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King Of Limbo

19 Chapter 19
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Early the next morning, Aron opened his eyes and got up from his bed before walking over to the balcony. From there he watched as the sun slowly began to rise with a neutral expression on his face.

'Just like back in the library, even now I feel no exhaustion...' The suns reflection could be seen on Aron's eyes as he pondered this thought. Ever since coming to Pesia Aron had not slept but still felt no physical exhaustion or deterioration in his ability to function.

"Isn't it beautiful?" A gentle calming voice suddenly asked, causing Aron to slowly turn his head to the right. After doing so, his gaze was fixated on the source of the voice. The lovely elf Mirai, standing on the next occupied balcony from Aron's.

"Depends on the perspective." Aron answered plainly and bluntly before turning his gaze back to the sunrise. What followed was a short silence between the two, Aron simply slouched forward and rested his arms on the rails while Mirai stood upright with her hands behind her back,

"Is that right, all my life I've only ever heard one answer to that question." She stated with an ever so gentle voice and a neutral expression on her face.

"Your life sounds linear. It's a shame you seem content with that." Aron turned away from the balcony and walked back into his room without waiting for a reply to his statement.

Mirai on the other hand turned to her left but maintained her expression and posture. Sharla would soon appear behind her though and face the direction she was gazing.

"Is something the matter?" Sharla asked curiously but Mirai only shook her head slightly at the question and returned back into the room.

'Just now, they communicated in low tones yet he could hear Mirai perfectly despite the distance between their rooms..' Sharla thought as she stared at the now empty balcony belonging to Aron.

Back in Aron's room, just as he began heading back towards the bed, a small knock was heard. When he walked over to open the door, he found the deathly pale woman who he had met the previous day.

"The Airship will be arriving by midday, please ensure you are adequately prepared before it arrives." She quickly instructed and then bowed before walking away from Aron's door.

Aron didn't respond to her brief announcement and just closed the door to his room. Seeing as he had some free time on his hands anyway, Aron decided to freshen up properly for the first time since coming to Pesia.

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As midday drew closer, the other contestants all remained within their rooms passing the time in their own way.

"Hmph, how dare that contestant number ten call me an idiot. Once he leaves the room I'll be sure to give him a piece of my mind." A short white haired girl angrily complained with her arms crossed as she paced about her balcony.

She wore a short white dress with a pair of partially-see through high stockings comfortably wrapped around her meaty thick legs. This short young looking girl was the contestant occupying the third room.

Her moment of anger was cut short however when she turned to pace to her right and saw another figure standing on their balcony.


What she saw caused her to halt in her pacing and fall into what could only be called a daze. Perfectly toned muscles, broad shoulders, a chiseled jawline, short black and an all around intimidating outlook. What she was seeing was infact the very contestant she had been complaining about...fresh from the bath.

"Hmm?" Back on Aron's balcony, it didn't long for him to sense the presence of contestant three and turn in her direction. After realizing she had been spotted, contestant number three rushed back into her room almost instantly leaving Aron bewildered.

'Is she trying to gain information on other contestants?' Aron thought to himself as he looked at the clear sky above for a moment before finally turning back into his room.

Aron had always been curious even in the pup stage, so now that he was seeing an entirely new world for the first time he often stared or glanced at anything of interest. Be it the sunrise, blue skies, flora or even just humans acting out their day to day.

Once midday had arrived a large shadow could be seen slowly creeping upon the large open grounds of Strangers Manor. The more time passed the smaller the shadow became.

Only when one looked up would they be able a large black air ship with golden edges and the initials G.A carved onto its side.

"Dear esteemed contestants, your assigned airship The Black Rose, has arrived. Please board in the order of your assigned numbers." The deathly pale lady stood on Manors grounds facing all ten contestants who lined up in order of their assigned numbers and announced just as the airship made contact with the ground and a boarding platform extended just behind the deathly pale lady.

"Number one, Jagu of the Komi Islands" The lady announced in an almost sickly voice as the first contestant stepped forward.

Standing at a round eight feet tall, prime with large muscles, superhuman senses and strength, Jagu was the perfect example of why Ettenheim didn't wish to go to war with islands filled with Komi like him.

Jagu stepped out from the line wearing very little clothing. His upper body was completely exposed with only the strap of his sword sheath passing by the chest area. His lower body was covered only by a green belted war dress.

As for his limbs, each one except his right hand had a piece of silver armor on it, specially sharpened on areas that housed his claws.

"Grr. It's about time I show you humans the might of a true Komi warrior." Jagu confidently announced before starting to board the ship in heavy steps.

"Next, Contestant two Lucas of the Lachester Kingdom." The lady continued to announce the next contestant as soon as Jagu began boarding the ship.

Lucas stepped out from the line wearing the very same brown leather armor with his two swords sheathed on either side of his waist. Unlike most of the contestants present, Lucas's clothing showed he came from a poor background but that didn't stop him from walking with his head high as the second to be called out.

'Just like this, my name will now be callled in a grand way from this day forth.' Lucas thought to himself as he smiled and began to board confidently.

"Third Contestant, Oxin of the Komi Islands."

The next to step out of the line was infact the shortest of bunch. Oxin however didn't seem to care about her small stature as she confidently walked out in the same white dress and stockings as before. Only now she had a large thick spiked mace dangling behind her, strapped to her back like a bag.

'Dammit, no one was looking back when boarding but I really want to see that person's face properly again' Even as she boarded the ship, Oxin's mind was an entirely different matter.

"Next, Mirai of the Kingdom of Aethela, will you need assistance?" The lady announced before stepping forward to ask politely but that seemed to anger Sharla who was next to her.

​ "Sharla don't, she was just being polite. I may be blind but I have a good sense of direction. I do appreciate the concern." Mirai prevented Sharla from saying anything before slowly proceeding to the air ship.

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Unlike the other contestants however, Mirai didn't have a single piece of armor or weaponry on her. Instead she wore a simple green elven dress with accessories and nothing more.

"Next, Sharla of the Kingdom of Aethela." As the pale lady announced this, Sharla seemed to be angered but she only clenched her fist before rushing over to her lady's side.

Unlike Mirai, Sharla wore a slightly more armor based clothing set, although like most elven armor, it left a lot of skin out in the open for maneuvering. Then for a weapon, aside from the sharp edges of her armor, she had a strange large bladed bow.

"Next, Scarlett of the Ettenheim Empire."

The sixth contestant to step out was a crimson haired warrior in an armor similar to Sharla. The only real difference was that Scarlett had a strange metallic armor covering both her hands up to the shoulder with no weapon in sight.

"The seventh contest, Jin of the Ettenheim Empire"

As the seventh contestant stepped out, it was apparent he bared little similarities to most people of Ettenheim. The look of disgust he had on his face when they called him out in that manner only seemed to support the idea all the more.

The figure's clothing was yet another feature that set him apart from the nation he was stated he belonged to. He wore a black and white messy robe and hand a large blade strapped to his back. His entire look matched that off an individual who just came from a war rather than a potential student of the Galos Academy.

"The eighth contestant. Hinako of the Ettenheim Empire."

As the next contestant was called it was apparent that only two figures were left standing in the line. However before the deathly pale lady could speak, a black figure flashed by in the blink of an eye and went up the ship's bonding platform.

"...*ahem* Next contestant, Evanora of uh... not specified" The pale lady announced in a slightly confused manner.

The one called Evanora was infact a petite young lady with light green eyes and long faint blonde hair. Her clothing was rather provocative and left much of her skin exposed. Spiked bracelets, A glowing skull mounted to a chain wrapped around her waist, ripped leggings and a sleepy expression on her face.

Everything about Evanora would make one wonder just what type of person she was. After having her name announced, she lazily walked up the platform leading to the airship.

"Lastly we have Aron of...unspecified" The deathly pale once again looked a little confused as she read our what was written in the piece of paper in her hands.

Aron only showed a faint smile under his hood and slowly began walking up the platform.

'Let's see just how capable my so called peers of this world are...' Aron thought to himself with a bit of genuine curiosity.

He didn't know his true age in years but appearance wise he looked around the age of late teen or young adult for humans.