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Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques

Chapter 3
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Seven or eight days had passed, and Chen Fei’s originally thin body had gradually grown and developed some muscles, making him look less small and weak.

Just as Chen Fei was looking forward to breaking through to the Skin Toughening Realm, the medical hall suddenly informed him that they were going to the mountains outside the city to pick herbs.

Early the next morning, a group of workers from the medical hall left the city with an empty basket on their backs to store herbs and arrived at Mount Pingyin.

It had not been very peaceful outside the city recently, but the medical hall needed medicinal herbs. so sending disciples to collect them was unavoidable. Each person had a target for collecting herbs, and once they completed it, they could leave the mountain.

If they couldn’t meet their quota, they would have to return in three days, and they wouldn’t be able to escape a beating.

The group dispersed into the vast Mount Pingyin and quickly disappeared from sight.

Chen Fei walked for quite some time before he saw a stalk of medicinal herb and couldn’t help but happily approach to pick it. With the constant improvement of his cultivation, not only did Chen Fei’s physical strength improve, but his senses had also become sharper.

At this moment, although Chen Fei was picking herbs, his ears and eyes were paying attention to the surrounding environment from time to time in case there was any danger lurking unbeknownst to him.

Although there weren’t any large beasts on Mount Pingyin, there were many poisonous insects and snakes. Every time they picked herbs, many menial workers got injured and, in some cases, even killed.

Halfway through picking the herbs, Chen Fei’s expression suddenly changed, and he swiftly threw himself forward.

In the next moment, an arrow struck where Chen Fei had been standing before, still trembling slightly with its powerful force. If Chen Fei hadn’t dodged earlier, the arrow would’ve pierced through his vitals.

Chen Fei hid behind a big tree with a chopper in his hand. His heart was overflowing with anger. If his reaction had been a little slower just now, he would have been at the mercy of his assailant.

“Not bad, you’ve got quick reflexes.” A laugh rang out.

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“This kid has been practicing in the Extreme Mountain Fist Hall for some time, so he’s got some agility.” Sha Daxin’s voice sounded.

“He does have some skills. Go to the other side. He won’t be able to escape today… Oh no, the kid’s trying to escape. Chase after him!” Niu Kuo raised his eyebrows slightly. He was about to raise his bow and arrow when he realized that Chen Fei kept running between the trees, making it difficult to lock onto him.

Although Niu Kuo was a hunter and had some archery skills, he was still just an ordinary person. Chen Fei, on the other hand, is about to break through and has become stronger than an average person in terms of physical strength and keenness.

Therefore, despite Niu Kuo’s pursuit, Chen Fei could easily outrun him.

“Chen Fei, how dare you run like a cowardly woman? Why are you running? Come over and hit me, come and kill me!” Sha Daxin shouted loudly.

Chen Fei didn’t respond. He ran with large strides, and in less than fifteen minutes, he had shaken off the two people behind him. Chen Fei’s expression was cold. He couldn’t let this matter go just like that. However, Niu Kuo had a bow and arrow. With Chen Fei’s current strength, he couldn’t break through directly unless his cultivation level increased.

With this thought in mind, Chen Fei looked at his interface.

Name: Chen Fei

[Class: Warrior]

[Cultivation Technique: Extreme Mountain Fist (not yet learned), Extreme Mountain Breathing Technique (peak)]

[Cultivation Realm: Warrior (99/100)]

“It’s almost time for an upgrade!”

Chen Fei’s expression brightened slightly. The original estimate he had was ten days, but now it seemed that it would happen even earlier. Moreover, the intense running and breathing just now seemed to have increased the speed of his realm a little faster.

Chen Fei thought of Niu Kuo’s attire just now and guessed that he might be a hunter from Mount Pingyin. He might be able to track Chen Fei based on his tracks. Chen Fei didn’t stay in one place but ran in a different direction.

After running for a while, he rested for a while. An hour later, Chen Fei stopped because he felt that his body was undergoing a drastic change.

In the next moment, the sound of bones and tendons ringing together came from Chen Fei’s body. Chen Fei involuntarily lifted his head. A surge of pain burst from inside his body, followed by a tingling sensation that coursed through his skin and flesh.

Fortunately, this feeling only lasted for a moment before subsiding. Chen Fei felt a surge of power in his body, and he instinctively clenched his fists.

[Cultivation Realm: Skin Toughening (1/1000)]

The interface clearly displayed Chen Fei’s current cultivation level. Chen Fei looked around, and subtle sounds floated into Chen Fei’s ears. He could also see further.

Chen Fei jumped a few times on the spot. He didn’t know if it was because of the interface or the perfected breathing technique, but he had perfect control over his own strength after breaking through.

He exerted strength and moved his body as he pleased. At this moment, he could knock down his former self with a single punch. As for Niu Kuo’s bow and arrow? It was nothing more than just the strength and archery skills of an ordinary person.

Meanwhile, hundreds of meters away.

“This kid is too good at running. When we catch him later, we have to torture him properly!” Sha Daxin gritted his teeth and said coldly.

“Torturing people is easy. I’ll cut his skin and pour some honey into his wound. I guarantee he’ll suffer.” Niu Kuo laughed loudly.

“Then I’ll leave it in your hands, Niu Kuo,” Sha Daxin said flatteringly.

“I’ve taken your money, so it’s only right to do some work for you.”

Niu Kuo didn’t care. He looked ahead and said, “Although that kid can run, he must be on tenterhooks right now. We’ll slowly follow behind him and eventually exhaust him to death.”

“I’m afraid he’ll run back to the medical hall.”

“I actually hope he runs down the mountain. It’ll be easier to stop him.” In Niu Kuo’s eyes, killing a person was much easier than killing a wild beast.

“You’re indeed formidable!” Sha Daxin smiled charmingly.

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“Hahaha, if such a thing happens again in the future, feel free to look for me…”


Before Niu Kuo could finish his sentence, his expression suddenly changed. He rolled to the side, and a bowl-sized stone flew over his head.

Niu Kuo stood up and was about to raise his bow and arrow when a figure appeared in front of him out of nowhere. With a kick, the bow and arrow in his hand were kicked away, and Niu Kuo was flipped over by a tremendous force, involuntarily falling backward.

“Chen Fei!”

Sha Daxin hadn’t even realized what had happened when he saw Chen Fei appear and kick Niu Kuo away. He instinctively swung the chopper in his hand toward Chen Fei.


Chen Fei kicked Sha Daxin in the chest. With a muffled sound, Sha Daxin spat out blood and flew back a few meters. He crashed into a big tree and slid to the ground.

“Young hero, this is a misunderstanding!”

Niu Kuo suddenly shouted as the situation turned around. Chen Fei, however, said nothing, and with determined steps, he approached Niu Kuo, sweeping the machete in his hand toward him.

Niu Kuo saw Chen Fei’s decisiveness, and a vicious look flashed through his eyes. A grabbed a handful of lime in his hand, threw it at Chen Fei while he pulled out a dagger in his other hand, and stabbed Chen Fei.


A pair of hands flew through the air, and Niu Kuo looked at his own arms in a daze. The next moment, he felt a pain in his neck. The world turned upside down and finally plunged into darkness.

Chen Fei turned around expressionlessly and walked towards Sha Daxin.

“You’re a murderer. Chen Fei, you’ll die a horrible death!” Sha Daxin cursed loudly, seemingly knowing that he wouldn’t survive.

Chen Fei sheathed his machete, and Sha Daxin collapsed weakly beside him.