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Chapter 15: Professor Renshui’s injury
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Chapter 15: Professor Renshui’s injury

In Song Shuhang’s mind he thought. I’m afraid these two chests of medicinal ingredients are various kinds of weird things, right? At the very least it won’t be expensive items.

So he casually said, “Then I’ll first thank you. By the way, do you have an account for the ticket booking website?”

Soft Feather shook her head, it didn’t matter whether it was an air ticket or land ticket, she had never needed to book one herself. Her family had many servant disciples in Spiritual Butterfly Island.

“Pass me your identification card then, I’ll book a ticket for you in a moment.” Song Shuhang replied.

“Alright!” Soft Feather obediently handed over her identification card, then asked, “Senior Song, may I go look around on the balcony?”

“Don’t be so reserved, do whatever you like.” Song Shuhang smiled as he spoke. What a good and polite lady, a pity she’s a chuuni.

Soft Feather bashfully grinned, then walked to the balcony and surveyed the outside.

On the east side of the balcony was a wide path and the school’s garden, with nothing blocking the view. Although this was only the second floor, the field of view was rather vast.

Soft Feather first carefully observed Song Shuhang, then sneakily executed a small magic to cancel energy fluctuations to hide her following actions, so that ‘Senior Song’ didn’t find out.

With her preparations done, she stealthily took out a pair of contact lenses from her pocket and put them on.

Don’t look down on these. These are magical treasures personally refined by Spiritual Butterfly’s Respected Sage, Desiring Thousand Miles Eyes, Take It Up A Notch!

The name was a little long, but this was basically an upgraded version of Thousand Miles Eyes.

Once the lenses are put on, it’s like the name implies, it could give the person a view from high altitudes, like a god overlooking the land.

This was the painstaking creation of a father who knew his daughter easily gets lost. It was for his daughter to have a bird’s eye view of an area when she loses her directions and to help her find the correct path. It was full of fatherly love.

They say that a daughter is like a father’s lover in his previous lifetime, sure enough, these words were right.

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If it was a son, Spiritual Butterfly’s Respected Safe definitely wouldn’t put so much thought into this. A proper adult man getting lost, wouldn’t that be humiliating if it was known? If you can’t find the path, don’t you know how to tear down whatever is in the way and take a straight path towards the destination? To advance bravely is a man’s dream!

[TL: The a man’s dream here has the exact same meaning/words as otoko no roman in Japanese, if you know what that means.]

Putting aside this matter, let’s get back to Soft Feather.

Soft Feather used the magical treasure’s godly view to quickly lock onto Jiang Nan University’s teachers’ apartments. Then following the intelligence, smoothly locked onto that tall and scholarly Professor Renshui who wore a pair of black framed spectacles.

At this moment, the innocent teacher Renshui...... was having an afternoon nap with his daughter who was just 6 months old.

Because ‘having an afternoon nap with his daughter’ could easily lead some gentlemen to misunderstand, it was necessary to add in the daughter’s age! To once again reinforce that statement, this was a 6 month old daughter!

Everything proceeded extremely smoothly, as if there was a god lending a helping hand.

“Found it!” Soft Feather was happy inside, and her palms joined together, “Sorry, sorry, I’m really sorry, I will definitely compensate you, but right now you must injure your leg and get hospitalized!”

When she joined her palms, there was a golden talisman flickering. Things like talismans were usually one-time/single use items, but there were also high-grade merchandise that could be reused many times.

Without a doubt, the one in Soft Feathers hands was a high-grade tool.

Only second generation cultivators like Soft Feather who had a rich father would waste high-grade talismans in this manner.

It wasn’t easy to make high-grade talismans. Although they could be repeatedly used, they still had a limit, the more it’s used, the sooner it breaks. When ordinary cultivators attain a high-grade talisman, they would even roll it up, make an incision and insert it into their body!

The gold talisman power began moving under Soft Feather’s control.

Far away, at the teachers’ apartment building.

While Teacher Renshui was asleep, a force suddenly pushed him, and he fell off the bed.

What was very unfortunate was, his leg was at an angle which it could easily get hurt.

Therefore...... *Crash!*

*Crack*, there was the sound of something twisting.

“Hiss!” Teacher Renshui woke up from the pain and groaned. He was immediately in cold sweat, and the sprained leg rapidly swelled up. But so as not to disturb his cute daughter who was sleeping, he tightly gripped onto the quilt/blanket, tightly clenched his teeth and sent his screams back to his stomach. Pity all the parents of the world.

With his teeth still clenched, Teacher Renshui quickly rubbed his ankle, he was obviously experienced. With a sprain of this level, there was no need to be hospitalized, he just needs to rub a little Hong Hua ointment and rest, and it should be fine the next day.

After rubbing for a while, Teacher Renshui stood on one leg, and hopped towards the refrigerator while leaning against the wall.

However...... Soft Feather’s magic hasn’t ended, her objective was to send this pitiful teacher into the hospital!

Teacher Renshui thought it was an accident that he fell off the bed and hurt his knee, he didn’t know that there was a mysterious force secretly trying to hurt his leg to the point of hospitalization being required. Meaning, he had no idea how dangerous it was for him to lean against the wall and hop on one leg. It was without doubt that this way of moving forward was incredibly suitable for him to hurt himself again.

Teacher Renshui hopped and hopped, and suddenly his hop missed.

*Crack*, this time it was the sound of bones breaking...... It was his perfectly fine leg, fractured. The injury this time was more serious than his injury on the other leg.

“*Hiss!*” Teacher Renshui crashed into the ground, with his eyes wide open, he sucked in a cool breath, this time he was in so much pain that tears appeared. A man’s tears do not easily fall, they only fall for heartbreaking matters.

He gazed upon his sprained leg, and his broken leg, and his eyes immediately turned moist.

But there was no choice other than to resign himself to bad luck.

After sucking in cool breaths for a while, he carefully took out his phone, and made a call to his lord wife, requesting backup. His lord wife was also a teacher at Jiang Nan University.

Because his daughter was around, it wasn’t a good idea for him to directly call for an ambulance. He has to wait for his wife to return, so that she can take care of his daughter while he is sent to the hospital.

When she heard her husband narrate the experience of ‘injuring the two legs’, Teacher Renshui’s wife felt worried, yet also felt that what happened was funny.

After hastily requesting leave for a single class, she rushed back home......

After Teacher Renshui ended his call with his lord wife, he made a call to the school management, requesting leave for his three classes tomorrow afternoon. With the condition his two legs were in, he definitely had to be hospitalized, and so he naturally had to let the school rearrange the classes.

“Done.” Soft Feather nodded with satisfaction, and stored her gold talisman.

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With this, her objective has been completed.

Since Teacher Renshui requested for leave, tomorrow afternoon’s class would be cancelled.

If there aren’t classes tomorrow, Song Shuhang would be free.

If Shuhang is free, he can accompany her to J City.

Look! It really was that simple!

With the matter settled, Soft Feather was in a great mood.

After she returned into the room, she noticed that Song Shuhang was on the ticket booking website booking train tickets for her.

“Senior Song, how about you book a ticket for yourself as well. Perhaps you don’t have afternoon classes tomorrow?” Soft Feather moved forward, and gently prodded.

“Haha, if there truly aren’t classes I will book one more ticket.” Song Shuhang joked.

The moment he said that.

*Ding dong!*

At this time, the school’s email network suddenly had a popup.

“Mechanical Engineering Discipline, Machinery Designs and Manufacturing Faculty’s 19th department 43rd class’ students please take note: As Teacher Renshui is injured and hospitalized, tomorrow afternoon’s Mathematical Sciences Statistics class will be swapped with Professor Smith’s University English class. Please notify each other, and make the appropriate preparations! Thank you.”

This information was repeatedly broadcasted three times.

Furthermore, it was set to be rebroadcasted once an hour.

Jiang Nan University’s management moves very fast, and works very efficiently! From the moment Teacher Renshui made a call requesting leave, till this message was sent, only a minute or two had passed!

“Huh? Teacher Renshui is injured? What a coincidence. However tomorrow’s lesson is changed to English class...... Do I have to attend that old-fashioned class taught by that old fellow Smith?” Song Shuhang muttered to himself.

But Soft Feather, who stood by his side suddenly had her eyes moistened.

This was like kicking a ball one feet forward, only to have the goalpost shifted 10 feet away!

However, as someone who is from Spiritual Butterfly Island, she definitely can’t give up so easily.

Definitely not!