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Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques

Chapter 9
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A Child Worth Teaching

“Refine another batch of Vitality Pills.”

Zeng Defang instructed the errand boy to bring a set of medicinal herbs to refine a Vitality Pill and handed it to Chen Fei.

Chen Fei did not refuse. He cleaned the pill furnace and simply processed the medicinal ingredients before throwing them into the pill furnace. Compared to his earlier unfamiliarity, Chen Fei’s movements were now a little more skillful.

At the same time, Chen Fei corrected one or two of the pill-refining mistakes that he had deliberately shown earlier. Zeng Defang’s eyes lit up when he saw these two corrections.

As time passed, a faint medicinal fragrance wafted out of the pill furnace. Fifteen minutes passed very quickly. Chen Fei opened the lid of the furnace and took out the Vitality Pill.

Compared to the first Vitality Pill, the pill this time was a little smoother. There were also fewer medicinal herbs that had not been fused.

In the eyes of laymen, this Vitality Pill might not be much different from the previous one, but in Zeng Defang’s eyes, the difference between the two was huge.

Zeng Defang looked at the Vitality Pill in his hand and then looked up at Chen Fei. He could not hide the admiration in his eyes.

People were always willing to believe what they saw, and Chen Fei had refined two batches of Vitality Pills in front of Zeng Defang, and his progress was obvious.

This proved that Chen Fei’s talent in alchemy was indeed rare. Zeng Defang had been in Qingzheng Medical Hall for so many years, and there were very few people who could compare to Chen Fei’s talent.

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Of course, at this moment, Chen Fei could not be said to be a pill-refining genius. After all, it was just a simple Vitality Pill. However, he was good enough for Qingzheng Medical Hall to train him and allow him to test his limits.

If Chen Fei could still successfully refine other pills like the Vitality Pill, then Qingzheng Medical Hall would really have found a treasure.

“You’re not bad. I didn’t expect you to really be able to successfully refine the Vitality Pill just two days after seeing the pill formula.”

Zeng Defang smiled warmly and said, “But don’t be arrogant. There are still many flaws in these two Vitality Pills. You still need to practice hard to refine them better.”

“Thank you for your affirmation, Elder Zeng.” Chen Fei stood up and cupped his hands.

“It will be a waste of your talents to continue being a guard. I will talk to Steward Cui so that you can refine the pills here in the future. You’ll first have to figure out the Vitality Pill before you refine other pills in the future.”

“Thank you for your recommendation, Elder Zeng!”

Chen Fei’s face could not help but reveal a smile. His goal had finally been achieved. Now, he finally had a source of silver.

Two hours later, Chen Fei refined another batch of Vitality Pills in front of Cui Sanjie, which made Cui Sanjie overjoyed.

Although Zeng Defang was the one who put in the recommendation, Cui Sanjie couldn’t believe that a guard, who was only an odd-job worker, could refine pills.

But now, seeing was believing. No matter how unbelievable it was, he had to admit that Chen Fei had talent in alchemy, and was quite outstanding. In that case, Cui Sanjie had no reason to reject Zeng Defang’s original proposal.

The news of Chen Fei becoming an Alchemist spread throughout the entire medical hall in less than half a day, causing everyone’s jaws to drop.

Alchemy was a skill that required great talent.

For example, if one in ten people could learn martial arts, then perhaps one in a hundred people would not even be able to learn alchemy.

Therefore, in Qingzheng Medical Hall, the status of an alchemist was far from what a guard could compare to.

Therefore, Chen Fei’s status in the medical hall had increased again. He had gone from a worker to an alchemist. In a few days, he had achieved a two-level jump, which made many people envious.

Moreover, they also heard that Chen Fei’s talent in alchemy was quite outstanding, which astounded Zeng Defang and Cui Sanjie. Their astonishment made sense. Chen Fei was able to successfully refine a pill in just two days just by looking at the pill formula and fumbling around on his own.

If this talent was not considered outstanding, then what was?

Previously, many people were waiting to see Chen Fei make a fool of himself, and they even treated Chen Fei as a meal conversation. Now, they didn’t dare to talk about him that way, afraid that Chen Fei would hear it.

The current Chen Fei naturally did not have much power, but who knew how far Chen Fei could grow in the future. It was not worth it to offend such a person just for the sake of a moment of satisfaction.

Now, not only could they not afford to offend him, they had to think of ways to curry favor with him. What if Chen Fei really made a meteoric rise in the future?

“Damn it, this bumpkin’s luck is actually so good!”

At the table, Pu Liao smashed the cup in his hand heavily on the table, making a dull sound.

“I heard that Elder Zeng thinks highly of him,” A guard said in a low voice. He didn’t dare to talk casually about Chen Fei with Pu Liao like before.

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Pu Liao snorted and looked at the people around him. Seeing that they didn’t agree with him, he stood up and left. He didn’t have to drink that wine. The more he drank, the more annoyed he felt.

The other guards looked at each other, not knowing what to say. In the medical hall, alchemists were indeed of a higher status than the guards.

Pu Liao could ignore Chen Fei to a certain extent by relying on his experience and his cultivation in the Body Tempering Realm, but they couldn’t do that.

The next day, Chen Fei did not stand guard in the front hall. Instead, he was refining pills seriously in the pill room. Zeng Defang stood at the side and personally corrected Chen Fei’s mistakes in the refining process.

Chen Fei was a little surprised. He did not expect Zeng Defang to think so highly of him. It was probably the talent he displayed that impressed Zeng Defang.

Although he had used too much effort, the result was satisfactory. Chen Fei couldn’t reject Zeng Defang’s good intentions. He listened to Zeng Defang’s explanation carefully and corrected one or two of those mistakes in the next pill refinement.

When Zeng Fefang saw his teaching was effective, he became more and more excited as he taught, and he began to glow.

Being a teacher was like this. When one met a genius disciple, the other party would know it at once. There was no need to say it a second time. That feeling was quite a sense of accomplishment.

It had been too many years since Zeng Defang had experienced this feeling. At this moment, he was even happier and prouder when he saw Chen Fei refine pills better time and time again than when he refined pills of high difficulty himself.

“Very good. All the medicinal ingredients have been fused into this Vitality Pill. Although the fusion isn’t complete enough, it has improved a lot compared to before.”

Zeng Defang looked at the pill in his hand with a smile on his face. He looked at Chen Fei with satisfaction. In his heart, Zeng Defang had already treated Chen Fei as half a disciple.

“Elder Zeng taught me well.”

Chen Fei flattered him immediately, making Zeng Defang’s smile even brighter.

A child worth teaching. He was a child worth teaching!

Chen Fei smiled. Although what he said just now was flattery, Zeng Defang’s level was indeed high. The interface showed that the progress of the Vitality Pill had increased by more than ten points. This was proof.