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Marriage of the Di Daughter

Chapter 12.2 - Jiang Family
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Chapter 12.2: Jiang Family

“After all, the current emperor’s birth mother is not the Empress Dowager...” Jiang Yuan Bai merely said this short sentence. He was Emperor Hong Xiao’s teacher and assisted Emperor Hong Xiao to ascend onto the throne. Naturally, he completely understood the temperament of the emperor. Afraid that this matter had coincidentally touched upon Emperor Hong Xiao’s heartstrings.

Not bringing Jiang Lî back was out of the question. In his heart, Jiang Yuan Bai thought it had been a long time since the emperor asked and involved him in everything, unlike when the emperor was young. As the emperor’s wings had grown stronger and he had enjoyed the taste of power, afterwards he could not tolerate disobedience even more. Since Emperor Hong Xiao had personally showed interest in this matter, naturally he wanted Jiang Yuan Bai to act on it. If he didn’t, in Emperor Hong Xiao’s mind, it was the same as defying an imperial order.

“Besides, Lî’er is indeed the daughter of my Jiang family.” Jiang Yuan Bai sighed: “Letting her wander about outside, it’s unbearable. Madam,” he looked towards Ji Shuran and quietly asked, “You won’t blame me, right?”

By this time, he had restored his former gentle appearance and his pupils showed his guilt.

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Ji Shuran smiled and seized the opportunity to nestle against him before saying: “Lord, what are you saying? Are you treating me as a person with a malicious heart? Second miss is the Jiang family’s miss, also lord’s biological daughter. At that time, the second miss’ age was still small so she made mistakes. It’s been so many years, I no longer take it to heart. Lord wants to pick second miss up, I will arrange for a wet nurse to prepare things. I will also ask someone to clear up a room as soon as possible.”

“Madam is considerate, you cannot find a second person like you under the heavens.” Jiang Yuan Bai sighed while embracing her into his arms.

“These are the things I should do, just.....” Ji Shuran’s voice sounded cautious, “hoping to get along well with the second miss.” There was actually a hint of fear.

Hearing what she said, Jiang Yuan Bai recalled the thing that the six-year-old Jiang Lî did and frowned. He spoke soothingly to Ji Shuran: “Now she is no longer a child, if she dares to be insolent, I will not let her off lightly!”

Jiang Yuan Bai left after appeasing Ji Shuran with a few more sentences. He should go and instruct the people who were going to pick up Jiang Lî.

Jiang Yuan Bai had just left when Jiang You Yao rushed in with a servant girl. As she entered, she spoke: “Mother, do you know that Jiang Lî, she.......”

“You Yao!” Ji Shuran interrupted her then commanded the doors and windows to be closed. Afterwards she reprimanded: “Why are you this rude and impetuous!”

Jiang You Yao opened her mouth in grievance: “Mother, it’s not that I’m being rude and impetuous! I heard father wants to bring Jiang Lî jie back. What’s going on? It’s been perfectly fine, why did he suddenly remember to bring her back?”

Ji Shuran frowned: “You Yao, how many times have I told you, don’t pay attention to Jiang Lî. She is just grass. Sooner or later, she will get trampled. You are the Jiang family’s honorable di daughter. Why do you want to bother with her?”

“But.....” Jiang You Yao was not reconciled and still wanted to continue.

“So what if she really comes back? Nowadays, in this residence, the one who controls all matters is your mother, me. Will she get any benefits by returning? This time, it was just her running into good fortune and nothing more.”

“Can mother not let her go back?” Jiang You Yao angrily asked.

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Ji Shuran shook her head. If it was someone else’s intention instead of Jiang Yuan Bai’s, naturally she could still play a trick. Let people murder Jiang Lî on her way back to the capital and just say that Jiang Lî’s fate wasn’t good. It was a pity that the emperor showed interest in this matter. If an accident were to occur midway, the entire Jiang family would have to face the consequences.

Jiang Lî not only could not have any accident. She had to be carefully escorted back in style to show Emperor Hong Xiao.

Really making people unhappy.

“No harm,” Ji Shuran coldly said: “Having lived for merely seven years and she already didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth1. It’s also good that she comes back. Once she comes back, I will naturally find ways to pack her up.”

“At that moment, she will feel that her return to the capital is not such a good thing after all.”

I can’t understand how they still hate her so much after so many years without seeing her. Like, really, are they in love with her or sth? There’s nothing that can really justify such obsession, specially for that kid You Yao, she is really just a kid, how can she hate and be the whole day thinking about someone she probably barely remembers?! Wouldn’t it be normal to forget about such a ‘disgusting’ existence after so many years of not being in contact and enjoying a luxurious and frivolous life?

1: (bùzhītiāngāodìhòu): lit. to not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth, idiom meaning to have an exaggerated opinion of one’s ability, to think oneself much superior and better than the others..:leftwards_arrow_with_hook: