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Invincible Mumu

Chapter 9
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It was said that one could tell a person’s character by looking at their room.

The room where they were called to was neat.

Furniture boasting an antique appearance, including the elegant orchid on the desk.

All of that showed how much he valued dignity.

Yu Yeop-kyung, who entered the room, looked around nervously.

‘This will be difficult.’

Although they didn’t talk much, he could imagine his predictability.

The more the room was like this, the more difficult the person would be to deal with.

‘What the hell does he want to talk about?’

Yu Yeop-kyung has been trying to find an answer.

Oh Ji-kang guessed that it was related to his eldest son, Yu Jin-sung, who graduated from Heavenly Martial Arts Academy and entered the good graces of the Imperial family.

‘I’m worried.’

He was afraid that he would put unreasonable pressure on it.

As he went inside, he saw the head, Mo Yun, sitting at the desk, writing something with a brush.

His first impression was quite strong.

Unlike his drooping eyes, he had thick eyebrows.

It could be said that he had a unique face with softness and strength at the same time.

“Deputy Oh Ji-kang. Greets the Minister of Criminal Affairs.”

“Yu Yeop-kyung. Greets the Minister of Criminal Affairs.”

As the head of the Criminal Affairs, who is one of the high-ranking officials of the six departments under the Imperial family, the two greeted him with courtesy.

At that, Minister Mo Yun got up and greeted them.

“Come in. It must have been tough on the long journey.”

And reached out his hand, telling them to sit.

After waiting for Mo Yun to sit at the top seat, Yu Yeop-kyung and deputy Oh Ji-kang walked over and sat down.

Oh Ji-kang greeted him again.

“How have you been?”

“I’m always in the Imperial city. Nothing happens here. Mister Oh, who always travels all over the country and monitors, should be the one with a lot to say. It must be troublesome.”

“Of course not. What I’m doing is what needs to be done.”

“Hehehe. That is what people have to do. Anyway, Yu Hakjeong is here too?”

“Not Hakjeong. It has been a long time since I was sacked. You don’t need to use that title anymore.”

He bowed his head and said that.

Seeing him like that, Minister Mo Yun laughed.

“You are a scholar who taught the children of high-ranking officials and talented people all over the nation but got fired. Still, your dignity doesn’t go away.”

“If you say that, I can’t help but feel happy.”

It was a title that gets taken away after being removed.

However, as he was a respected person in a teaching position, even if he retired and was dismissed, he was called by his former title.

‘Was I too scared without reason?’

Yu Yeop-kyung wasn’t fully convinced that this meeting was for good, but he thought that the Minister was a better person than he imagined.

However, the smiling man’s expression soon turned serious.

“Our greeting must end here. We need to head into the main topic.”

“Main topic?”

“Yu Hakjeong. Your son graduated from Heavenly Martial Arts Academy in second place and became a Censor of the Inspection Agency.”

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“… yes.”

Mo Yun spoke in a low voice as he rubbed his chin.

“It was pretty difficult. Your son has an official position, and he keeps digging around here and there.”

He spoke as his eyes were fiercely stuck on Yu Yeop-kyung.

At that, Yu Yeop-kyung gulped.

Indeed, his smile and kind gestures were only for his greeting.

Now, the man in front of him was the minister, the supreme head of Criminal Affairs who had summoned him after his exile.

There was no way he was called without a reason.

With a trembling voice, Yu Yeop-kyung spoke.

“I feel like there is some kind of misunderstanding. Lord.”

“Misunderstanding? What kind of misunderstanding? It’s not that I’m angry at your son’s actions.”


Beads of sweat were forming on Yu Yeop-kyung’s tense forehead.

It seemed like his eldest son had provoked someone in a high position.

‘Then is it because of me, his father?’

That could be the only reason.

Even so, when he was sent to exile, the child had cried so much and said that he would make those who hurt his father pay the price.

‘Jin-sung. Jin-sung…’

Something made his heart flutter, but uncomfortable too.

It looked like he went around doing his own investigation regarding his father’s matter.

As soon as his exile was over, he seemed to be in another problem.

“Lord… if my son did something to make some great person uncomfortable, it’s my fault for not properly disciplining him as a father. If you are angry…”

“Ha! Do you think that you’ll be able to resolve this?”

The air around them grew heavier.

Even Oh Ji-kang was becoming restless.

He didn't expect the man to corner Yu Yeop-kyung like this.

“Anger. Ha. That isn’t important.”


“Your son has put me in a very difficult situation.”

At those words which came out angrily, Yu Yeop-kyung got up from his seat.

And then clasped his hands and bowed.

“It’s all my fault. If something happened, please take out your anger on me, not my son.”

Protecting his son was the only thing he could do as a father.

At that, Mo Yun snorted.

And said,

“Do you think everything will change if you do that? It’s too late.”


“How do you plan on stopping the constant talking of my wife and daughter?”

“… sorry?”

Yu Yeop-kyung, who was very nervous and broke out in cold sweat, and Oh Ji-kang, who was next to him, were extremely confused.

What the hell was happening?

They were puzzled when the man shook his head and said,

“Your eldest son. He’s becoming a role model for young people these days. Do you know that?”

“What do you…”

“The son of a scholar family who had no qualms saying that he would disprove the unfair accusations against his father became a Murim warrior, and even came in second place at the Heavenly Martial Arts Academy, and proved that his father had nothing to do with that ‘incident.’”


At those words, Yu Yeop-kyung was shocked.

Did that mean he wasn’t released through some pardon that was offered to most people?

Even Oh Ji-kang didn’t seem to know the full story.

“Looks like you don’t know. It’s said that pardons were granted according to the seriousness of the crime, and did you think that you’d be pardoned after 17 years because the crime you were accused of was considered simple?”

“Ah… that… that…”

“You have a very good son. No, I’m envious that you have such a son.”

At those words, Yu Yeop-kyung’s eyes turned red.

What father wouldn’t be delighted by the fact that his eldest son accomplished such a feat.

Looking at him, Mo Yun laughed and said,

“Thanks to your son, my daughter, who was raised like a princess, is making a fuss about going to the Heavenly Martial Arts Academy. How do you plan on taking responsibility for this?”

“Huh? What do you…”

“Recently, the young women in the Imperial family and their relatives seem to be longing for your eldest son, and they want to enter the Heavenly Martial Arts Academy. So is my daughter.”


Yu Yeop-kyung was totally flustered.

To him, Mo Yun said.

“Take responsibility.”

“What do you mean?”

“That place is an academy. For me to send my fragile daughter to a place where people are nurtured into Murim warriors, just because I don’t have sons who want to go, are you just going to ignore my pain?”

“Ha… ha oh, if you refuse sternly and say no to your daughter…”

“Ha! Don’t you think I tried that? But she ran away twice… ahh.”

Mo Yun grabbed the back of his neck and rubbed it.

It seemed like he was really stressed about it.

He seemed to be genuinely worried about his daughter.

Mo Yun, who was rubbing the back of his neck with his hand, spoke.

“I won’t drag this out. Your eldest son is responsible for this, and you cannot run away from this.”

‘… this is tough.’

Yu Yeop-kyung and Oh Ji-kang had the same thought.

However, they couldn’t say anything.

Mo Yun continued to speak.

“I know that once you enter the academy, you’ll be forced to live in the academy’s dormitories for three years. If I had a chance to put a servant or escort in the academy, I would have. But we can’t. If it wasn’t for what that Hwang-suk built…”

Mo Yun stopped speaking and tried to calm his anger.

“Anyway, your second son will also be admitted to the same academy, right?”


What now?

He just came out of exile. There was no way he could know that.

Listening to what was said, his second child was following his older brother’s path.

Mo Yun pulled something out.

It was a gold coin.

“Take this.”


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“Despite being angry, I’m a person who knows how to act sensibly. Think of this as a commission.”


“Tell your second son to keep his eyes open and protect my daughter. If anything happens to my child, then muddy waters will…”

He didn’t speak anymore.


He seemed to care for his daughter with utmost sincerity.

Yu Yeop-kyung, who learned why he was called, sighed in relief.

“Lord. No commission is needed. If my son is really going to follow his brother and enter the academy, I will inform him of that.”

“Can you do that?”

“I see your concerns. How can I ignore them?”

At those words, Mo Yun’s face relaxed a little.

In a softer voice, he said.

“If you can do that, I think I can feel relieved. Please help this father.”

At those words, Yu Yeop-kyung was concerned.

Being a Minister of Criminal Affairs, he should have better contacts in the academy.

However, he didn’t contact them and asked his second son for help.

In the end, he asked.

“But, excluding my son, shouldn’t there be other people who can do…”

Before the question even ended, Mo Yun’s expression became displeased.

“Why would I be concerned with others when your second son is there?”


“Ah. I will let you know in advance. Don’t let your son make advances on my daughter. Of course, if my daughter shows interest, tell him to be subtle. Needless to say, my daughter has such an outstanding appearance that…”

‘Ahh... a typical daughter fool!’

He had a woman he treasured in his life, so he could understand how much Mo Yun loved his daughter.

“Ah, I heard from the butler, you brought your second son?”

He misunderstood because they are the same age.

At that, Yu Yeop-kyung shook his head.

“No. He’s my adopted son.”

“Adopted son? You took in another son. How unique.”

“It just happened like that.”

“Hmm. Then it’s unfortunate. If it was your second son, I wanted to meet him directly…”


A scream from outside.

Hearing that, Mo Yun jumped up from his seat and opened the door to go outside.

The other two in the room followed him.


Yu Yeop-kyung, who went outside, couldn’t hide his shock.

Mumu was holding someone’s hand, and the other kid seemed to be in pain.

‘Oh my god. Things were too silent.’

And there came the accident.

Mo Yun, who saw that, spoke in a trembling voice.

“Yu Hakjeong… is that your adoptive son who is squeezing my son’s hand?”

‘… ahaha!’

Yu Yeop-kyung’s face darkened.

He could feel that his lifespan shortened by what Mumu did.