afternoon’s class...... Professor Renshui.

That was a young, promising and handsome professor. He stood tall and straight, wore a black-framed spectacles, with a gentle smile on his face. He could be classified as the type of man that effortlessly attracts the hearts of all the young maidens wherever he goes

Everything...... Happened in a flash.

After acquiring the information she wanted, Soft Feather once again closed all of the webpages at high speeds.

A class that had been scheduled for a long time naturally wouldn’t casually be cancelled, but accidents always happen in the world. For example, the teacher in charge of the class getting hit by a car and hurting his leg, missing a step and spraining his leg, accidentally falling off the bed and spraining his leg, getting bitten by a dog on his leg...... And so on, anyways, all kinds of leg injuries that would cause hospitalization. That way, tomorrow’s afternoon class should either be suspended or delayed for a couple of days, right?

This was what Soft Feather thought in her heart, she felt that this idea of hers was fantastic, and secretly praised herself inside.


On the other side of town, in the apartment building for teachers over 10km away.

Teacher Renshui, who was playing with his daughter, suddenly shivered for unknown reasons, and immediately sneezed multiple times. He rubbed his nose as he thought.

There’s another schoolgirl thinking of this handsome and charismatic teacher again?

Oh kids, being too handsome also causes headaches, don’t you know he’s already married and has a career?


After Soft Feather closed the web page, she stealthily turned around to look at Song Shuhang. Realizing that he was still on the other side trying to charge the phones, she quietly breathed a sigh of relief, giving off a feeling like she was up to mischief behind her senior.

At the same time, after she investigated so much information, her instincts toldl her...... Senior Song seemed more and more like an ordinary person.

She once again thought of the scene and the words Song Shuhang said when they met, “Call me little Song, or even Shuhang, please don’t call me Senior anymore.”

Is it because Senior Song’s ‘Realm Of Mortal Tempering’ skills are too profound, or is it just her misunderstanding something?

After closing all of the web pages, Soft Feather stretched her fingers.

Soon after, her gaze fell onto the open notebook beside the computer. On it was a dazzling list of medicine names, it was precisely the simplified body tempering liquid posted by Medicine Master from Nine Provinces (1) Group.

Shuhang initially wanted to bring this to his cousin Zhao Yaya for research, however it doesn’t include Fresh Overlord Branch, Nine-Yang Scarlet Flame Bamboo, Morning Dew Mysterious Grass and the other medicinal ingredients that are brimming with the smell of chuuni.

Senior Song is also researching this pill recipe? Soft Feather wondered in her heart.

However, she quickly realized that the recipe copied by Song Shuhang didn’t seem to be the complete version.

Why did Senior only copy down the simple and ordinary medicinal ingredients?

Why didn’t he include Morning Dew Mysterious Grass and some of the other ingredients?

Wait, could it be that Senior Song actually wants to go deeper with the philosophy of Senior Medicine Master’s recipe? To take another step forward in lowering the costs of producing the body tempering liquid?

When she thought of it this way, Soft Feathers eyes immediately shone bright.

Coincidentally, right as Song Shuhang turned around, he saw Soft Feather staring at his notebook. This is bad, written on it is that chuuni pill recipe!

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This is truly like having mud fall on the crotch of his pants, even though it wasn’t poop, it is now poop. Soft Feather definitely thinks that I am her kindred spirit, a person who is also deeply afflicted by Xianxia chuunibyou.

Sure enough, Soft Feather opened her mouth to ask a question that felt full of chuuni to Shuhang, “Senior, are you also researching Senior Medicine Master’s recipe? How many furnaces can you succeed with in one try?”

Soft Feather happily asked with the mentality of one asking for guidance from her senior.

She followed the recipe provided by Senior Medicine Master and attempted many times, because her control over the flames was insufficient, she only succeeded 3 out of 10 times. It’s a pity that although she likes concocting pills, she doesn’t have the slightest talent in it.

Wasting medicinal ingredients like that, if other cultivators saw they would definitely drown her in spittle. However, she has a strong and rich father, a small amount of wasted medicinal ingredients for concocting body tempering liquid is just like wasting a drop of water in their pond at Spiritual Butterfly Island, an extremely trivial matter.

“I didn’t concoct.” Song Shuhang looked like he was about to cry, he had indeed been taken to be her kindred spirit.

“Why? Could it be that Senior Song wants to further improve Senior Medicine Master’s recipe?” Soft Feathers eyes sparkled as she excitedly spoke.

“......” Song Shuhang was silent, he originally wanted to reply by saying that he can’t possibly be concocting a strange chuuni pill like this, but seeing the glittering light in Soft Feather’s eyes, he felt that it wasn’t right to hurt this lady.

After thinking for a long time, he found a rather honest answer, “Actually, it is because medicinal ingredients are not convenient to find here. Due to many complicated reasons, I don’t have any medicinal ingredients on hand, that’s why...... I simply didn’t have the opportunity to concoct.”

What he said was fact, among the medicinal ingredients in the recipe, even after eliminating those Xuanhuan chuuni ingredients, the other ingredients added together aren’t cheap. One must know that precious medicinal ingredients like Ginseng are priced by per liangs.

[TL:1 liang = 50grams]

As a student, he simply couldn’t buy it, not even if he sold his kidney!

“Ah? I’m so sorry Senior, so there was a reason like this.” Soft Feather nodded and said, while delighted in her heart!

Although she didn’t know why Senior Song doesn’t even have the medicinal ingredients for a mere body tempering liquid, in Spiritual Butterfly Island such medicinal ingredients can be stacked to be as tall as a mountain!

“Senior, after I return, let me send two chests of medicinal ingredients as my gift of thanks!” Soft Feather insisted.

This was how she planned to repay Shuhang. In any case, by hook or by crook, she had already decided to have Shuhang help her look for Ghost Lamp Temple.

Two chests of medicinal ingredients, these words sounded so domineering.

To reinterpret these words as something more straightforward it means: Senior, I’ll send you two boxes of ginseng as a gift of thanks.

If the interpretation above is still not blunt enough, then take a look at this version: Senior, I’ll send you two boxes of gold bars as my gift of thanks!

The value of the medicinal ingredients Soft Feather wanted to send was definitely many times more expensive than gold bars.

It was a pity that of this moment Song Shuhang simply didn’t know the value of these two chests of medicinal ingredients that Soft Feather mentioned, otherwise he would’ve knelt to this tyrant long ago!