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King Of Limbo

27 Chapter 27
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Inside a well decorated and neat dinning hall, Aron and the others were seated comfortably around an oval shaped table with assorted foods and beverages.

"If there's one thing aristocrats know how to do right, its their meals." Jin pointed as he opened the bottle he had in his hand and began to drink from it.

To his left was Jagu who focused only on devouring the meaty food present along with the large bottle of booze in his hands. Only nodding towards Jin to show his agreement.

"The food and drinks are all well and good but for me it's the ship that's a topper. I'm still worried about the family behind this but I must admit I've never been on a more sophisticated airship, best of all it's all mine to steer." Scarlett showed a smug grin as she took a sip from the glass in her lands.

"I tried looking around the rooms for anything useful but all the clothing was too large for me! I don't like this ship at all." Oxin frowned and huffed in displeasure while glancing over at Aron slyly.

'Don't fret my darling, for I your prince will relieve you of your worries' while doing so she couldn't help but imagine Aron saying these words to her and showed a sly smile along with letting out a giggle.

"It's good and has a unique taste, I don't really see why you enjoy it so much though." Aron muttered as he looked at the now empty bottle in his hands that he finished in close to no time.

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"Maybe you have a strong tolerance like me, it'd be good to have a drinking buddy that doesn't black out on me" Jin expressed while showing a friendly smile and chuckling.

Aron responded to this by giving Jin a nod before reaching for another bottle of wine. This trend continued with everyone as the time began to go by with the food and drinks on the table slowly finishing.

"Say guys? Why not tell each other a little about ourselves. Apart from what I heard at the strangers mansion, I have no idea about your pasts or reasons for even wanting to enter Galos Academy. I'm not asking for your life stories, just a little proper introduction if you want." A tipsy Jin pointed out while shrugging before picking another bottle and completely drinking its contents. After he was done he slammed the bottle down on the table and wiped his mouth before speaking.

"Well let me start by saying my name is Jin. I was born and raised on this continent alongside the family I lost during the wars that plagued this place eighteen years ago. Now I'm just trying to enter the Galos Academy to gain wealth and find a wife. Also I hate aristocrats." Jin explained while still showing a friendly smile on his drunken face.

Aron found the idea of suddenly sharing details about oneself out of the blue to be rather odd. Coupled with how this was only brought up now that the individuals present weren't in their right state of minds Aron couldn't help but suspect it was planned.

Jin looked laid back and quite care free to most at first glance and had a sort of lazy nature about him. But other times he'd show a seriousness and insight that looked strangely natural to him.

As someone who was currently doing something similar Aron could easily spot someone else doing it. The difference was Aron's nature was consistent, what he did hide however were his intentions whereas Jin was inconsistent with his character.

,m This blunder on his part at least showed Aron he wasn't really accustomed to doing it and thus wasn't a big problem to handle.

"Wars are hard, I too lost some family to war. Including my father who at the time was our village's alpha, your equivalent to a chief or village head. The fight for power is always bloody and my father lost, I plan to regain what he lost and take back the power in my own name. Galos Academy just seems like the best place to grow." Jagu had put his foods aside to explain his story shortly before turning to Oxin.

"Well if you must know, I am practically a princess in my village as well as the strongest and most beautiful, second only to my papa. My papa suggested I go to Galos Academy to find better myself but I also want to find a strong mate!." Oxin explained cheerfully before turning Scarlett who looked at her oddly.

"If that's the case, isn't making aristocrats your enemy ruining your chances? But that's none of my business. Anyway my story isn't sad nor great, my mother was cheap whore and my father was a drunk, if he was even my father.Anyway I left home as a young lass and provided for myself mostly through stealing and I'm here to make money, it's that simple." Scarlett shrugged uncaringly as she explained this, while Oxin began pondering over her first statement.

"I hadn't even considered that!" Oxin exclaimed she thought the chances of a potential mate may have been ruined.

"Aristocrats only seem to respect the strong so just beat him till he agrees." Aron turned to Oxin and spoke, instantly calming her down from her once panicked state with his words.

After he said this, Aron went quiet and noticed everyone looking at him in silence. He could only sigh at this as he put yet another bottle he had emptied down onto the table before speaking.

"Well my parents split when I just a child and my father raised me alone for a time before he passed on. After that I lived with my old senile grandfather who taught me most of what I know before, unfortunately he passed on recently and I chose to come to Galos Academy till I figure out what I want to do with my life, preferably something to do with knowledge." Aron spoke mixing and sometimes twisting the truth with plain lies while faking a sort of drunken state.

It was better if he had a simple somewhat sad background. Being relatable or having common struggles helps characters be at ease around each other. With this in mind Aron hoped he could easily form temporal bonds depending on how long they stayed as allies.

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At the same time if any of these individuals were to ever give out his information, this is what would be known. A fake past, a fake goal and a fake weakness an enemy might think they can expose.

"Knowledge? Then why did you choose to be tested under a major that would require you take a few fighting courses at the very least?" Scarlett turned to Aron and asked with her brow raised, Aron however easily answered this question.

"I had already missed the scholar selections so I could only join this way. My prowess in battle is good enough to have me make it just fine but." Aron explained with a small smile causing him to get skeptical looks for everyone.

'I refuse to believe his prowess is just "enough" ' Jagu thought to himself before suddenly standing up, there was just something about a human young than him being superior that got his blood boiling.

"I think I should rest for the night." He muttered quickly before walking away without uttering another word.

"I should go too, a princess needs her beauty sleep." A chirpy Oxin added before hopping off her seat and heading off behind Jagu. Scarlett then let out a yawn before standing up as well.

"Well I best settle the airship down somewhere for the night, I don't want to wake up to an attack again." Scarlett expressed in an annoyed tone before walking away. Leaving Aron and Jin alone with only empty bottles and plates left on the table.

"Are you also going to call it a night?" Jin asked Aron sighing at the fact all the bottles had now become empty. Aron however shook his head and showed a smirk before replying.

"Not yet, I want to exchange some words with our guests on the lower floors"