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Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques

Chapter 27
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Multi-Version Cultivation Method

Each of the four sets of sword techniques was not inferior to Chen Fei’s Clear Mountain Sword, and they were even slightly superior.


The Clear Mountain Sword and the Zephyr Sword disappeared, and in their place, Fierce Mountain Sword appeared.


“Fierce Mountain Sword is being simplified. Simplification was successful. Fierce Mountain Sword → Clear Mountain Sword!”

Just as Chen Fei had expected, after practicing the simplified version of the Clear Mountain Sword, he could increase his proficiency. Next, it was time to gain more experience.

As for the pill formula of the Light Spirit Pill, Chen Fei thought about it for a while and decided to go to the stall in the black market to ask about it.

During the day, Chen Fei went to Northern City Medical Center as usual. Now that Sun Shu was in trouble, Chen Fei had become the person with the most power in Northern City Medical Center. If it were someone else with a stronger desire for power, they would probably gather the hearts of the people and expand their influence.

However, Chen Fei was not interested in this at all. This was because Chen Fei knew that whether he had a group or not, as long as the Zhang family gave the word, everything could be reversed.

After all, the clinic belonged to the Zhang family. The Zhang family had the final say in what happened here.

Liu Jun went forward to greet Chen Fei attentively. Chen Fei thought for a moment and changed Liu Jun’s position. It could be considered a small promotion, with less work and more money.

Chen Fei still had this bit of authority.

“Thank you, Steward Chen!”

Liu Jun was so excited that his face flushed red. He bowed to Chen Fei, and the surrounding people also looked at him with envy. In their view, Liu Jun, as the first person to follow Chen Fei, would probably soar in the future.

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Chen Fei patted Liu Jun’s shoulder to show his encouragement. Then, he returned to the pill room to continue refining Vitality.

The proficiency of the Qi Rejuvenation Pill was already close to perfection. Chen Fei planned to raise it today. In his spare time after that, he could use it to cultivate other cultivation techniques.

He went all out to refine. In the evening, Chen Fei finally revealed a smile on his face.

[Alchemy Technique: Qi Rejuvenation Pill (Great Completion)]

He would sell all the Vitality Pillshe had refined. After the recent period of time of settling down, Chen Fei had already deliberately displayed a perfected Vitality Pill.

One was to display his talent, and the other was that the current Vitality Pill was no longer useful to Chen Fei. As for selling them in the black market…

The value of Vitality Pills was not very high. Chen Fei casually sold a Qi Rejuvenation Pill, which could be worth a lot of Vitality Pills.

As night fell, Chen Fei went to the black market after disguising himself.

This time, Chen Fei asked around seriously because he already knew a lot about the black market, and he found out a lot of things.

Previously, he had always thought that the black market only sold basic pill formulas. This time, he discovered that high-level pill formulas were actually sold, but they were rare. Moreover, he couldn’t just buy them with money, but he also had to exchange other things.

One thing was certain, all the conditions to obtain the formulas were rough. The easiest one required 2,000 taels of silver and 100 Light Spirit Pills at half price.

These people clearly didn’t want to sell. No matter how he looked at it, that price didn’t seem right. It was a little like fishing.

Chen Fei originally wanted to change into his usual appearance of selling medicine and go to the medicine stall to ask. Now, it seemed that there was nothing to ask. Each and every one of them held onto the pill formula as if they were holding onto their life.

“With my current pill refining skills, I wonder if I can reverse engineer the pill formula of the Light Spirit Pill.”

Chen Fei stood in the black market, frowning.

Chen Fei had eaten the Light Spirit Pill before. Some of the medicinal ingredients were actually the same as the Qi Rejuvenation Pill. There was just a change in parts, and at the same time, there were some differences in the alchemy methods.

Chen Fei was now at the Great Completion of the Qi Rejuvenation Pill. Right then, he he tried to formulate what the Light Spirit Pill formula could entail, and a lot of inspiration appeared in his mind. Just relying on this inspiration to refine the Light Spirit Pill was a little too naive, though.

“Let’s go to the bookstall and take a look.”

Chen Fei walked into a dark corner. When he emerged the next time, his face and figure had already changed slightly. He walked through a side street and arrived at Chi Defeng’s stall.

“Eh, why are you free today? The medicinal ingredients aren’t here yet.” Chi Defeng leaned against the bench and looked at Chen Fei, somewhat surprised.

The two of them had worked together for so long and were considered acquaintances, so their conversation had become much more casual.

“Do you have the pill formula for the Light Spirit Pill?” Chen Fei said.

“Yes, let me look for it.”

Chi Defeng rummaged around the stall and finally flipped through the pages of a book in the corner. It was thought that no one would buy the pill formula here. The pill formula looked quite old.

“There’s also a pill formula for the Eternal Floating Pill. Do you want it?”

Chi Defeng took out another pill recipe from somewhere and handed it to Chen Fei.

“The Thunderous Sword Force from last time was not bad, but there were too many mistakes. Is there a more complete one?” Chen Fei glanced at the pill formula but did not look at it carefully. Instead, he asked about the secret manual from last time.

“You actually got something from it?”

Chi Defeng looked at Chen Fei in surprise. This person couldn’t have really cultivated it, right? He knew his own business. The secret manuals on his stall were all wholesale from other places. It was a bit of an exaggeration to say that the contents were nonsense.

Most people only bought basic secret manuals and high-level cultivation techniques here. They all looked at them for fun and took them as a way to relieve their boredom. Chi Defeng himself usually did that, occasionally looking at these secret manuals.

Did he really use them for cultivating? Did he have a death wish?

“I just feel that some of the words in it make sense,” Chen Fei said with a smile.

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“Okay. Hang on a bit.”

As Chi Defeng spoke, he rummaged through the stall and took out a cultivation technique book for Chen Fei.

Chen Fei lowered his head to take a look at the Thunderous Sword Force annotation.

The corners of Chen Fei’s mouth could not help but open. Who was so bored to actually come up with an annotation version?

“There are other versions?” Chen Fei asked curiously.

“Yes, there is. The Thunderous Sword Force is the top entry-level technique of the Celestial Cloud Sword Sect. Do you still want the other versions?”

Chi Defeng looked at Chen Fei strangely. This guy couldn’t have really cultivated, right? Moreover, was he already delirious and planning to piece together the complete Thunderous Sword Force by himself?

“How many versions do you have? Give me all of them.” Chen Fei nodded.

Although it was impossible to simplify the specific content of every secret manual, if there were more, there might be unexpected gains.

Chi Defeng did not refuse. He searched around the bookstall and even returned to the house to search. Then, he carried a dozen secret manuals and placed them in front of Chen Fei.

“That’s basically all. If you want them, I’ll sell them to you at a low price.”

Not earning money was not Chi Defeng’s character. If Chen Fei wanted them, Chi Defeng would naturally sell them all.

“Alright, thanks!”

Chen Fei stuffed the secret manual into his bag and bargained for a while before putting down a few taels of silver.

“It’s fine to look, but don’t actually cultivate with them.” Looking at Chen Fei, Chi Defeng couldn’t help but say.

Chen Fei smiled and waved his hand, then turned around and left the black market.

A moment later, Chen Fei appeared in his courtyard and looked at the rewards in his bag. There were many things to do. Chen Fei realized that he did not have enough time.

The sword technique had to be combined and cultivated, and the Suspending Force had to be perfected. Then, he had to integrate so many types of Thunderous Sword Forces. Also, he couldn’t neglect the reverse engineering of the Light Spirit Pill.