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Leveling Endlessly with the Strongest System!

Chapter 31
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The sun could be seen in the sky. This was a rare sight in Baldwin County or the entire Far North of the Empire as a whole.

Amelia saw Roy wearing equipment and clothes in a hurry and couldn’t help but ask, “Where are you sneaking off to on this wonderful day?”

Roy fit his feet in the shoes before teasingly looking at her. She felt like he was up to something, but she couldn’t pinpoint it until he flicked her forehead gently.

“If I didn’t want you to know I am going somewhere, you wouldn’t be here talking to me,” Roy said to Amelia, who was rubbing her head.

Like he said, if he wanted to hide that he was going somewhere, she would have never known until he was no longer in the Manor.

Last time she didn’t realize that for an entire night.

Amelia must admit her master was too good at sneaking away.

“Please be safe. Don’t jump into action without determining the danger, my master.” She said like a mother warning her child not to take candy from a stranger.

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“Don’t you worry about me; I won’t be going anywhere further than the snowy mountain Range. There the strongest beasts are of my level. If I can’t defeat them, I would definitely be able to run away.”

Roy was shameless when he said that.

As a noble, he shouldn’t be showing his back to his enemy, but Roy cherished his life more than his life, so he was more than ready to throw in the towel and scamper away like a wet dog at the first sign of death.

That was just how intelligent he was.

You could always take revenge if you had a life, but if you lose it, forget about revenge; just pray you won’t end up in hell for being stupid.

“I’ll be going then. Take care.”

Roy gave her a thumbs up and turned to leave.action

“Be careful on your way out.” Amelia said, “I’ll be praying for your safety.”

There was a rusty old building somewhere in Baldwin County. It had a name sign that was threatening to fall at any time. This was a place mostly occupied by opium smokers, druggies, and thugs. But that was just a cover-up. Its true face was much more hideous. It had a gateway to hell. Hidden deep down under it was the wailing wall. Hidden by it were Yama’s contractors.

“Why didn’t you tell me he left the county three days ago. Why am I finding out about this from my sources? What the heck did I pay you for when you can’t do your job properly?” This was said by a man with not an inch of his skin exposed. He was in all black. And from his expression, it was quite evident he was doing his best not to shout and hold in his anger.

“Sorry, my bad.” The Yama’s contractor yawned as he was hardly feeling sober. “I was just too drunk that day.”

His nonchalant attitude made the man in black finally lose his cool. His hand smashed on the table, and veins popped up on his neck as he shouted, “You messed up my pay because you had drunk a bit too much? Are you being fucking serious?!”

This place was the Spider’s hideout. That was a huge syndicate. The most powerful one was known as Yama. Little to nothing was known about Yama except for that. This man in black was a new recruit that had gained little fame two months after joining the guild. Names weren’t used in this guild, only codenames. This person’s codename was Swift Death.

He was to get 100 gold bars for killing a rice worm. This was quickly the job with the highest pay he had taken so far. He would’ve completed it if this guy opposite him hadn’t messed up.

“Calm down. I’ve been sober ever since. I won’t mess up a second time.” Said the contractor, who smelled like a drunk skunk.

The man in black’s nose twisted, showcasing his dislike of alcohol.

“Yeah… yeah, Pray that you won’t.”

Swift Death’s words were said in a threatening manner. But the contractor didn’t show an ounce of fear.

Swift Death was a bronze-grade assassin, but he had assassinated an entire lesser-known family overnight.

No one knew how powerful he was, but everyone was sure he would quickly rise up the assassin ranks.

The contractor was naturally afraid of him, but he didn’t let that show.

He could guarantee that otherwise, his head would fly.

Swift Death turned to leave.

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Just then, a carried rat shot inside the room through a hidden passage.

At first sight of it, Swift Death yelped and jumped like a little girl. “What the fuck is a dirty rat doing here?! Kill it! kill it!”

The contractor told him to calm down. Internally, he was laughing at Swift Death. This maniacal guy who killed a family of four, sparing not even two ten years old, was afraid of a mere rat? What a joke!

Swift Death calmed down only after the rat climbed up the contactor, sitting on his shoulder.

There was a small rolled-up paper attached to its legs.

He took it and unfolded it.

He read it, felt pleased, and smiled.

“There’s good news for you.


“Your target has gone out of the county again, and he’s without escorts just like last time. As for where I don’t know. My spies lost sight of him. But he doesn’t hide anything from his maid. She might know. This is a heaven-sent opportunity to take him out. Don’t waste it.”

“I won’t.”

Swift Death Swiftly shot out of the old, rusty building. The contractor wiped off his sweat. He needed to set up better traps around him so he would feel safe in the presence of maniacs like Swift Death, who had a record of killing contractors.

Swift Death didn’t go out of the county. He was moving towards the Count’s Manor. It was a wonder how he was going to penetrate the barrier and go inside…