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Leveling Endlessly with the Strongest System!

Chapter 503 503: The battle royale
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Chapter 503  503: The battle royale

Eastern Duke looked at Arlo with bewilderment etched on his face. "Arlo, is your nephew mad?" he asked, still taken aback by the audacious display of power.

Arlo's face, in contrast, bore a smirk that concealed his pride and admiration for his nephew. He had been watching Roy's growth, witnessing his maturation into a man who didn't just possess immense strength, but also a fervent protector of his loved ones. Looking back at the Eastern Duke, he retorted, "No, he's not crazy. But he is definitely someone that won't stand his wife being disrespected."

Sitting among them, the Emperor of the Glorious Sun Empire quietly observed the proceedings. A faint smile graced his lips as he watched Roy's action. Although he was the ruler of the vast empire, he detested perverts, especially those who ogled at the wives of others. Even if every soul in the empire was his subject, he held a firm belief in retribution. In his eyes, those lecherous gazes had received what they deserved, and instead of punishment, Roy was worthy of respect for his actions.

"I like him," he declared, his tone carrying a hint of approval and admiration. His deep, resonant voice echoed around his immediate surroundings, causing the people around him to perk up their ears.

The Northern Duke's eyes held a distant, reflective look as he observed Roy's actions. The image of the defiant man standing in the coliseum seemed to overlap with a figure from his past - his own father. He reminisced, "He reminds me of my father. When my mother was disrespected by a group of beasts, he gouged out their eyes, chopped off their dicks, and hung them outside the gate of the dukedom for the beasts to eat."

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Arlo listened to the Northern Duke's tale, his face remaining impassive, but his mind racing with thoughts. He knew the reputation of the Northern Duke's father, a brutal ruler, ruthless in his pursuit of power. He looked at the Northern Duke, making sure his voice was firm as he said, "My nephew is nothing like that, alright. Don't compare him to your tyrant father."

Northern Duke merely shrugged, a faint, mirthless smile adorning his face. His thoughts wandered to the past, to his tyrant father, and then to the figure of Roy in the coliseum. "Whatever you say," he finally replied, the smile still present on his face. "But the more I see of your nephew, the more I'm convinced there's more to him than what meets the eye."

The empire's princess, a young woman radiating regal dignity, rose from her seat. She turned to the emperor, her voice echoing in the silence, "Emperor, may we have the honour of you announcing the start of the battle royale?" The first reveal of this chapter happened through n(0)vel(b)(j)(n).

The emperor, an intimidating figure of authority, turned his gaze towards the princess. His eyes held a spark of interest, amused by the youthful excitement emanating from her. It seems like the boy have charmed even her. He nodded at her request before raising his voice, "Let the battle royale commence."

Upon hearing his words, Roy's eyes hardened, and a silent vow settled in his mind. He was going to assert his dominance from the very beginning.

He knew his declaration earlier had rubbed many the wrong way, and he was ready for their retaliation and also ready to show them that he meant what he said.

And retaliate they did. They immediately unleashed the power of their runic weapons and stones on him, bombarding him with various elemental assaults. Water dragons lunged at him, electric eagles soared through the sky, and boulders rained down towards Roy.

But Roy's demeanor remained calm, and a smirk graced his lips. They were just asking for it. With a swift motion, he pushed his hands out, releasing his energy. Waves of energy surged out in all directions, with Roy at the center, colliding against the incoming attacks.

Their attacks shattered and were swallowed by the rolling waves of energy.

The competitors' reactions to the sight of their attacks being effortlessly neutralized were a blend of awe and terror. They exchanged horrified glances, their confident smirks replaced by expressions of incredulity. Their previous underestimation of Roy was being harshly corrected.

"I knew he was strong... but this..." one of them muttered, a bead of sweat trickling down his temple.

"How did he manage to fend off all our trump cards so easily?" another whispered, fear palpable in her voice.

The shock and dread spread through the crowd, too. They watched in silent disbelief as Roy stood unscathed amid the chaos. They could hardly believe that the man who'd so effortlessly fended off an onslaught of attacks was the same one who'd made that audacious declaration earlier.

"Did you see that? He didn't even flinch!" one spectator cried out, his eyes wide with shock.

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"That's the Divine Executioner for you! He's in a league of his own!" another one chimed in, unable to keep the awe out of his voice.

The chatter amongst the crowd escalated, creating a cacophony of voices that echoed through the coliseum. The whispers of fear, admiration, and disbelief all highlighted one truth - Roy was a force to be reckoned with, and the battle royale had just begun.

Roy's gaze swept over the crowd of competitors, a piercing, ruthless look that held them in place. He regarded them as nothing more than pesky flies, his eyes glinting with a chilling intensity that sent shivers down their spines.

The feeling of being watched by him was akin to standing at the edge of a precipice, the fear of the unknown creating an unsettling anticipation in the hearts of his competitors. His earlier show of power coupled with his icy gaze had effectively hammered home the fact that they were up against a formidable foe.

Seeing their terrified expressions, a smirk graced Roy's lips. He then addressed the crowd, his voice thundering throughout the coliseum, "You've had your fun, now it's my turn to attack. I hope you're ready."

His words held a promise of impending doom and served to escalate the tension in the coliseum even further.

His opponents hurried to brace themselves for the incoming attack. They were uncertain of what was to come but sure of the fact that whatever it was, it wouldn't be pleasant!