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Chapter 21: Poison Dragon Grass, how dangerous!
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Chapter 21: Poison Dragon Grass, how dangerous!

Soft Feather, who was in the midst of gracefully dancing, was actually angry in her heart, because a mere ghost dared to move alongside her. Furthermore, this had happened in front of Senior!

The matter regarding spirit ghosts in Ghost Lamp Temple was something she had learned about from a note inside one of her father’s old books.

Her father had once passed by this place many years ago, and saw a spirit ghost that was about to mature. ????????????????????????????. com

Spirit ghosts are rare. For a mature spirit ghost, even if it’s of inferior-grade, once it makes a contract with a master, it would become one with its master, and share its power with the master. This also means that, even if it’s just one more inferior spirit ghost, it’s the equivalent to having one portion of energy more than others!

However, at the very best. inferior ghosts could only advance to the 3rd Stage – Houtian.

If its quality was of mid grade or above, the spirit ghost would have decent attack prowess, moreover, its cultivation speed would not be slower than that of ordinary cultivators. If it was nurtured well, it could even advance to the level of being 6th Stage – Spirit Monarch, and it would also be a great helper for cultivators that is hard to come by.

Furthermore, all mid-grade spirit ghosts possesses one or two innate skills. These innate skills come in all shapes and forms. If one was lucky, it might be able a skill that could increase its master’s battle prowess by multiple folds.

As for high-grade spirit ghosts, they possess intelligence no less than that of a human, and their cultivation speed is even faster than common cultivators. They would even be able to practice some Ghost Dao magic. When they cultivate to the limit, they could transform into Ghost Immortals, and could be considered to be on the same level as the legendary doppelganger technique. Yet high-grade ghosts were existences to wish for but not something that could be looked for. Throughout the last tens of thousands of years, the number of high-grade spirit ghosts that have been recorded number less than five.

Other than this, mid-grade and above spirit ghosts can even temper their master’s qi. It doesn’t matter whether it’s blood qi, true qi, or spiritual qi, they can all be utilized between the attributes shared by the master and spirit ghost. Being tempered by the spirit ghost, it will become more pure with an increased quantity.

With a contract it will never betray its master for all eternity, it will do whatever it’s asked to and never voice a complaint. Other than being unable to warm the bed and give birth to monkeys for its master, spirit ghosts are practically the best dao companions.

[TL: Warm the bed means XXX, while giving birth to monkeys probably means bearing the master’s children.]

It is a shame that spirit ghosts have always been rarely seen even during ancient times, and their numbers have always been low. Even in present day, spirit ghosts are on the brink of extinction.

This was why Spiritual Butterfly Respected Sage was so astonished when he found a spirit ghost that grew up in the wild in present day. The difficulty of this was akin to finding a tyrannosaurus rex in a major city.

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It was a pity that at that time this spirit ghost hadn’t matured, so Spiritual Butterfly’s Respected Sage bought Ghost Lamp Temple, and set up a simple seal to keep the spirit ghost locked, to wait for it to grow up.

To him, a spirit ghost of that grade was far too weak, it was completely useless to him even if it had matured. But he was about to have a daughter, and the spirit ghost could be of use to her in the future.

However, that future had arrived, while Spiritual Butterfly’s Respected Sage seemed to have forgotten about it though? He didn’t mention anything regarding Ghost Lamp Temple to his daughter at all. Perhaps to an existence like him, a mere spirit ghost was too insignificant.

Until Soft Feather ‘accidentally’ found the notes her father had written.

As a result, taking advantage of the fact that her father was at Mad Saber Three Waves’ home torturing him, she secretly left for J City alone, intending to capture the spirit ghost.

Since her trip began, everything had went without a hitch. However, Soft Feather never expected one thing, Ghost Lamp Temple actually contained two spirit ghosts!

While she followed the movements of the first spirit ghost, the second spirit ghost hid itself in the dark to make a sneak attack on her, forcing her into a stalemate.

That’s strange, Father definitely stated that he only saw one spirit ghost. Why are there two now? How did this other ghost get here?

Furthemore, for mere spirit ghosts to suppress her, how could she not be annoyed?



If one wished to capture spirit ghosts, there were two methods. One way is to use the emotional route, whereby you get close to the ghost by spending many days and nights with it. Shocking the heavens and making the god of ghosts sob, once they have felt the person’s sincerity, the spirit ghost will naturally submit. This method requires quite a bit of charisma and patience, especially charisma. If one’s charisma was too low, it’s likely that they would be unable to form a relationship with the ghost, and would instead become the spirit ghost’s meal.

The other method is through sheer force. Fight the ghost until they give in. This is a pretty cruel and yet simple tactic. Once you see the ghost, beat it up until it is are half-dead, and then voilà, you have a spirit ghost!

Soft Feather chose the latter method.

She was, after all, a 3rd Stage – Houtian Battle Emperor, her true qi had condensed into a true river; which flowed ceaselessly, and her fists were unimaginably strong! Add her incredibly kick-ass father to the equation, who supplied her with a body full of godly equipments, she was in a condition where if she meets a god, she will slaughter that god, if she meets a ghost she will behead that ghost!

Although the spirit ghosts’ sneak attack had confused her slightly, it was just that and nothing more!

“Be sealed!” Soft Feather cutely called out, with a flip of her hands, two shiny gold paper talismans appeared, speeding towards the two spirit ghosts.

Originally, she was too lazy to use these charms, but she was so annoyed with them that she wanted to take the two ghosts down as soon as possible.

Once the charm landed on the spirit ghosts, their bodies started to produce green smoke. They began to generate blood curdling screams, and they quickly weakened. Soft Feather then seized this opportunity to get up close and personal. Her figure moved as though she was dancing, her two hands relentlessly struck the spirit ghosts’ bodies and repeatedly hit them until they retreated in defeat.

With each hit those small hands put out, the spirit ghosts’ bodies unceasingly emitted breaking sounds. As their bodies split open, it seemed like they would just crumble at any moment.

This happened even though Soft Feather was controlling her strength, because she wanted to tame the spirit ghosts, she could only injure them but not take their lives. If she utilized her full strength, one palm strike from her was enough to send the spirit ghost’s soul shattering apart.

The two spirit ghosts’ were at their limit, and they decided to use their final trump card.

One of the spirit ghosts roared, at its side a golden shield appeared, and it slammed the shield against Soft Feather.

The other spirit ghost also roared, and a shining red light surrounded its body. Immediately, its body swelled to twice its normal size.

Innate Magic! The two spirit ghosts were actually mid-grade or above.

“So this is your trump card?” Soft Feather’s gaze was as sharp as a sword, her two hands clasped together with her wrists met. Her palms opened into the shape of a butterfly: “If this is all you have, then be vanquished and submit to me!”

Soft Feather used Spiritual Butterfly Island’s secret technique, Dancing Butterfly Palms. At 2nd Stage – True Expert level, it could penetrate all kinds of defensive shields. For mere spirit ghosts that haven’t started cultivating, breaking the innate skill of defensive shields they had executed was just child’s play to her.

An explosion burst forth from her palm and the small golden shield formed by the spirit ghost shattered like glass. The spirit ghost hiding behind said shield found itself severely injured, to the point that it could not get up. On the surface of its body, cracks began to emerge.

Now, all Soft Feather needed to do was to execute the contract, and it would be bound to her.

At this moment, the spirit ghost that had been enveloped in red light charged forward, and pulled the other spirit ghost up from the ground. At the same time, with lightning speed it charged away, trying to escape.

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Soft Feather was quite strong, but her battle experience was lacking. To think that two spirit ghosts that had been nearly within reach escaped.

After expanding its body once, the spirit ghost’s strength appeared to have increased a considerable amount, as it was actually able to break through the the spirit sealing formation laid out by Soft Feather.

With the array broken, the two spirit ghosts were able to maliciously dash towards Song Shuhang. They needed to suck a living human’s blood in order to recover from their injuries and return back to have another fight to the death with this frightful woman.

As for fleeing? The spirit ghosts had never thought about it. If they were able to leave this place, why hadn’t they left and instead remained here for over sixty years?

Mid-grade spirit ghosts are bound to have some form of intelligence.



At this moment, Song Shuhuang was crouching to get his phone because it had dropped to the ground.

“Oh no, Senior Song.” Soft Feather was panicking in her heart, her right foot firmly stomped on the ground. Her body transformed, looking similar to that of a butterfly, like a ray of light she launched herself towards the two spirit ghosts!

But that made the spirit ghost who had released its innate skill increase its powers to the limit and attempt to ignore her attacks, it had instead chose to viciously charge towards Shuhuang.

If they had to die, they must take someone with them!

When the two spirit ghosts were just about to reach Song Shuhang, the said person wasn’t even panicking, he instead picked up his mobile phone. He then switched on the cellphone’s lights to look at the ground. He seemed to have noticed a weird plant.

With the light of his cellphone, he managed to have a better look at the plant. It was curved, almost looking like a coiling dragon. This plant was sharply pointed at one tip, and the stem was purplish-black.

He wiped off his sweat. Isn’t this the Poison Dragon Grass that Medicine Master had uploaded at Nine Provinces (1) Group?!

Shuhang was thinking this while he moved his hand to clutch the grass, and used all his strength to pull it out. If Soft Feather were to see this, she would definitely find a way to send it to Medicine Master.

And when that happens, the Medicine Master would then throw this thing into a pot and concoct it in 5 minutes, and then if someone drank it, it would kill that someone wouldn’t it?

Hence, without knowing whether the grass was harmful to one’s life, Song Shuhuang decided that he definitely couldn’t let Soft Feather discover this herb.


When the grass was pulled out, Shuhang’s ears picked up a sound like something had smashed into a wall. He raised his head and looked all around him, but couldn’t find anything, there was only Soft Feather, who stood nearby, with a face full of excitement and astonishment.