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Darius Supreme-Novel

Chapter 686 686
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On this day, many things occurred in Faust. Today, the Insect Tide that was plaguing Ludo and had killed over 40% of its population had suddenly withdrawn and seemingly fled the continent. 

Today, the war on Fallon that had been paused for some reason resumed in full force, and the remaining states were brutally conquered by Safemoon, led by Achilles and Commander Maverick. 

Today, the forces belonging to Miranda which had already invaded more than 30% of the Demon and Devil's territory in Armadon suddenly retracted their advance and began consolidating their captured territory. 

Today, five territories of immense size and population began fighting amongst themselves on Kiel, turning the icy continent into a warzone of epic proportions. Today, Pan and Houto were given an announcement from the Pan Suppression Sect that all their territory was to be handed over to the sect with both hands, or fatal action would be taken. 

Finally, today Ludo rejoiced as Darius announced that he was the new Desert King of the land and planned to rebuild the capital in the center of the continent and then link it to Safemoon. 

So much happened today across the world and it would be on the lips of denizens worldwide for months to come. What they didn't know though, was that every bit of news they heard was related to, and orchestrated by Darius himself. 

Darius was preparing to finally reel in the net and settle Faust completely before he transmigrated to other worlds in other to plunder their rich and sweet bounties for himself. 

The world's reaction to Darius' announcements was extremely intense. Fallon was already conquered and being assimilated, so everyone there was practically happy with every expansion Safemoon made, for it meant a betterment to their overall living quality. 

Ludo was currently in honeymoon season, counting the days with which Darius would arrive like maidens in love. Unyris was speechless but did not seem to be interested at first. They were the strongest continent in the world with the strongest species, and even the True Gods and False Lords had to be careful with them. 

Pan and Houto were in uproar, bellowing 'despicable!' and 'courting death!' endlessly towards the demands of the Pan Suppression Sect, but at the same time, they made no moves and were filled with endless fear. 

After all, this was the faction that had slaughtered their powerhouses like cabbage without taking any losses. Now that Pan Suppression Sect were doing what the two continents' remaining powerhouses had long feared Darius' sect would do, they were filled with unwillingness! 

Likewise, Armadon was filled with mixed feelings. They hated the fact that Miranda was setting up a foothold on their land and consolidating, because it would make it easier for her to later come and do her atrocious acts again! 

Whether it was them or Houto and Pan, they all began furiously dialing the number of the False Gods of Elysium. Back then, whenever one was in trouble, those False Gods were ready to help as it would interrupt the status quo and let them leave their influence on other continents. 

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But Fallon looked at this behavior with a sneer. When we were first being invaded you think we didn't dial up that secret number? Those fellows are gone and trying to rely on them is a false hope. 

While this was ongoing, Kiel was caught up in a war that it never wanted and did not have the time nor energy to comment on misc things. 

Meanwhile, there were cricket sounds coming from the empty Gravitas and Pokterr. 

Faust was about to shake to its core in the coming days. 


At this time, a blood-red portal that stank of iron and malice opened up somewhere on Fallon, around the northern section and very close to Andrato. 

Two fellows walked out of the portal with surprised and excited faces, their bodies trembling with joy. They glanced around at the familiar scenery and couldn't help but release hearty laughter that did not fit their looks. 

They had angular faces, sharp noses, oval-shaped eyes with soft brows, and oiled white hair. Their lips were the same color as their skin, extremely pasty and very pale. They had average builds that were slim and did not seem very muscular. 

Interestingly enough, they wore full noble liveries that were colored black with the only thing missing from their attires being a family crest, but these two were not interested in that. 

They were two pureblooded vampires who had been away on indenture to help their boss and had now triumphantly returned to take their rightful place! 

Mikey and Joneson! 

These two fellows had been summoned by Darius far into the past when he was still starting out through the use of the basic skill of the death element, Spawn. Due to Darius transmuting the skillbook, its effects were far greater than anyone could have predicted. 

They had served him well and even obtained the growth characteristic which allowed them to slaughter living things and seize their death energy to nourish themselves. They had eventually evolved from bonehead skeletons to pureblood vampires. 

Their current power had increased a bit since they had last seen Darius due to a mixture of the work Thanatos made them do as well as Vena's passive upgrading of the entire world. 

[Name: Joneson || Race: Undead || Stage: Adept || Jobs: Mage, Multi-Elementalist. 

HP: 17,690/17,690 (9,215) || MP: 8,778/8,778 (4,998) || STA: 6,090/6,090 (2,058) 

Level: 42 || P-Status: Healthy || M-Status: Excited 

Power: 122 (97)  || Speed: 108 (98)  || Constitution: 145 (95) 

Magic: 209 (119) || Will: 520 || Luck: 0. 

Skills: Raise Dead, Heal Undead, Sacrifice, Promote, Create Initiate, Summon Thralls, Create Blood Warriors, Life Drain, Shadow Manipulation, Shadow Blade, Hail of Spears. 

Spells: Magic Immunity, Damage Ward, Absorb, Ultra Dominate, Sword Mastery.] 

[Name: Mikey || Race: Undead || Stage: Adept || Jobs: Pureblood Vampire, Growth. 

HP: 17,690/17,690 (9,215) || MP: 8,778/8,778 (4,998) || STA: 6,090/6,090 (2,058) 

Level: 42 || P-Status: Healthy || M-Status: Excited 

Power: 122 (97)  || Speed: 108 (98)  || Constitution: 145 (95) 

Magic: 209 (119) || Will: 520 || Luck: 0. 

Skills: Raise Dead, Heal Undead, Sacrifice, Promote, Create Initiate, Summon Thralls, Create Blood Warriors, Life Drain, Shadow Manipulation, Shadow Blade, Hail of Spears. 

Spells: Magic Immunity, Damage Ward, Absorb, Ultra Dominate, Spear Mastery.] 

When they checked their status screen, the duo shared a look of confusion. 

"Eh, Mikey, seems a bit odd innit? I remember the whole structure was different back then." Joneson commented while scratching his head. 

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"I'm just as confused as you. I wonder if the system went bonkers or anything." Mikey replied his confusion as well. 

"Hey, you know, I can't sense that annoying Caesar bloke anymore!" Joneson exclaimed in shock. 

"What? Me neither. Oh, he probably died or somethin. I always felt like his days were numbered ya." 

"What about the Boss then? Did he die heroically in battle or what?" 

"Now why would you go and assume that? How could we be still here if the boss left?" 

"Dunno, I aint no expert." 

"Exactly, so shut up Joneson!" 

The two bickered by the side until a rail carriage came to pass by. Seeing two vampires cussing each other out with such strange accents, the people on the carriage were amused. However, they received a mission from their HoloBraces to receive the two vampires and lead them to Safemoon. 

Seeing that the payout was so much, their eyes bulged. Immediately, they jumped out of the carriage and rushed over to Mikey and Joneson, fawning expressions on their faces as they coaxed them into following them to Safemoon. 

Mikey and Joneson were rightly spooked and wary at first, but calmed down when they heard that Safemoon belonged to Darius. They then became excited at the prospect of seeing their beloved boss again that they wailed while the carriage shot forth, making the passengers shared looks of wonderment. 

These two undead… what special fellows. 

Soon the carriage arrived at its destination and the fellow disembarked. They saw that Achilles was walking over to them with broad steps, and the two undead couldn't help but pass comments. 

"Look at im Mikey, like some proud peacock innit?" 

"I betcha he has a wank in the mirror everyday." 

"I wouldn't be surprised. But hey, he's some sort of general innit? Does that mean he's like us?" 

"Nah, our relationship with the boss is special, these bozos couldn't steal our place in his heart!" 

"Too true!" 

Achilles could only grit his teeth with forced patience as he led Mikey and Joneson to the core area and deposited them in the Mage Tower. After hearing their chat and banter for so long, he quickly fled once he was done with the task because they had been discussing whether his blood was tasty or not. 

Mikey and Joneson scratched their heads. While they could tell that this must be Darius' property, they couldn't sense him anywhere on the continent and their connection to the Supreme System was fuzzy at best and suppressed at worst.