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King Of Limbo

13 Chapter 13
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Inside the capital city of Sachire, the streets were bustling with people and carriages being led by strange and unique mounts.

Among the bustling people was a strange pair, A well dressed figure in a red hooded jacket was walking beside a dirt covered little girl who continued to point from one place to another. From afar one would think the two were perhaps father and daughter or even brother and sister.

"...and over there is the route leading to the business district of the city. I can't give you a tour there because people like me aren't allowed to enter...I'm sorry mister" the little girl lowered her head and apologized in a dejected tone.

"It's fine, your tour was insightful and I can manage fine from here. Here." Aron took out one of the pouches he had taken from the hunters he killed handed the little girl a piece of silver, the smallest form of currency he held.

"Thank you so much mister!" The girl exclaimed in a shocked as manner as she looked in disbelief at the money in her hands. But as she looked up to thank the man once more, he had already began to walk away without paying her any mind. The girl could only hide the money and leave the scene hurriedly.

A little further away in the business district of Sachire city, Aron was walking casually with his hands in his pocket and a small frown on his face.

'What a waste.' Aron thought to himself as he continued checking the many individuals he kept bypassing.

Soon however he came to a halt near a large three story building. It's exterior was lined with strange intricate markings that added to its already luxurious appearance.

"Grand Mage Yorhime Von Fritz's Hall?..." Aron read out the large sign that was mounted high up on the building in an inquisitive manner. Aron only remained standing there for a second longer before deciding to approach the building.

At the building's entrance that looked to be overly decorated stood a man in an equally flashy robe and accessories.

"Welcome to-" The man showed a bright smile and was about to welcome Aron in an energetic manner but got interrupted.

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"I know this establishment's name already, can you spare me the formalities and just lead me inside. I need to see this Grand Mage" Aron interjected the man with his blunt statement while looking down at him.

'His equipment is nothing like I've seen before and his manner of speech isn't that of a commoner either. Better not anger him.' The man in robes thought to himself while wearing an awkward smile.

"Right of course, I apologize. My name is Jerem, one of Lord Fritz's helpers. Please follow me." The man named Jerem introduced himself with a small bow to which Aron only nodded.

Afterwards Jerem turned around and lead Aron inside the building. The first thing that caught Aron's attention once inside wasn't the luxuriousness of the establishment but the sheer number of individuals present.

The first floor was a large hall with only seats present and a stage at the front. Many of the seats were occupied by young looking individuals while the stage was empty.

Aron and Jerem where walking behind the seats and heading towards a set of stairs when he noticed Aron looking at the individuals present.

"Those are contestants trying to pass the selection phase for Galos Academy. The selection will start in the evening but many of the contestants are anxious so they've arrived early." Jerem explained and Aron nodded as he only focused on the contestant's auras and mana signatures.

'Nothing really noteworthy here.' Aron quickly assessed and turned his attention back forward as he and Jerem soon began ascending the stairs.

"I don't mean to sound rude Sir but before I take you to Lord Fritz's office, I must inform you that he is...not cheap. Some of his services even extend up 2 gold pieces..." Jerem came to halt and quickly explained to Aron who didn't really mind what he just heard.

"So long as he can do what I need 2 gold is a small price to pay." Aron replied in an uncaring tone causing Jerem to show a greedy smile as he nodded his head vigorously.

'I still have a total of eight gold pieces and one hundred and twenty five silver so that should suffice. I can always obtain more should a situation require it.' Aron thought to himself before he and Jerem proceeded to the highest floor of the building.

Once there, Jerem lead Aron to large overly decorated wooden door with a strange insignia. Aron focused on it for a moment to see if it where familiar while Jerem got closer and knocked on the door.

"Lord Fritz, you have a special guest." Jerem announced in an excited manner and immediately the door opened on its own.

"He'll see you now." Jerem stated politely towards Aron before giving a bow and walking away.

Aron gave Jerem a short nod before turning towards the open door and walking into the room. Once inside however, Aron found only shelves and a desk at the far end but saw no one.

"So dear customer, how can I The Grand Mage Yorhime Von Fritz be of service to you today?" A voice suddenly echoed in the entire room and asked in an intimidating tone.

Aron however wasn't even the least bit fazed as he raised his brow curiously and spoke.

"Is there a reason you're standing behind me while masking your presence?" Aron asked bluntly and almost immediately the figure of a man who looked to be in his late twenties appeared.

"Hoh? You could sense me? Seems I have quite the interesting customer today." The figure said in an excited tone and walked past Aron with his hands behind his back.

"Sense you? No not in particular. Let's just call it an accurate observation." Aron replied while he crossed his arms.

'Either his confident in his skills or just a fool to allow a meeting with an armed individual. However, his mana signature tells me he's roughly only a tier three.'

As Aron gauged the Grand Mage Fritz's strength, the mysterious man was doing the same to Aron and so a brief silence occurred within the room before the man let out a small chuckle.

"What can I do for you Mr...?" Yorhime asked in a polite manner while also subtly asking how he should address Aron.

"Aron is just fine. As for what I seek..." Aron replied in a casual manner and proceeded to vaguely explain what he needed.

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Yorhime listened attentively to Aron's words and observed his body language but saw nothing out of order. His calm breathing, his firm stance and his piercing gaze. Everything Aron did revealed nothing Yorhime found odd.

"Hmm, a poison that requires someone to have part of their mana extracted?...." Yorhime roughly summarized what Aron needed from the story he was told.

'I doubt he believes my story but what does it matter, he can only follow along.' Aron thought to himself while maintaining a calm expression.

"Haha, you truly are an interesting customer Aron, unfortunately I cannot help you. To be more precise, I doubt anyone aside from the arch-mage can perform such an action. Mana is the life force that flows through us and everything around us. Bending it to your will in that kind of way is unheard off. They many ways to treat poisons that disrupt mana flow, but ones that directly affect it don't exist or perhaps I'm simply lacking the knowledge to help you. Maybe if you where more...detailed in your explanations I could be of service." Yorhime adjusted his robe and showed a small smile as he explained this to Aron who didn't seem surprised by the news.

'Argos who claimed to be a tier nine mage struggled to some extent with extracting part of my luna mana. My expectations where low even before coming here but to think even the principal behind it is considered impossible in this world. But...' Aron quickly assessed and didn't linger on his plan anymore. He knew full well that things rarely go as planned, one's ability to adjust to any situation is what really matters.

"The arch-mage? Forgive my ignorance but I come from a very sheltered upbringing. How can I meet them?" Once again Aron stated an obvious lie which Yorhime could easily tell but he only chuckled and wanted to respond but yet another voice echoed in the room.

"You can't, at least...not without my help." As this words were spoken, the entire room gave off a subtle humming noise.

Everything within the room, from the shelves to the floor began to move in a wave like manner while becoming more and more less visible. Aron narrowed his eyes at this but was yet to reach for his weapons.

After the peculiar incident came to an end, the entire room's setup had changed vastly. The most noticeable thing however now, was a blue haired young woman who stood behind the man Aron had been talking to.

"Lady Yorhime." The man stated in a respectful manner before going on one knee in front of the newly appeared woman.

'I found it strange that they would let an armed individual meet such an important figure without so much as a search. But even I didn't think the Grand Mage Yorhime would be...an elf?' Aron thought to himself while raising a brow on the surface.

"I'm more interested by what you meant when you said I can't meet the arch-mage without your help. Who you are doesn't concern me." Aron didn't dwell on what had just occurred nor did he question the newly appeared woman about it as he still only cared for what he initially came for. A solution to his luna mana problem.

"The fact you're aren't even fazed by all this tells me you're even more worth taking a risk for...well that and I can't delay the matter anymore. To put it bluntly one doesn't just meet the arch-mage, this is especially true for nobodies like ourselves. But that isn't to say it's not possible." The young woman replied in a factual manner as she adjusted her glasses and looked to Aron, awaiting a response.

"I'm listening."