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Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques

Chapter 17
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Showing Off One’s Might

“Steward Sun is in the room at the moment. Shall I go and inform him?”

Liu Jun, who was beside Chen Fei, asked in a low voice in the medical center of Northern City.

Ever since he heard that a new assistant manager was coming to Northern City’s medical center, Liu Jun had been paying attention. As a fringe figure in the medical center, he could go further if he rode on somebody else’s coattails.

Since the new assistant manager was, as the title implies, new, there would be many things he was unfamiliar with. This was the best time for him to approach the new assistant manager to get close to him and become one of his subordinates.

“No need, we can revisit that when Steward Sun is free.”

Chen Fei shook his head. This Sun Shu knew that he would come today, but he didn’t make an effort to welcome him. Presumably, he either didn’t have a good impression of this person who came out of nowhere, or he didn’t care.

Either way, it represented Sun Shu’s stance.

Chen Fei didn’t mind. When he came to Northern City’s medical center, gathering evidence against Sun Shu wasn’t at the top of his mind. He just wanted to focus on refining pills, earning money, and raising his cultivation.

As for the Zhang family’s offers, Chen Fei had no intention of accepting them at all.

“Does Steward Sun have any hobbies?” Chen Fei walked around the pill refining room and turned to look at Liu Jun.

“Steward Sun likes to kick.” Liu Jun said with a strange expression.


Chen Fei’s expression changed slightly. What kind of strange hobby was this? However, when Chen Fei thought of himself, he reckoned that in the eyes of others, he should be even more strange.

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“Spare me! I won’t do it again!”

A loud cry came from the front. Chen Fei walked out of the alchemy room and came to the backyard. That was when he saw a few guards dragging a servant. The servant’s face was bruised and swollen, and there was blood at the corner of his mouth.

The servant was kneeling on the ground, kowtowing continuously, his eyes filled with fear.

“He was discovered hiding herbs,” Liu Jun explained in a low voice when he saw Chen Fei looking over.

Chen Fei frowned slightly. According to the rules of the medical hall, if a servant hid medicinal herbs, he would be crippled. Of course, in actual situations, such things were relatively rare. They would only beat up the servant and deduct three months of his salary to teach him a lesson.

Cases where one was truly crippled were few and far between. Only second offenders would be like this.

“My child is sick. I honestly had no choice. I won’t dare to do it again. Please spare me!” The worker cried bitterly.


The door of Sun Shu’s room opened. Sun Shu slowly walked out and took deliberate steps to stand in front of the errand boy, looking down at him from above.

“Steward Sun, I won’t dare to do it again. I beg you!” The errand boy kowtowed hard, and blood quickly flowed out of his forehead.

“I tend to make situations like these a one-off occurrence.”

A smile appeared on Sun Shu’s face. The errand boy widened his eyes in fear. Just as he was about to retreat, a foot had already landed hard on the errand boy’s palm.


The errand boy cried out in pain, but Sun Shu was not moved at all. Instead, he began to grind his feet into the servant’s palm forcefully. Blood quickly flowed out from the soles of his feet, soaking the soil on the ground.

“Spare …”


Before the servant could finish his words, Sun Shu kicked the servant’s two arms, and the bones broke. Before the servant could react, his body had already fallen forward involuntarily.


With another crisp sound, Sun Shu appeared behind the errand boy and stepped on the errand boy’s calf. The bone shattered, and blood splattered everywhere.

“Don’t say that I’m ruthless seeing that I left you a leg,” Sun Shu said casually.

The servant had already fainted from the pain. The guard beside him immediately splashed water on the servant’s face to wake him up.

“Thank you. Thank you, Steward Sun!” The servant’s lips trembled as he looked at the high and mighty Sun Shu and said in a low voice.

The corner of Sun Shu’s mouth twitched. He turned his head to look at Chen Fei in the distance and slowly walked back to his room.

Liu Jun subconsciously shrunk his neck. Sun Shu’s gaze was too terrifying. It made people shudder.

Chen Fei did not speak. He glanced at Sun Shu’s back and then turned to look at the servant on the ground.

This was the fate of people in this world. They struggled to survive, but they could lose everything at any time. Chen Fei’s original body did not want to become like this, and the current Chen Fei naturally would not be like this.

Only by returning the power to oneself could one avoid such an outcome.

Chen Fei began to officially take up his post in the Northern City Medical Hall. He also took care to display a harmless appearance. He did not express any opinions about the original medical hall and only focused on refining pills every day.

Chen Fei was still increasing the number of Vitality Pills he produced in each batch. He had the medical hall sell them so that he could earn the 500 taels faster. Chen Fei was really obsessed with Immortal Way.

At the same time, Chen Fei simplified the Qi Rejuvenation Pill that he had just obtained. It was somewhat out of Chen Fei’s expectations. After the Qi Rejuvenation Pill was simplified, refining the Vitality Pill could increase his experience points.

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Chen Fei had always thought that this was how it would be after merging cultivation techniques and making them simple. It turned out that it was also possible with pill formulas of the same origin.

After all, half of the herbs needed for the Qi Rejuvenation Pill actually coincided with the Vitality Pill. This was probably the reason why it worked this way.

He didn’t need to cook anything. He was already refining the Vitality Pill. The experience points for the Qi Rejuvenation Pill was rising rapidly every day.

At the same time, Chen Fei did not stop practicing his movement technique. Finally, on the fifth day after he obtained the cultivation technique, Chen Fei completed the fusion of the four-movement techniques and cultivated them to Great Completion.

[Cultivation Technique: Cloud Crossing (Great Completion)]

Compared to before, Chen Fei had made great progress in both agility and speed. Chen Fei had also seen some Skin Toughening stage martial artists sprinting. After a slight comparison, Chen Fei found that his movement technique was far superior.

However, Chen Fei could not judge what level he was at now, and the current Cloud Crossing he had was far from the final destination. Chen Fei wanted to continue to integrate other movement techniques into it.

That night, Chen Fei masked his face with a face cloth as he let loose and ran through Pingyin County. The carefree feeling made Chen Fei want to raise his head and roar in delight. However, he suppressed it. If he were to shout, the scene would probably change completely.


As he ran into an alley, Chen Fei’s ears twitched slightly. At the same time, a faint smell of blood floated in the air.

Chen Fei subconsciously looked up. A person had unknowingly appeared standing on the wall of the alley. At this moment, he was looking at Chen Fei with interest. Chen Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly. Although this person was also wearing a mask and dressed in dark clothes, he gave Chen Fei a strange sense of familiarity.

“That Mountain Bandit!”

Chen Fei suddenly reacted. Wasn’t this the person he met outside the city some time ago? Pu Liao’s injuries had not recovered yet, and no one knew how well he would recover.

“Little brother, why aren’t you in bed sleeping as you should? Why are you running around?”

Jian Liang’s faint voice sounded. Chen Fei jumped back like a startled wild deer.

In the next moment, a bright light appeared where Chen Fei was originally standing. With a muffled sound, a flying knife appeared on the ground. At this moment, it was still shaking slightly.