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Heart of Darkness-Novel

Heart of Darkness-Novel
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Heart of Darkness-Novel

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    Summary A woman alone in a man’s world.In a time and place where it’s difficult for a woman live alone, protect and provide for herself, Angelica must find a provider and a proter after her father is accused of being a trar and executed by the king. Now known as a trar's daughter, she must survive in a cruel world ruled by men, and in order do so she ends up seeking protection in a man feared by everyone. A man with many scars. Both physically and mentally.A man punished for his pride.Rayven is a man with many scars. Theyver his face and punish his soul. He can never show himself without people riling at the sight of him. Except for one woman who willinglymes knocking on his door. Is she an additional punishment sent him, or will she be his salvation?You’re reading “Heart of Darkness” on See all Hide