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Ethan’s Vengeance of Love

Ethan’s Vengeance of Love
220 Chapters
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Ethan’s Vengeance of Love

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    Read Ethan’s Vengeance of Love by Internet. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereEthan's Vengeance of Love  by Mr. Adeel Full Episode at . Genre: Sweet Love Inside the personal presidential suite of the Magnificent Hotel in Rodcaster, Alice Woland finds herself in apromising situation with a man she doesn't fully trust. She decides to handcuff him to the bed, thinking she has the upper hand. However, the man, Ethan Knight, remains calm and confident. He secretly activates a tracking device and observes Alice's movements. Unbeknownst to Alice, Ethan quickly arranges for her to be trapped in Elevator Number 5. He contacts his assistant, Caleb, and chuckles at the thought of catching Alice and punishing her for her actions. Outside the elevator, Liam awaits her arrival, ensuring that she won't be able to escape. After rushing to Mr. Knight's room, Caleb discovers a messy scene with clothes scattered on the floor and Mr. Knight handcuffed to the bed. Caleb realizes that someone had slept with Mr. Knight, handcuffed him, and escaped. Mr. Knight had used a tracking device to locate the person and plans to confront them. Caleb releases Mr. Knight from the handcuffs and collects fingerprints as evidence. Mr. Knight orders the hotel manager to block all the exits and check the surveillance in Elevator Number 5. Meanwhile, Alice, the woman who slept with Mr. Knight, is in Elevator Number 5. She had been drugged and woke up in Mr. Knight's bed. Feeling his dangerous aura, she handcuffed him to the bed to prevent him from capturing her. As the elevator stops on different floors, she realizes she is the only one remaining inside. Alice decides to escape, but she suspects Mr. Knight has set traps in the hotel to catch her. Alice grabs her bag from Elevator Number 5 and presses the button to go up, causing another elevator to stop on the second floor. She guesses correctly that Elevator Number 5 will stop on the first floor due to Mr. Knight's plans. Alice quickly enters Elevator Number 3, tricks the doors, and escapes to the stairwell. She sends a message from her phone and heads towards a masquerade on the third floor as her best chance to avoid capture. Mr. Knight, aware of Alice's diversion, observes Elevator Number 3 but realizes she has outsmarted him. He acknowledges her cleverness but feels disappointed about the situation. Please read and follow Ethan's Vengeance of Love  by Mr. Adeel Full Episode at Thank so much!