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Hero of Darkness-Novel

Chapter 22: The Newcomer
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Chapter 22: The Newcomer

Kahn looked at the old man Arkham, focusing his sight on any slight movements the old man might make. His Survival Instinct alert & then he activated his Hunter's Intent.

Kahn knew that no matter how accurate his perception or Survival Instinct blessing was, if he didn't have enough reaction speed or strength to defend himself against a truly strong enemy; his life would be forfeited right on the spot.

"You have some good senses, kid. Now let me see if you actually know how to fight." said Arkham as he took his first step towards Kahn.


Arkham's image flickered the next second and Kahn sensed an impending doom coming towards him.


Just as the Arkham was about to hit Kahn, the young man quickly used the sword to block his left-hand side and finally, Arkham's figure appeared in front of him.

Author: Consider his sword similar to the one in the cover art of the , with a black hilt and guard.

The surrounding people gasped with surprise!

Even the other instructors were amazed. Because until now, Arkham never used his speed to attack any of the examinees. He only parried and dodged them before landing a fatal hit with his wooden sword. But now he was taking the approach of the attacker against the young man.

And to add more surprise to this, the young man actually blocked the strike that everyone standing there failed to see.

"Nice sword." said Arkham and he swung his wooden sword again. Kahn was barely adjusting to the grandmaster rank swordsman's extremely quick speed and attacks.

Each strike looked very simple but only Kahn knew that Arkham was trying to either land a fatal blow or disarm him. Not a single movement from the old man was wasteful and as Kahn kept defending against these flawless strikes that followed a form of rhythm to them, leading his hand movements when he was defending against the strikes; Kahn realized that he was being too overconfident of himself when he asked the old man to attack him first.

"Is defending all you can do?" asked Arkham with contemptuous eyes as if he was disappointed with Kahn's skills.


[Host has improved the Weapon Mastery for Swords. ????????????????eα????. ????????????

Current progress : 35% at Master Rank.

The host has unlocked the Combat Techniques, Defensive Stance.

Current progress : 15% at Master Rank]

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The system notification rang in his head but Kahn didn't lose his attention and kept focusing on the enemy in front.

"The rules said I'd still win if I lasted for a while against the instructors. Don't try to goad me into attacking and give you an opening, old man." said Kahn as he firmed his defensive stance and kept focusing on Arkham's movements.

"If you think stalling for time will help you, then you're wrong. Let me show you the difference between our skills." said Arkham and finally released his aura to the full extent.


The nearby surrounding and everyone present felt an unimaginable pressure as if a mountain was thrown on their shoulders as soon as Arkham revealed his killing intent.

Some of the other examinees fainted right on the spot while others slouched under this aura.

Kahn who was the original target of this domineering aura and killing intent was actually facing the pressure 3 times more than what others felt. His body having no strength to even move a muscle or even look the other way.

Kahn felt like he was nothing but a prey in front of a predator beast. A prey that didn't even have the right to fight back.

Kahn could feel his bones clattering under this pressure and his veins popping out. The old man with a benign smile on his face was a true powerhouse.

War Dominance!

Kahn activated his War Dominance blessing and felt the pressure on him disappearing.

Arkham on the other hand had a riddled expression on his face. He only felt some sort of slight aura from Kahn before but now however, not only his aura was waning in front of the young man but he too also sensed a form of threat from the young Swordsman.

"Interesting. Very interesting." said Arkham as contained his aura inside him.

Arkham again started attacking Kahn from various angles, pushing him backward with every hit. However, Kahn also tried his best to defend and maintain his footing against the heavy and quick attacks. His new sword possessing extreme durability and very easy to move with his current strength.

Even though he was barely holding his end against Arkham's swift attacks, Kahn had a joyful expression on his face. Because with every strike he was defending against, his weapon mastery and Combat techniques mastery was increasing by a lot as he was fighting against a true expert.

Arkham who noticed this smile on Kahn's face felt irritated as the new guy in front of him was successfully defending against a skilled veteran like him.

"I'll give you a chance to attack me. I will only defend. How about it?" asked Arkham in a playful tone.

"No lies, right? Because unlike me, you have a reputation to protect here." said Kahn as he gave a light smirk.

[System, show me the current progress.] Kahn commanded the system.

[Host has improved the Weapon Mastery for Swords.

Current progress : 49% at Master Rank.

Defensive Stance Combat Techniques,

Current progress : 40% at Master Rank]

Kahn heard the updates and decided to go along with Arkham's proposal. Because he won't be able to improve his weapon mastery & combat techniques mastery by defending alone. He had to attack as well to improve his skills. Otherwise, he'd be just swinging a sword like an idiot in a real battle. He had to use this opportunity to learn some true sword skills.

"I'm coming!" shouted Kahn and charged at Arkham.

He quickly swung his longsword vertically trying to land a lethal hit at the old man.


The sound of metal and stone banging resounded in the training grounds.

By now, over a hundred or more people who were either practicing or giving their tests in the adjacent training grounds were immersed in looking at Kahn and Arkham's fight. The newbie managing to last for so long against the famous Arkham, one of the strongest adventurers in the entire city was a miracle to them.

There was a huge crack in the floor where Kahn's sword just landed. Arkham had parried Kahn's brute attack in the last second effortlessly.

During the attack, Kahn noticed that even though Arkham was using a wooden sword, there was a layer of protective aura or some kind of barrier that was covering the sword. And the source of it was none other than Arkham.

[Is this what they call a Magic Swordsman?] Kahn asked himself. Because no way his sword wouldn't be able to break open a wooden sword with a single hit. Not only was made of extremely good quality materials, but it was also very sharp and heavy at the same time. So Arkham using some sort of skill or magic that was enforcing the wooden sword was the only explanation he could think of.

Kahn didn't stop there. He adjusted his footing to not leave an opening and twisted his body in a circular motion, using the momentum of his body to pull the sword out of the ground and making a horizontal slash at the old man.

To this, Arkham only sidestepped and parried the attack again with a flick of his wrist.

Kahn started using his side hopper ability to dash and attack the old man from time to time, even forcing the old man to take a few steps back with his heavy yet quick attacks.

He aimed for Arkham's vital points as he kept running and attacking the old man from different angles again and again. The Kahn who was barely managing to hold against Arkham till now was suddenly pushing the old veteran from one side of the training ground to another. His attacks becoming more deadly and precise with time.

The audience watching this battle however was completely silent. Many not believing their eyes and some dismissing what they were seeing in front of them.

The well-renounced and greatly experienced veteran adventurer was being pushed back by a newcomer?

Even though it was only a test and Arkham was allowing the new guy to attack him.. Actually landing a hit on the old man and even pushing him few steps back was something none of them had ever heard of in all their time in the adventurer association.

Arkham who was at the receiving end was far more active this time. He was no longer just flicking his wrists and parrying the attacks, rather using both of his hands and taking a proper defensive stance while defending against Kahn's brutal yet very quick attacks.

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To his surprise, the young man in front of him was getting better and better as time was passing; his movements were no longer that of an amateur but a skilled swordsman. He completely got rid of all the unnecessary movements and force behind his attacks and his hand coordination while swinging the long sword was improving as the fight went on.

When Arkham came out of his daze, he finally noticed a bright smile on Kahn's face as he kept defending.

This guy was enjoying the fight? Arkham was caught surprised.

Unbeknownst to all the bewildered gazes, Kahn was becoming more joyful as he heard the System notifications in his head.

[Host has improved the Weapon Mastery for Swords.

Current progress : 67% at Master Rank.

The host has unlocked the following Combat Techniques :



Horizontal Slash

Vertical Slash

Streak ]

Arkham was simply stunned.

He had seen many talented people when it came to swordsmanship but never before had he seen someone like Kahn who made so many drastic improvements just in a single match. It was as if the experience he was getting from their bout was unlocking some type of hidden talent inside the young man.

Genius! He found a true genius!

"Stop!" Arkham spoke with a slight smile and an approving expression on his face.

"You pass." said the old man.

The crowd was gobsmacked after the announcement.

This newcomer passed a test conducted by the legendary Arkham himself? Were their eyes deceiving them?

Kahn stopped his attacks and put the heavy longsword on his back. He clasped both his fists together and made a slight bow towards the old man Arkham like people did in Chinese Martial Arts s and said,

"Thank you for your guidance."