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I Want a Divorce by Nadia Gordon

I Want a Divorce by Nadia Gordon
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I Want a Divorce by Nadia Gordon

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    Read I Want a Divorce by Nadia Gordon by Nadia Gordon. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereI Want a Divorce by Nadia Gordon full chapter at . Artist: Abigail and Sean.... Genre: Billionaire Abigail decides to divorce her wealthy husband, Sean, and quickly packs her belongings. She leaves their marital home and joins her friend Luna in their fashion studio, LMoon. Abigail learns that they have a backlog of sixty-six orders and realizes she must work tirelessly to fulfill them. Luna shares news of a potential big client, and Abigail begins designing custom gowns. As she is about to take a break, an assistant informs her of a challenging customer downstairs. Abigail, in the midst of a divorce from her husband Sean, is working at the LMoon fashion studio. Sean and his new girlfriend, Joan, unexpectedly show up at the studio. Sean is unaware of the divorce, assumes Abigail is working as a server, and criticizes her for working after their marriage. Abigail tries to keep herposure but eventually informs Sean about the divorce and requests him to sign the settlement. Joan, seemingly unaware of their history, bes interested in a wedding gown designed by Abigail, leading to a tense moment when Abigail shows it to them and reveals the high price.... Read I Want a Divorce by Nadia Gordon

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