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Chapter 2771 - 2771: If It Were Anyone Else, They Might Lose, But I Am Tyrannical Song!
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Chapter 2771: If It Were Anyone Else, They Might Lose, But I Am Tyrannical Song!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The three-eyed youth’s proposal was very targeted at those cultivators who were truly lucky.

If it was a genuine cultivator of the ‘good fortune’ system, he might be defeated by the three-eyed youth.

However, the Song Shuhang in front of him was different.

His confidence in ‘good luck’ cfrom the projection of Senior White’s left arm on his elbow. It could be said that this was borrowed luck and did not really belong to Song Shuhang’s main body.

Therefore, if necessary, he could temporarily remove the projection of Senior White’s left hand and compete with the three-eyed youth in the ‘Celestial Killing Light.’ It was still uncertain who would win!

A primordial spirit in the 15+1 state was so convenient to assemble and disassemble. Others could not be envious.

Other than that, there was also another reason for victory, which Song Shuhang had firmly suppressed in the depths of his heart and did not reveal. After all, he had the ability to passively read faces. If he accidentally leaked information and was targeted by the three-eyed youth, he would be at a disadvantage in the following matches.

“Then, let the first round begin.” The three-eyed senior narrowed his divine third eye and couldn’t help but glance at the projection of Tyrannical Song’s left hand.

Things like luck were extremely mysterious.

However, as the ruler of the Netherworld, he could vaguely sense sof the situations when facing people who truly had great luck. For example, Tyrannical Song’s left hand seemed to have been blessed by the world—this was a blessing at the level of the blessing of the myriad worlds.

As long as he had this arm, Tyrannical Song’s entire body would be enveloped by ‘good fortune.’ Under the protection of such powerful luck, Tyrannical Song’s first round was already certain to be defeated.

The only thing he needed to do was to use the loophole in the rules of the competition to prevent Tyrannical Song from using 15+1 primordial spirits after entering the range of the ‘Celestial Killing Light.’

Pa ~

The three-eyed teenager snapped his fingers lightly.

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In the next moment, he, Song Shuhang, the Demon Emperor, and the big-eyed planet’s clone were all teleported to a piece of charred land.

Above his head was a dark cloud layer. Terrifying lightning bolts were swimming in the cloud layer, making loud rumbling sounds.

Each of these lightning bolts contained the laws of ‘Immortal Slaughter.’ This was a punishing lightning technique that was specially targeted at Tribulation Transcenders.

The Demon Emperor was speechless.

F*ck, why do I have to cin too?

Aren’t I just a gambling wager?

Since it’s gambling money, can’t I just lie on the side? Could it be that I also have to cin and suffer the lightning strikes of this ‘Celestial Killing Light’?

If you two want to be struck by lightning, why do you have to drag us along?

“After 13 breaths, a large amount of Celestial Slaying Thunder will descend, and it will last for five minutes. Within five minutes, whoever gets struck more times wins.” “We still have ten breaths of tto choose a position.” Once you make your choice, you can’t change it when the Celestial Killing Light descends!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the three-eyed youth rushed into the area where the thunder technique was blasted like a cheetah and then found a suitable position. He could achieve relative fairness, but he wouldn’t be able to achieve true fairness.

At the very least, he was more familiar with the area where the Celestial Killing Light was concentrated. As for Song Shuhang, this was his first tentering, so he didn’t have as much experience as him.

After the three-eyed youth chose his position, the corners of his mouth curled up, and he looked at Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang quickly rushed into the area of the Celestial Killing Light and chose a location based on his senses.

Ten breaths of tpassed in the blink of an eye.

“Rocket Flying Fist!” Song Shuhang waved his left fist with all his might, trying to send Senior White’s left fist flying… Not only that, but his 15-point body also split into pieces and scattered to 15 areas.

The rules of the competition only stated that one had to choose a good position and wait for the lightning punishment to descend. However, my body can be divided into 15+1 parts. After landing in 15+1 areas, I can withstand 15 parts of lightning at the stime!

I’m really f*cking smart!

Therefore, in this match, Senior Three-Eyed Young Man, you are the loser!

Opposite him, the three-eyed youth didn’t panic when he saw this.

He smiled slightly and said, “Little friend Tyrannical Song, the rules of the competition are to ‘choose a position.’ Once you’ve chosen a position, you can’t change it. Note that it was ‘a position.’ So, unfortunately, your choice to split into 16 parts is against the rules.”

Song Shuhang was speechless.

In the next moment, his 16-point body returned to its original spot with a whoosh and combined into a complete primordial spirit projection.

Boom ~~

In the sky, the first batch of Celestial Killing Light was formed.

“Tyrannical Song… You’re still too young. The older the ginger, the spicier it is!” The three-eyed teenager laughed maniacally.

As expected, the first strand of the Celestial Killing Light landed on his body.

The three-eyed teenager felt his body go numb, but it didn’t hurt or itch.

Outside the arena.

The Demon Emperor was speechless.

Big shot who was struck by lightning, what exactly do you have to be proud of?

“The older the ginger, the spicier it is… However, the onions are still tender and fragrant.” Song Shuhang raised his head and looked at the three-eyed youth. There was no fear in his eyes. “Even if I can’t split it into 15+1 portions, I might not lose this match.”

“Haha.” The three-eyed youth let out a kind laugh.

Where did your confidence cfrom?

Rumble ~

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The following Celestial Slaying Thunder began to descend in large numbers.

Song Shuhang suddenly squatted down, took off his left hand, and hid it in his bosom. He held his head with his right hand and curled up his body.

The green onions were still tender and fragrant. Song Shuhang was very confident.

My nis Song Shuhang, and I’m a man with seven Sage Names.

Although I really don’t want to admit it, I’m a man who has the attribute of ‘I’ll bear the difficulties and share the blessings with everyone.’ Especially when he was on an adventure with Senior White, Senior White’s ‘wealth comes from danger’ attribute would be activated, and it would achieve the effect of a combination skill…

In fact, not only did the pendants on his body know this, Song Shuhang himself was also slightly aware of this matter.

After all, he and Senior White had taken so many risks. Even if he was slow, he would still be able to sense that something was wrong with his body.

But now, the ‘Celestial Killing Light’ above his head had descended, and he was now in Senior White’s arms.

It was in line with the prerequisite of activating the combination skill, ‘Senior White is beside me, if there’s any trouble, I’ll take it.’

The first wave of the Celestial Killing Light, apart from the first ‘primer’ lightning, split into 12.

Among them, four of them were thicker and more powerful. The other eight were stunted, skinny, and small.

As the three-eyed youth laughed kindly, the four relatively powerful Celestial Killing Lights struck him first.

“Look, I’m already five lightning strikes ahead of you.” “Where’s your green onion fragrance?” Senior three-eyed youth asked.

As soon as Senior Three-Eyed finished speaking…

After a series of explosions, the eight smaller beams of Celestial Killing Light fell on Song Shuhang’s body.

Song Shuhang, who was crouching down while holding his head, slightly raised his head and revealed a painful yet proud smile.

The combination of Senior White and I isn’t as simple as ‘good fortune’! We are a combination of luck and misfortune. We are the luckiest misfortune, and the luckiest of the unluckiest!

At the side.

Demon Emperor was smug. ‘Good strike!’