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I Woke Up Piloting the Strongest Starship, so I Became a Space Mercenary-Novel

Chapter 7 – A Grocery Store in the Space Age
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Chapter 7 - A Grocery Store in the Space Age

Translator: SFBaka

As we headed to the convenience store, Elma talked about the ins and outs of the Termaine System she managed to gain from her activities as a mercenary. This place was a hotbed for mercenary work due to the proliferation of pirates aiming at the large numbers of trading and resource mining ships coming and going from the star system. They also went for the main planetary system in close proximity to the border with the Vereverem Federation.

“That’s why this particular planetary system has a lot of mercenaries hanging around. Or rather, you came to this star system without even knowing that much?”

“Nah, I already talked about my circumstances earlier. I got into an accident and ended up getting forcibly thrown into this sector. It might be due to the life support system malfunctioning or something, but my memory’s quite hazy as a result. Thankfully, the ship remained intact.”

Of course, the part about losing my memory was a complete lie. If I plainly told them I came from another dimension, they’d just probably treat me as someone crazy, so I made up a plausible-sounding excuse while considering the fact that I knew next to nothing about the common sense in this other world.

“Are you alright then? There are some cases where people caught up in those types of accidents suddenly collapsed after some time passed. I think it would be better if you went and got yourself a thorough medical check-up at this colony’s medical ward, just in case.”

“You serious?! Yeah, that might be a good idea.”

If my memory really did get messed up due to an error in the life support system of my ship, Elma’s suggestion made absolute sense. Even though it wasn’t actually the case, I felt like I should get myself checked anyway. There may have been some hidden adverse effects I failed to notice after being inexplicably transported to another dimension. Let’s put getting a medical examination on my to-do list. While I was busy thinking about this matter, Elma pointed towards the front and called out to me.

“Look, that’s the place. That’s the convenience store.”

“There, huh?”

I saw a large signboard with the words [Oishii Mart] written in bold letters in the distance. Oishii (Delicious) Mart, huh? Uh… What an easy to understand name.

“What a damn straightforward store name.”

“Really? I think it sounds kind of exotic though.”

“It does?”

(Which part is?)

I wanted to retort like that, but I held it in. Was it that “Oishii” word perhaps? Well, she isn’t really speaking in Japanese, so I guess it… Hold on. But I’M speaking in Japanese, right? How the heck am I managing to have a proper conversation with the people in this world anyway?

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When I asked Elma about it, she explained that most advanced space-faring civilizations have a “device” to communicate their wills with other advanced civilizations installed into their bodies. It was apparently common sense.

“You even forgot about this?”

“Looks like it.”

“Are you really fine? That’s honestly worrying you know.”

The disappointing elf gave me a pitying gaze. How humiliating.

“Oh well. Come on. Let’s get inside.”


We finally entered the store and surveyed its interior. There were lots of products lined up on the shelves - cereal bars, canned food, food cartridges, and tube-packed nutrient gels. There were even mystery goods which you couldn’t tell if they were food or not and creepy creatures immersed in a formalin-like substance.

“There sure are a lot of stuff huh?”

“Yes. What do you want to buy?”

“What’s good? Any recommendations?”

“If you have an Auto-cooker, I suggest buying some food cartridges. If you have enough funds, you could go for artificial meat products.”

“Artificial meat?”

“Yes. Do you not know of them? Artificially cultivated high-quality protein. It costs a lot more than ordinary foodstuffs, but tastes a lot better.”

“What about natural meat and vegetables?”

“Those things are only eaten by the richest men and women in the entire galaxy. We mercenaries won’t be able to buy those things no matter how much we earn.”


So I guess meat procured from livestock and naturally grown veggies were treated as ultra-luxury items in this world. Guess it does make sense though. Farming inside a space colony doesn’t seem to be so efficient.

While I was absorbed in my thoughts, Elma peered at my face with a suspicious expression.

“Are you actually some sort of rich young master who takes eating natural meat and vegetables as something normal?”

“I- I have no idea. I lost most of my memories, remember? Does it really look like that though?”

She raised both her arms and shook her head, although she still seemed a bit doubtful.

“Not really. I still have some reservations though.”

“Let’s just leave it at that then.”

We proceeded to get other food items recommended by Elma. It also looks like you could buy water here. Although they’re a bit pricey, I ended up buying some artificial meat. Other than that, I also bought some food cartridges, cereal bars, and tube-packed nutrient gels. She also recommended some jerky-like stuff.

“How about some canned food?”

“I don’t really recommend those. They would definitely cause a mess if you opened them in a Zero-G environment.”

She pointed out that the liquid soup or sauce in canned food would immediately float up once you opened them. Solid food like jerky and cereal bars or semi-liquid food like nutrient gels were more suitable for space travel.

“Okay… Are there some carbonated drinks?”

“Carbonated drinks? What are those?”

“Well, uh… stuff like cola or sodas. They’re sweet and refreshing drinks.”


Elma tilted her head in confusion. She really looked like she had no idea.

“They have juice here, right?”

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“Y- Yes. They come in various flavors.”

“They’re sort of like those - but are infused with dissolved carbon dioxide. They fizzle inside your mouth the moment you drink them and taste really good.”

“I haven’t really heard of anything like that though?”

“Say… what…!?”

Does this world really not have carbonated drinks!? I tried asking the cashier about them, but all I got was some words of apology in return.

“God is dead……!”

“Why are you suddenly saying things like a devout believer who has completely lost his faith and is about to die because of it?”

To think that there really were no carbonated drinks in this world… No, wait up? I seem to remember reading something about not being able to properly drink carbonated stuff inside a spacecraft on the net once. I don’t know if it’s due to the absence of gravity or the difference in atmospheric pressure, but wasn’t it excluded because of this?

If this was truly the case, then it would be fine to have them in an environment with gravity and normal atmospheric pressure… Was it not possible even inside a colony? Perhaps because the artificial gravity is gained from centrifugal force? I- I have no idea. I can’t wrap my head around it.

But maybe I’ll be able to drink them if I stay on a residential planet or something? They might be normally sold over there too.

“I’ve decided to buy a detached house with a garden on a residential planet in the future!”

“Now that’s abrupt… How did you decide on that just by hearing about that carbonated drink thing? A house on a residential planet is way too expensive, I’ll have you know. The only ones permitted to own homes on residential planets in the Graccan Empire are only those who have the status of 1st Class imperial citizens. And it apparently costs hundreds of millions of Enel to purchase the land title and obtain citizenship.”

“You serious!? You could buy a Whale Class Heavy Cruiser with that kind of money!”

“It’s true. I’ve heard this info from imperial soldiers before.”

Hundreds of millions of Enel huh…? Argh! That’s way too expensive! However… However…!


“A lofty goal is a great source of motivation.”

“Do whatever you want then.”

Elma shrugged her shoulders in exasperation, but this was an issue of life and death for me! After I bought some water and food, I asked the cashier to send them directly to my ship and exited the store with some food and drink I got for take-out. I also gave Elma her share, of course. Just a bottle of juice though.