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Her Sweet Revenge by Authorfavour

Her Sweet Revenge by Authorfavour
110 Chapters
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Her Sweet Revenge by Authorfavour

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    Read Her Sweet Revenge by Authorfavour by Authorfavour. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereHer Sweet Revenge by Authorfavour full chapter. Genre: Romance Asanel Anderson, a young girl, finds herself caught in a web of mystery and danger surrounding her parents and the powerful Madison family. Asanel's mother, Matilda, a dedicated journalist, reveals her suspicions that the Madisons are involved in a rape case that resulted in a woman's death. Matilda also shares that she and Asanel's father, Daniel, have been receiving death threats. Asanel receives a disturbing package with a threatening note, adding to the growing sense of unease. As the story unfolds, it bes apparent that Daniel has made a significant discovery related to the rape case and implicating the Madisons and other politicians. However, hismunication with Matilda is cryptic, urging her to stay strong for their family. Meanwhile, Asanel grapples with her own challenges, including her budding relationship with Jason Madison, one of the Madisons' children. The tension between their families and the Madisons' disapproval furtherplicates their connection. Tragedy strikes when Matilda receives news that Daniel has been fatally shot. Devastated, Asanel rushes to her mother's side, only to learn that her father is gone. Unknown to them, the mastermind behind the murder is revealed to be James Madison, the patriarch of the Madison family, in collusion with his wife, Lauren. They discuss eliminating Matilda and Asanel as well, seeing them as further obstacles. The story concludes with the Madisons plotting to control and manipulate the situation, including thwarting Asanel and Jason's relationship. Their plan to target Asanel specifically is revealed, emphasizing the danger she faces. As the events unfold, it bes evident that Asanel's life is at stake, and the tension continues to build. Read Her Sweet Revenge by Authorfavour at