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Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques

Chapter 8
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The experience value of the Vitality Pill had indeed increased by 1 point. Chen Fei heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. He had indeed gained more insights regarding the refinement of the Vitality Pill.

He finished the stir-fried pork liver in a few bites since he didn’t put many in the pot to start with. Anyway, the interface didn’t say how much pork liver to use, so Chen Fei naturally picked up less.

According to the amount he had bought previously, Chen Fei could still cook pork liver dozens of times. However, he was still unable to cultivate the Vitality Pill to the master level after dozens of times.

Chen Fei carefully cut off a bit of pig liver and threw it into the pot. Chen Fei wanted to see how much-fried pork liver he needed before the interface recognized it.

A moment later, a fingernail-sized stir-fried pork liver was served, and a smile appeared on Chen Fei’s face as a little insight into the Vitality Pill appeared in his mind.

Chen Fei looked at the remaining pig liver. It would be enough for a hundred practices!

Full of motivation, Chen Fei immersed himself in the process of frying the pig liver, completely forgetting himself.

After two hours, the pork liver was all fried. Chen Fei was also a little tired of eating. After all, it was all stir-fried pork liver, and Chen Fei’s cooking skills were indeed quite average.

However, these were all secondary. The most important thing was that the interface reflected that the Vitality Pill had already reached the Master Level.

Being at the Proficient-level of refining Vitality Pills could already guarantee that every batch of Vitality Pills would be successfully refined. There wouldn’t be a situation where the furnace would explode, rendering the pills useless.

It was just the quality of the Vitality Pills that could not be guaranteed, but if they were sold, there shouldn’t be many problems.

“Should I sell it to the medical center or other shops in the market?”

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Chen Fei muttered to himself slightly. The requirements for guards were undoubtedly much less restrictive compared to workers. The medical hall wouldn’t demand that the extra income they made go to the medical hall. If they did, the guards would probably run away.

However, if the guard had something precious, it was best to sell it to the medical hall. The medical hall would not mistreat the guard. However, something like the Vitality Pill was definitely not a precious item.

Chen Fei hesitated. Would it attract unwanted attention if he revealed his alchemy skills?

“I’m going to sell to the medical hall!”

After thinking for a moment, Chen Fei made up his mind. It was just a mere Vitality Pill, and he had to show that he was of a certain value to make the medical hall pay more attention to him.

Chen Fei was now a completely peripheral person in the medical center.

This world was very dangerous. Chen Fei had already experienced it on Mount Pingyin. If there were any dangerous missions in the future, they would definitely let the cannon fodder go first.

People on the edge easily became cannon fodder.

“I’ll show them the entry-level Vitality Pills first. After a while, I’ll show them the expert-level ones. That way, it would be more acceptable.”

Chen Fei decided on a strategy in his heart. After cleaning up the spot, he rushed back to the medical hall and found Zeng Defang in the alchemy room.

“Just leave the pill formula on the table.”

Zeng Defang looked up at Chen Fei and then looked down at the medical book in his hand. He thought that Chen Fei had come back to return the pill formula.

“Elder Zeng, I’ve been trying to concoct a Vitality Pill for the past two days, and I’ve succeeded,” Chen Fei placed the pill formula properly and said with a smile.


Zeng Defang frowned slightly and looked at Chen Fei with a hint of dissatisfaction.”I believe I told you a few days ago that the medical hall won’t provide you with medicinal herbs for free.”

“Yes, I’ll pay for a set of herbs for the Vitality Pill and refine it on the spot. I hope Elder Zeng can give me some pointers.” Chen Fei cupped his hands.

“I don’t have time. Find someone else to give you pointers.”

Zeng Defang pursed his lips. This kid was simply baffling. After looking at the pill formula for two days, he actually said that he could refine the Vitality Pill. Who did he think he was?

“You still want me to watch you refine it? Do you think I’m so free?”

Moreover, someone had used this method a few years ago to get close to them. In the end, when they refined it, the ending was too tragic.

As such, Zeng Defang did not even want to bother with Chen Fei. Initially, he felt that it was not easy for Chen Fei to be promoted from an errand boy to a guard. He had a trace of pity for him, but at this moment, it had all disappeared.

“Elder Zeng, there’s no need for me to joke about this matter. I also have no intention of teasing you.”

Chen Fei looked at Zeng Defang’s expression and guessed what he was thinking. He could not help but say sincerely, “When I refine it later, if Elder Zeng sees anything wrong with my technique, you can stop me at any time. Is that okay?”

Zeng Defang was an Elder at Qingzheng Medical Hall, so no one would doubt his approval. If Chen Fei wanted to gain a foothold in the medical Hall and obtain more resources, befriending Zeng Defang was a good way to go.

Moreover, Zeng Defang was famous for being cold on the outside but warm on the inside. He was willing to support juniors with potential. Otherwise, Chen Fei would not have done this.

Zeng Defang looked at Chen Fei. Seeing Chen Fei’s serious expression, he could not help but soften a little.

“Alright, I’ll watch you refine it once. I want to see what skill you have.”

“Thank you, Elder Zeng!”

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Chen Fei couldn’t help but smile. He took out a set of medicinal ingredients for the Vitality Pill from the bag on his back and sat in front of a pill furnace.

Chen Fei clumsily cleaned the pill furnace, started a fire, and put in the medicinal herbs.

Zeng Defang frowned slightly. Chen Fei’s technique was too raw. It didn’t look like he knew how to refine pills at all. However, when he thought about how the other party had only obtained the pill formula two days ago, it only made sense. At least there were no problems with the basic steps.

The first few steps were unfamiliar, but Chen Fei was still calm.

A master-level Vitality Pill was equivalent to an alchemist who had refined pills for a few years. From the moment the medicinal ingredients were placed into the pill furnace, Chen Fei’s had a good grip on the situation.

Every change in the pill furnace was within Chen Fei’s expectations.

There were only a few types of medicinal herbs used to refine qi and blood, so the medicinal properties did not change much. By grasping these changes, he would be able to grasp the results of every batch, guaranteeing pills.

However, Chen Fei had no intention of displaying the standard of a Master. That was a little too much. Thus, when some changes occurred in the pill furnace, Chen Fei deliberately did not adjust it in time.

This would affect the quality of the pill, but it would not cause the furnace to explode. They were small mistakes that could be tolerated.

Zeng Defang looked at Chen Fei. At first, he was suspicious, but later, he was slightly surprised. Now, he was even more stunned.

Of course, Chen Fei’s refining process still had many flaws. If these flaws appeared in other senior alchemists, they would be criticized and pointed out.

However, for a newcomer like Chen Fei, who had just come into contact with pill formulas, it was completely normal. Chen Fei’s performance at this moment was already quite shocking in Zeng Defang’s eyes.

Fifteen minutes later, as the lid of the pill furnace was opened, a medicinal fragrance wafted into the pill refining room.

Zeng Defang couldn’t help but take a step forward and look at the Vitality Pill that Chen Fei handed over.

The pill was not round, and there were some unfused medicinal herbs. However, this did not affect the fact that it was a Vitality Pill.

Zeng Defang raised his head and looked at Chen Fei seriously. The first thought that came to his mind was that Chen Fei had refined Vitality Pills in the past. However, he denied that thought immediately.

How could an errand boy have refined it before?

So, did that mean that Chen Fei really had an extremely strong talent in alchemy?