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Cultivation Chat Group

Chapter 2770 - 2770: Senior Three-Eyed’s Method of Breaking Good Fortune
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Chapter 2770: Senior Three-Eyed’s Method of Breaking Good Fortune

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Song Shuhang looked at the three-eyed youth with pity in his eyes.

“I’m a little scared,” he replied sincerely. “I’m afraid that you’ll lose too badly later, Senior. You’ll cause the entire small world to fall into doomsday mode and take my life.”

At that moment, Song Shuhang didn’t even bother to hide the expression on his face, allowing others to read it.

Perhaps Senior Three-Eyed would still have a chance of winning if he bet on something else. But now, betting on pure luck with him, Senior Three-Eyed would probably lose until he started doubting his life.

On the pillar, the eyeball butler clapped his hands and praised Profound Sage Tyrannical Songs speech.

“Do you think I’ll fall for your provocation?” The three-eyed youth sat up from the recliner and said confidently, “If you’re afraid, just admit defeat. No matter how you hide it, the guilt in your eyes can’t escape my three eyes!’

‘Me, guilty?’ Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and touched the corner of his eye.

Senior Three-Eyed, from which angle do your three eyes see that I’m feeling ‘guilty?

I’m looking at you with pity!

Don’t you know how to read faces? Why is there even a mistake in reading this basic information?

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However, forget it.

Although I am soft-hearted, I can’t be soft-hearted forever.

Since he wants to lose until he hides under his blanket and cries, don’t blme for being cruel.

“Be strong, Senior Three-Eyed. In a while, no matter how badly you lose, you have to face life with a smile. Life is still very long. A moment of discouragement doesn’t mean that you will always fail in the future.” Song

Shuhang started to feed Senior Three-Eyed Poisonous Chicken Soup for the Soul. After being fed Poison Chicken Soup for the Soul by Fairy @#%x for so long, Song Shuhang had unknowingly learned a lot.

“I’ll return this sentence to you intact! In a while, even if you lose miserably, don’t cry.” Senior Three-Eyed stared at Song Shuhang with his three eyes.

The aura between the two of them reached its peak. Their five eyes were facing each other. A terrifying pressure materialized between them. The void could not withstand the pressure, and fine spatial cracks vaguely appeared.

The Demon Emperor was speechless.

Tyrannical Song was actually able to remain calm under this terrifying Ruler-level pressure. As a veteran Immortal, he felt somewhat uncomfortable facing the terrifying pressure of the three-eyed ruler.

“Then, what exactly are we betting on this time?” Song Shuhang was the first to speak.

After all, he was still forging his life-bound magic tool, so he didn’t have much tto waste with Senior Three-Eyed.

Therefore, this time, he would make Senior Three-Eyed cry, sweep away the spoils of war cleanly, and return to the main world. Then, he would equip the upgraded Combined Magical Treasure, upgrade the ‘cultivation chat’ function, and from then on, beca brand-new Tyrannical Song!

“Since we’re betting on pure luck, let’s play sgames that can’t be interfered with. Moreover, for the sake of fairness, we will compete in a variety of events this time, a total of five rounds. The first to win three rounds wins.” The three-eyed teenager seemed to have been prepared for this.

“Five rounds? That works too. Then let’s begin.” Song Shuhang nodded in agreement.

Although five rounds were a waste of time, he was confident that he could win three rounds in a row and quickly KO the three-eyed youth, making him shrink into a corner and cry silently.

This was Song Shuhangs overwhelming confidence in Senior White’s luck.

“I lost the last bet. In that case, I will be the one to propose the competition for the first round. After that, the loser of each round will propose the next round of competition. As long as the proposed competition meets the condition of ‘pure luck,’ the bet will be made.” The three-eyed teenager gave a simple suggestion.

The loser suggested the next ‘small game’ so that the loser could try to suggest sgames that matched his luck in the next gso that he could turn the tables.

For example, speople had good luck when playing dice, but their luck when drawing cards might not be good. After losing, they could suggest that they play dice.

The rules of the three-eyed youth’s gwere to try to achieve fairness on the surface.

“l agree. Alright.” Song Shuhang nodded and said, “As long as it’s a gpurely based on luck, I can accept it.”

“Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song,” the old butler reminded in a hoarse voice, “I’ll help you pay attention to the traps in Old Master’s competition. You can rest assured and let Old Master announce the competition. Aaah!”

With a rumbling sound, the totem pillar suddenly turned into a rocket, piercing through the eyeball butler again and sending it into the sky of the small world. It flew further and further away and finally turned into a shining star.

After sending the old butler away, the three-eyed youth clapped his hands with a smile. “Then listen carefully. My task for the first round is to see who has better luck. Under the premise of ‘standing still and not using any magical technique,’ within a limited time, who will be hit by more ‘Celestial Killing Light!!’

Song Shuhang was confused.

He was the first to notice that the competition plan proposed by the three-eyed youth was extremely bad.

Although he didn’t know what the ‘Celestial Killing Light’ was, just from its nalone, it was extremely powerful and destructive. The result of taking a few shots would definitely have nothing to do with a ‘comfortable’ experience.

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The three-eyed youth’s suggestion of ‘better luck’ and ‘being hit by more Celestial Killing Light in a short period’ were two completely opposite extrsettings.

If it was a true cultivator with strong luck, under the effect of strong luck, the chances of being hit by the Celestial Killing Light would naturally be lower.

But if he did that, he would lose the first round.

However, if he wanted to win the competition, he would need to adjust his

‘luck’ to the ‘reverse luck’ stage where he was struck by the Celestial Killing Light. This choice was the opposite of ‘good luck.’

So, what was the real good luck’ to choose?

Being struck by lightning was good luck?

Avoiding the Celestial Killing Light was good luck?

Senior Three-Eyed is indeed an old fox.

Moreover, Senior Three-Eyed was clearly very confident in his luck. He was confident that his luck had already reached a certain level, and if he stood still, he would be struck by even more Celestial Killing Light.

This kind of self-confidence was heartbreaking.

“Are you scared?” the three-eyed youth said.

You’re a lucky cultivator, and you broke my heart by advancing one level in a month. How can you experience the confidence of a gnat who’s about to be struck by lightning just by standing?

“l can describe the power to you. Every single one of them has the power to make Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders wish they were dead. If you are afraid, just admit defeat in the first round. I can accept your surrender.” The three-eyed youth said proudly with his arms crossed.

“Fear? It doesn’t exist.” Song Shuhang said in a deep voice, “Whether we win or lose, even if we lose, as long as I see Senior Three-Eyed being struck by the Light, I’ll be happy. Moreover, I might not lose. I agree to the first round..”