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King Of Limbo

12 Chapter 12
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It was a sunny afternoon in Lachester's Capital, Sachire. The city was built close to the boarder of Ettenheim and acted as a passage way between the two nations. As such it was quite similar to the large well built cities that could be found in Ettenheim.

Today much of the city was filled with noisy commotion, most especially outside it's thick towering walls. Right outside the gate was a long line that stretched from the main gate all the way up to a cross roads almost two kilometers away from the city.

The long line was composed of all kinds of individuals. Some looked to be poor and walked while others rode strange mounts or sat in carriages lead by one such mount.

Roughly 500 meters away from the main gain, a young man with a messy beard and ragged clothes was walking weakly out of the line. Beside him was a young woman in equally ragged clothes, she had short brown hair tied into a neat bun but her most noticeable feature was the large bump on her stomach.

"Josiah, we've been trying since morning. Please, let's just go back to the back of the line..." the young woman turned to the man holding her hand and pleaded in a soft tone but he shook his head while smiling.

"No, if we go back people will just keep cutting in front of us Magarie. You can't stay in this heat any longer, I'm sure out of the many people present in the front area, one may be willing to help us." The man called Josiah spoke in a hopeful manner as he lead the woman further in front before coming to a halt near a figure in a red hooded jacket.

'An adventurer, most Lachestrian adventurers are kind and approachable. Just maybe...' Josiah thought with a bright smile on his face before approaching the unknown figure.

"Excuse me kind Sir...?" Josiah trailed off slightly as he got close to the man in the red hooded jacket...Aron. Although Aron simply stood their, he had an air around him that naturally made people be wary of him.

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"Yes?" He replied in casual manner without moving his gaze to the man who just approached him.

"Sorry to disturb you kind Sir but you see, my wife is nearing the end of her pregnancy and it's very sunny here. The longer she stays out, the worse her condition may become. I beseech you, please atleast let her in front of you. I beg you" The man pleaded in a sincere tone before going on his knees without hesitation.

'What's with this display?' Aron thought to himself as he shifted his glance towards the man without moving his head.

"Your problem has nothing to do with me." Aron kept his words short and returned his gaze forward but the man remained on his knees and continued to plead, soon enough even his pregnant wife joined him in begging.

"So noisy! Hey you! Guy in the red hood, can you shut your beggars up before I do it for you." A large man wearing the hides of beasts quickly threatened in an angry tone.

"I'd prefer it if you all shut up, I'm not in the mood to tolerate idiocy." Aron replied plainly but his stance slightly shifted.

The man could only lower his head and go silent along with his wife. While the large man behind Aron stretched his hand forward and gripped Aron by the shoulder tightly.

"Listen you, you don't talk to me like that. Didn't your whore mother and farmer father teach you how to respect your elders? Huh? Hey you I'm talking to you!" The large foul mouthed man continued to tighten his grip on Aron's shoulder as he blurted out insult after insult.

'Humans have a talent for testing patience.' Aron thought to himself before turning around to face the large man.

Without uttering a word, Aron's hand stretched out at a frightening speed and gripped the large man's neck. The man stood at roughly 7 feet tall and would look down on others as weaker. But here he was, struggling to breath in the grip of a young man a few inches shorter than him.

"I told you to shut up." Aron muttered in a casual tone before releasing the man's neck and gripping his jaw instead.

What followed was the sound of acrack, originating from the large man's mouth. As Aron retracted his hand, the large man's lower jaw hung loosely and bloody.

"Guuh..." The man let out an unclear remark as he looked at Aron with fearful eyes.

"Consider yourself lucky that there many eyes present or you would have lost more than your jaw just now." Further angering Aron would only prove fatal for the man so he hurriedly left stepped back and run off into the forest that surrounded the route.

"...." Josiah could only look up to red hooded man in disbelief. Knowing strong people existed and seeing them in action were two different things.

Josiah didn't waste the opportunity that appeared in front of him and quickly took the empty spot in line. He had wanted to thank Aron but then he remembered the large man was delt with because he spoke.

What Aron considered an encounter not worth remembering was something Josiah would never forget. This was a difference in how the weak and strong interpreted situations.

'The Luna mana is making me easily irritatble, is this what every beast monger undergoes?' Aron crossed his arms and sighed before falling into thought.

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Unbeknownst to him, his little display of dominance was noticed by quite a few people behind him. One such person was a young man who looked no older than Aron himself. The young man had short dirty blonde hair and wore a leather armor with two short swords sheathed on either side of his waist.

'Wow...he lifted that guy like he was nothing. Compared to that I'm....No! Get yourself together Lucas, you came here to prove your worth and seek a better life. Mother, sister, wait for me.' The young man clenched his fist and showed a confident smile.

Time flew by and soon enough Aron now stood at the very front of line, right at the entrance into the city. A guard wearing a plate armor bearing Lachester's crest approached Aron with a long parchment in his hands.

"Please remove your hood, we need to make sure you're not a wanted man. Then state your purpose for visiting Sachire, are you a returning resident, a visitor or a contestant wanting to participate in the selection being held?" The guard asked in a formal manner and waited for Aron's response.

"Selection?" Aron asked in curiously as he revealed his face. The guard seemed slightly taken aback as he too had observed what he did to the large man. Seeing the one responsible being so young had come as a slight surprise.

"Uh yes, it's not very widespread as of yet but for the first time ever the Galos academy is enrolling students from all walks of life. Rich, poor, aristocratic, elves, dwarves, Komi and anyone else fitting their new selection criteria. It's the main reason the city is bustling. The selection being held here may be the only chance the poor have at receiving a proper life." The guard explained before releasing a regretful sigh.

"I see. Then I'm here as a visitor" Aron contemplated for a moment before answering the guard.

After paying the entry fee using money he had robbed off the corpses back in the small town Aron proceeded inside the city and paused to look around. Aron was someone who had only ever seen large cities in the books he read during his time with Argos. So seeing the glorious sight of one in person made him pause to properly observe.

'It's definitely a first seeing this many people gathered in one place as one, it feels rather suffocating.' Aron assessed before feeling a tug on his jacket.

"Excuse me kind sir? If...if you're looking for a guide and maybe someone to carry your things. I can be of use. I only ask for...2 bronze...or 1..." A little girl in a dirty ragged brown dress asked in a meek tone while tugging Aron's jacket.

"A guide?" Aron asked as his turned his gaze to the little blonde haired girl with bright blue eyes who simply nodded in response.

'She looks rather malnourished but seems to know her way at least.' Aron thought to himself while looking at the young girl who waited anxiously.

"Show me then."