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King Of Limbo

35 Chapter 35
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Inside the large treasure filled room within the cave, Aron, Jin and Jagu kept continued to look around for the most valuable items present.

"This is an impossible task, it's not like the value is written on these damn things. Let's just get anything and go." Jagu was the first to grow impatient as everything he saw looked all the same to him.

"Patience. Did you really think everything would be easy? Here." Aron replied to Jagu's comment bluntly which Jagu didn't seem used to before throwing a small box towards him. There was just something about a human talking to him without fear that he didn't like.

"What is this?" Jagu asked as he slowly opened the box and felt his whole body become tingly before shutting it quick.

"It's a mana crystal, try not to open it so carelessly will you?" Aron advised as if talking about a regular item but Jagu's hands slightly trembled as he held the box.

Mana crystals were sought after everywhere in Pesia, their value could be considered almost priceless depending on the grade. Both Jagu and Jin knew this but to Aron who forcefully absorbed hundreds of them on a daily basis as a pup the grade he had found had no value aside from money to him.

Jin who had been silent for a while had his eyes glued to a blade that laid on a exotic looking pedestal. Aron was quick to notice this and approached Jin before speaking.

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"Something you recognize?" Aron asked causing Jin to turn and laugh it off while shaking his head.

"Huh? Oh no, it's just some blade it seems. Doesn't seem valuable either." Jin expressed to which Aron shrugged and began walking towards the exit.

"If you see something you want, take it. Learn to be selfish because life won't just hand you what you want. The mana crystal will fetch us a good sum, I don't see anything else of great value either so stop wasting time and let's go." Aron's remark was a result of him being irritated by Jin feigning ignorance. If the cave had valuables who wouldn't have minded taking things for himself but he truly saw nothing worth taking and keeping.

Jagu looked to his right and just grabbed an odd looking statue before turning to leave as well. As they left the treasure room, the numerous circles that had appeared slowly began to fade one after another until they vanished when the group reached the exit of the room where they fought the two abominations.

After exiting, the door large stone doors slammed shut and the group was about to proceed to exit the cave when Jagu came to a sudden halt and furrowed his brows.

"What is it?" Jin asked curiously and Jagu turned to him and Aron before replying.

"I smell new scents within the cave. Humans." Jagu explained plainly and simply before going silent. Both he and Jin looked looked to Aron for an answer and he gave a nod.

"Since you can tell which route they are using by scent, you and Jin exit using one of the alternative routes. I'll draw their attention in the mean time. If they are easy opponents I shouldn't be long but if not, leave without me." Aron said plainly before walking over to Jagu and opening the box that housed the mana crystal wide open.

When he did this, a large surge of energy rushed through the cave. Anyone sensitive to mana would immediately have been drawn to that wonderful sensation without fail.

"Do I look like a coward? I will not run, I already owe you a debt from helping defeat those things in there." Jagu angrily pointed out while Aron casually closed the box.

"Put your useless pride aside, this is simply the most logical option. You two are tired from the battle earlier and your movements show it, if you wish to die so badly then I can fulfill your wish. Otherwise leave, do you honestly believe I would risk my life for you?" Aron showed narrowed his eyes as he said this causing Jagu growl in anger, before he could react though Jin stopped him.

"Jagu, he has a plan. Let's go. Should you delay we'll wait for you twenty kilometers North East of here four days from now." Jin then turned to Aron and informed to which he just nodded.

From there the two reluctantly left Aron at the two large doors, where he took out a small brush and heaved a sigh.

'Good. Now I prepare..." He thought to himself before he began using his brush to draw runes all around the area near the two large doors.

Judging by the bodies they found in the room it was clear they weren't the first group to stumble upon the cave so it was no surprise some individuals were coming. What Aaron hoped to do was trap them and question them.

It didn't take long before he began hearing multiple hurried footsteps coming in his direction. In response he hid the brush he held and pressed his hands against the door like he was trying to open it but applied no force, this was to create the illusion that he was just about to enter himself as well.

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As he did this, the footsteps drew closer and closer until he could tell they were only a few feet away. He slowly turned and saw six figures all dressed in good quality armor and clothing however he didn't bother speaking and only looked at them as if worried they arrived.

The six figures he was looking at where all members from the most notable families in all of Ettenheim. Henry who stood at the front was about to speak but Brutas stepped forward and did so first.

"State your family name and how you got here, well? Hurry before I make you regret it." Brutas threatened plainly while Aron simply replied without showing him fear.

"I have no family name and I just stumbled upon this place. I lost my way then felt a strange sensation that lead me here. That's it." Aron answered plainly which Brutas didn't seem to find at all pleasing to here. Upon hearing he had no family name however Brutas came forward and punched him hard in the stomach.

Aron only lowered his posture but didn't fall or let out any pained sound. He instead just maintained a cold look on his face as he slowly raised his head to meet Brutas's gaze.

"You have no family name and you dare look directly at me. Filthy uneducated peasant." Brutas declared before readying another punch but was stopped from doing so by Henry.

"Enough Brutas, how is he supposed to know who you are simply by looking at you? We're wasting time, you can question him later. We have other matters to attend to." Henry scolded and Brutas sneered before holding Aron by the collar and pushing him forward.

"Fine, we might as well use him to test for traps. Move, you may just live if you prove your usefulness." Brutas ordered before shoving him forward.

"Such a shame, he's cute." Esmeralda teased as Aron approached the two large doors and opened them.

'I really want to have their flesh splattered against the walls…' Aron wills quickly began to the irritation he was facing he slowly walked inside feigning caution as he looked around. The others followed behind him before the stone doors slammed shut.

'Got them.' Aron thought to himself before showing a small yet sinister smile.